L.Gaim Ep. 20: Star Dust


The Slender Skala heads through the asteroid belt while searching for the Turner. Elaine suggests to Gavlet that he shouldn’t spend so much time obsessing over catching Daba. Kyao and Daba work on fixing the L.Gaim aboard the Turner. Amu tells Daba to come to the bridge because they are approaching the Palarta Star checkpoint. Leccee tells Daba it’s a private mine under Poseidal’s jurisdiction. Palarta requests their identification number as they approach and Daba tells them their communication circuits aren’t working well. He gives them an identification number and says they are purchasing supplies. Palarta decides to allow them entry, and Daba is surprised they are being let in. As the Turner enters they spot a man drifting off into space. Daba heads out to rescue him and brings him back to the ship. It ends up being a boy, who is upset because he doesn’t want to return to Palarta. The Turner arrives and the hatch opens. A trio of men come in, thanking them for rescuing the boy. They lead them into Palarta in order to buy their parts. On the Slender Skala, Elaine tells Gavlet that Palarta is under the jurisdiction of McTomin of the Poseidal military and she’ll contact them. Aboard Palarta, Kyao complains about the high price of supplies. They see more people ejected out into space. The man who led them inside tells them that’s what they do to those who are lazy. One of the men from Palarta, Bon Sanse, tells Gavlet he needs permission from McTomin to enter. Gavlet tells them of Daba and the others inside and the man tells them they will soon deal with them since they are growing suspicious of what is going on. Daba and the others are soon surrounded by armed soldiers. Gavlet gets on the Ashura Temple and heads out. Elaine tells him not to cause too much trouble on a mine owned by Poseidal. Daba and the others are led to other center of the mine where they encounter the boy they rescued before. Daba attacks the soldiers who brought them there. Gavlet tries entering Palarta and is warned that he’ll be attacked if he enters without permission. Palarta sends out forces to attack him and the Slender Skala. Daba shows the workers at the mine a symbol of him being of the Yaman Clan and tries to convince them to rebel with him. Leccee tosses them some weapons and they head up on an elevator.

Gavlet forces his way in with the Ashura Temple and some Space Graias follow them. Daba and the others arrive on the upper level of the mine. Gavlet contacts Bon, telling him to give Daba to him. Bon tells Gavlet he’ll defeat him, but Gavlet is confident he doesn’t have enough power. Daba and the others force their way back to the Turner and Daba heads in to get aboard the L.Gaim. He tells the others to liberate Palarta. Daba is attacked by Gavlet in the deck of the ship and heads out with the L.Gaim’s left arm still damaged. He still manages to blow off one of the Ashura Temple’s arms, however. Leccee heads out on the D.Sserd and tells Kyao to help out here on Palarta. Some of the rebels on Palarta meet up and take some heavy metals, putting yellow paint on them in order to identify them as allies. They are sent out as they are made ready. The L.Gaim defeats one of the Space Graias and pursues another one. Leccee and Amu meet up with the others, wondering where Bon has headed. Daba continues to battle Gavlet. Trying to escape, Bon forces his way past some of the rebels and tries leaving Palarta on a small shuttle. The rebels, led by Amu, head after him. Daba tells Leccee to help them out. Moments later, Gavlet grabs hold of him and the two continue their battle. One of the nuclear power plants on Palarta blows up, causing a huge explosion. Bon’s shuttle is spotted and the boy blows it up. Gavlet once again tears off one of the L.Gaim’s arms, but Daba knocks him into another explosion and makes his escape. The battle over, Daba talks to the rebels about establishing a base at Palarta. He says goodbye and the Turner takes off. Leccee wonders if those aboard Palarta can force it away from the asteroid belt around Gastogal.


Another action-filled episode as our heroes liberate the Poseidal-controlled mine Palarta Star. With their forces on Mizun all but wiped out, it’s good for our heroes to be able to take control of a place like that which can be used for production of heavy metals. Outside of the end result, however, I wouldn’t say this episode is all that interesting. Gavlet is getting better with his powerful Ashura Temple, but Daba is still able to defeat him yet again in his damaged L.Gaim.

Overall Rating

L.Gaim Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Jiyu Watanabe
Asami Watanane

Mechanical Designer(s):
Mamoru Nagano
Hidetoshi Omori

Character Designer:
Mamoru Nagano

Musical Composer:
Kei Wakakusa

54 episodes (TV); 3 episodes (OVA)

Japan 02.04.1984 – 02.23.1985
Streaming 02.17.2017

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 11.05.1986 – 03.28.1987


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