L.Gaim Ep. 29: Cross Point


Crafts fly around looking for the rebels. At that time the rebels are hiding in a nearby waterfall, watching the enemy pass by. Once they are off the radar, Daba comes down and thanks an old man for finding them this hiding place. The man, upset by Poseidal’s taxes and drafting of young people into the military, says it’s no problem. He says he feels a lot of strength in Daba. Kyao, Amu and various members of the Turner go swimming in the nearby river. Amu splashes Kyao and her top falls off. Leccee yells at them for leaving Mesh alone on the Turner to work on things. She spies on Semuj obtaining some weapons from an agent of Amandara. Leccee goes to see Daba under the waterfall and tells Daba what she saw. Leccee asks Daba why he seems so depressed, and he’s worried about being vilified. The Slender Skala flies through the woods nearby, and Gavlet is upset at not being able to locate the rebels. Pamela, one of the ship’s operators, calls Gavlet and asks him to come to her room. Gavlet is surprised to find her in a dress. She serves him some tea. Gavlet is confused about what is going on and initially thinks it’s inappropriate, but upon seeing her legs and cleavage he decides to stay. The rebels discuss what to do in a small restaurant in the woods. Amu and Kyao argue with a man who wants to be a copilot on the Turner. Leccee, who was drinking, gets involved and starts screaming at Amu. She calls the rest of the Turner‘s crew garbage and common people. Amu says it’s embarrassing for a former member of the Elite 13 to be drunk. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Amu and Leccee start fighting each other and roll out the window. Daba pours water on them, stopping the fight. Leccee says she can’t take anymore of this childish fighting and that they’ll end up the same as Stella. She is upset that they aren’t having any success and says she’s going to leave. Amu and Kyao encourage her to go, and she does. In space, Nei approaches the Sarge Opus. She goes to see Giwaza in a giant holoscope room showing the rest of space. Giwaza agrees that Gavlet hasn’t been doing well lately. Nei wonders if Giwaza should indeed be coming to Trydetol. She confirms that she has heard Poseidal’s recent message. Giwaza says he understands Poseidal’s thinking but wonders what is going on. He wants to increase his power, and Nei suggests taking over Trydetol. Giwaza slaps her, saying he’ll get killed thinking like that since Poseidal might hear it. He whispers to her that there might be hidden cameras in this room. A soldier reports they’ve found Daba’s location on Trydetol. Giwaza tells Nei to head there. She confirms that she has stopped Gavlet for the time being by using Pamela.

Oil starts leaking from the engine room on the Turner. Leccee watches on a monitor from another room, packing. Amu comes in and asks her if she’s really going. Leccee says she is, since she doesn’t want to fight knowing she’ll lose. Amu says that’s no excuse, because they’ve known that a long time. Leccee says they have no chance of beating Poseidal and goes to head out but runs into Daba. She won’t listen to Daba either and leaves. An alarm goes off as the enemy approaches. Semuj sends out some forces and Daba heads out on the L.Gaim Mk-II. Semuj tells Daba to waste some of the enemy’s time so they don’t approach the city. Nei tells her underlings to block the escape route of the enemy. Daba attacks Nei’s Auge at great speeds and then fights a Bat-Shu. He is knocked into the water and resumes his fight with the Auge. Nei is about to finish off the damaged L.Gaim Mk-II but Semuj steps in with his D.Sserd and helps out. Nei launches a barrage of sabers at Daba, who tries dodging them. Nei knocks over the L.Gaim Mk-II and tries to finish him off again, but Leccee steps in with her D.Sserd and helps out. The Turner heads out from the waterfall. Seeing that she’s in trouble, Nei tells Heckler to fire at them with his buster launcher. The blast distracts them long enough for Nei to escape. Daba tries thanking Leccee but notices she has left. Later, Gavlet asks Nei why she didn’t tell him about the attack, and Nei answers she heard he was with a woman. Gavlet realizes it was a setup. Leccee hides out on her own in a nearby region in her D.Sserd. Thinking of Daba, she starts crying but then is hit by a heavy attack from a number of Graias. She ascends, only to run into Gavlet in an Ashura Temple. Gavlet’s attack causes her to crash to the ground. Suddenly, the Whale appears and attacks Gavlet, who retreats. Leccee goes on the Whale and sees Amandara, where she demands to know why he’s helping them. Amandara asks her if Daba asked her to come here. She says she came on her own; she can’t fight Poseidal from the Turner. Amandara asks her if she has any plans, and she answers she was going to sneak into the military and steal a ship; Amandara is impressed. The Turner heads off for a nearby valley and sees the D.Sserd approach. They go down to recover it and find it empty, programmed by Leccee to come here. Kyao says Leccee’s defection is made up with by the new rebels fighting with her. Daba says that isn’t so, and is upset she has left.


Entitled “Cross Point,” this episode truly is a turning point for the series. Most important is Leccee leaving the Turner, feeling that they don’t have enough power to fight against Poseidal. As one who has experience both in the military and as part of the rebellion, Leccee is probably the most qualified to make such a statement. Even so, the rebels have performed quite well considering their size and that she would leave now when they are growing in ranks is surprising. The most appropriate time for her to take off would have been after Stella was killed and the rebellion was completely wiped out on Mizun. This episode is also notable since Giwaza starts thinking about increasing his own power and rebelling against Poseidal, something that will be a major storyline throughout the remainder of the show. Glad to see Amandara returning after an approximate 20 episode absence.

Overall Rating

L.Gaim Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Jiyu Watanabe
Asami Watanane

Mechanical Designer(s):
Mamoru Nagano
Hidetoshi Omori

Character Designer:
Mamoru Nagano

Musical Composer:
Kei Wakakusa

54 episodes (TV); 3 episodes (OVA)

Japan 02.04.1984 – 02.23.1985
Streaming 02.17.2017

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 11.05.1986 – 03.28.1987


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