L.Gaim Ep. 3: Coming Man


A pair of bandits head out, looking for the L.Gaim. Meanwhile, the Works hides in the woods. Amu makes some soup and gets some help from Lilith. Lilith brings some over to Daba, who’s working on repairing the L.Gaim. Daba wants to head back to Prearmo and fulfill his promise to the dying man, although Kyao thinks they should keep the money. Amu yells at Daba and Kyao and when she goes back to her food, she finds it missing. The thief, a tall purple-haired man named Gavlet Gablae watches them from the cliff above. Amu runs up after him but is unable to scale the cliff. Gavlet compliments Daba on his L.Gaim and shows his heavy metal, the Arorne. Kyao demands he pay for eating their food, but Gavlet says it wasn’t good enough to pay for. He says he’s looking to join the military. Daba wonders if he’ll join them, but upon seeing Lilith, Gavlet gets upset and attacks them. Amu realizes he must have come from a place where fairies are known for bad luck. Gavlet tosses Amu an old clock in exchange for the food, which she finds pitiful. He starts heading off, but Kyao reveals they have a credit chip with a million geen. Suddenly, a number of Autogyro copters fly over head. In the confusion, Gavlet steals the credit chip and runs off. Kyao and Amu head into the Works while Daba gets aboard the Flicker and heads into the L.Gaim. Amu and Kyao argue aboard the cockpit of the Works. The L.Gaim defeats multiple Autogyros with ease. Lilin and Hashamoja head there in a group of Zedda mechas. Amu fires upon them from the Works and yells at Kyao for not oiling the gun properly. The L.Gaim jumps towards Hashamoja’s Zedda. Gavlet watches them from above, calling them “hicks.” He heads towards the battle in his Arorne and shows off by attacking Lilin. They stop their crafts and Gavlet tells her they need three times more crafts to defeat the L.Gaim. The L.Gaim destroys Hashamoja’s Zedda with ease. Gavlet offers his help, but Lilin calls him just a kid and heads off without him. The L.Gaim heads back to the Works and grabs its beam cannon.

Hashamoja tries attacking one of his own allies in order to use their Zedda. Lilin yells at him, but he still manages to steal one of his colleague’s crafts. Lilin says she won’t listen to what that “kid” told her earlier and will punish Hashamoja later on. Gavlet watches from above. The battle over, Amu complains to Kyao about losing the credit chip. Amu throws something and accidentally hits Daba in the head. Lilin attacks Hashamoja for what he did earlier and the other bandits all laugh at him. Gavlet tells Lilin he’ll give her the credit chip if they defeat Daba. He’s upset at being insulted over something as petty as food. Lilin, who now likes him all of a sudden, wants him to join her group. Hashamoja attacks one of the guys who laughed at him. Now armed with more forces, the bandits head out again to attack the L.Gaim. The L.Gaim gets off the Works and avoids one attack, but is quickly knocked over by a Zedda attached to a booster craft piloted by Hashamoja. He wants to kill Lilin so he can become leader of the bandits. The Works destroys one of the Zeddas and the L.Gaim defeats another one. Lilin complains about her underlings being so unreliable. Gavlet joins the battle on his Arorne and fights Daba. Lilith flies off from the Works and obstructs Daba’s shooting path. Hashamoja shoots down Lilin’s craft. Daba first thinks Kyao did it, but then realizes she was attacked by her own forces. Hashamoja lies and tells everyone that Daba did it. Gavlet heads down and tends to Lilin, who tells him to become leader of her group of bandits, then dies. Daba destroys another Zedda and yells at Gavlet to return the credit chip. Amu offers to help, but Daba wants to take him on one-on-one. Gavlet has trouble fighting Daba and his Arorne quickly falls apart thanks to Lilith, who flew in and stole back the credit chip after dismantling parts of the Arorne. Gavlet admits defeat and says they’ll meet again, then runs off. Daba tells Lilith not to do something dangerous like that again. Gavlet reveals to the bandits that Hashamoja killed Lilin. He declares to them that he’ll be their new leader.


This episode introduces Gavlet Gablae, who becomes an immediate nemesis to Daba and the others by stealing their food and credit chip. Although the annoying Lilin dies, Gavlet appear to be taking her place, so it looks like the bandits will still be chasing after the L.Gaim for a while. Gavlet thinks Daba doesn’t have any honor or ambition, but I’d say the fact that Daba is so dedicated to the promise he made to that dying man proves Gavlet is wrong. Even worse than both Gavlet and Lilin, however, is the traitor Hashamoja, who only looks out for himself and doesn’t refrain from attacking his own allies. With Gavlet revealing his true intentions, hopefully he won’t be showing up anymore.

Overall Rating

L.Gaim Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Jiyu Watanabe
Asami Watanane

Mechanical Designer(s):
Mamoru Nagano
Hidetoshi Omori

Character Designer:
Mamoru Nagano

Musical Composer:
Kei Wakakusa

54 episodes (TV); 3 episodes (OVA)

Japan 02.04.1984 – 02.23.1985
Streaming 02.17.2017

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 11.05.1986 – 03.28.1987


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