L.Gaim Ep. 45: Lilith Memory


Giwaza has a robotic arm attached on the asteroid base Metta. Anton arrives and Giwaza has the doctors leave. Giwaza wants to attack Palarta Star since he doesn’t want the rebels to disrupt his plans of attacking Sveto. At Palarta Star, Ajin helps repair a heavy metal and thinks about going out and fighting with Daba. Ajin contacts the Turner and welcomes them back to Palarta Star. The Turner suddenly hears of them being attacked and their contact is cut. Anton and Lily lead a massive attack on Palarta Star. The Turner‘s forces head out and the Whale comes soon after. Leccee heads out in the Novel D.Sserd. Lilith tells Kyao of a nuclear reactor on Palarta which is the reason for the fairies dying out. Lilith is extremely worried about it exploding. A Bat-Shu arrives close to Palarta and is wielded off by Ajin. Damage from the Bat-Shu’s attack resonates throughout the asteroid base and a counter starts counting down. It is known as Alpha Heart, the self-exploding, supposedly dead nuclear reactor of the base. Daba thinks of Lilith being right and how everyone will be doomed if it goes off. A couple of the rebels at Palarta Star head toward the reactor, but spherical laser guards appear. Kyao, Amu and Lilith head out. The counter continues to tick down as the rebels hide from the laser guards. Kyao and Lilith make their way towards Palarta Star on the D.Sserd and after some difficulty track down the way to the reactor. They encounter the laser guards, which approach the D.Sserd. The rebels take the opportunity to head further in toward the reactor while the guards are away.

Kyao makes his way in toward the reactor and gets out of the D.Sserd with Lilith. They continue further on until they reach the old reactor. Lasers from the guard system fire at him. Kyao and the rebels think that the reactor was designed to explode. The rebels distract the lasers from Kyao and he heads inside the reactor with Lilith. Lily attacks Daba and he says they have to beware the reactor exploding, but Lily doesn’t believe him and continues to battle with Leccee. Daba contacts Giwaza and tells him he should stop the attack due to the reactor. Last time it wiped out the fairies, and this time it could kill everyone. Kyao and Lilith reach the controls of the reactor, which are blocked by some sort of electric barrier. Seeing the light from the barrier causes Lilith to have a vision of the fairies being killed. Lilith thinks it’s their destiny to die as well. Her physical body appears to pass out and a number of spectral fairies and a spectral form of Lilith work on dispelling the barrier. Semuj tells Daba that reinforcements from Koam are arriving and they should pull back to avoid the explosion. Daba wants to head inside and help Kyao and Lilith. Lilith’s spectral form works on disabling the reactor. Anton grabs onto the L.Gaim Mk-II and Daba says they’ll all die, but he doesn’t seem to care. Lilith finishes disabling the reactor and it stops a fraction of a second before it was going to blow up. Lilith’s physical body appears to be dead. A number of fairie spirits appear around her, and she awakens. Lilith asks Kyao what happened with the reactor, and Kyao tells her she was the one who stopped it. Daba tosses Anton away from him. He is upset Lily isn’t doing what was asked and has to retreat with more rebels showing up. Kyao heads back out and tells Daba about Lilith.


This episode’s somewhat of a mixed blessing. On the good side, we get a Lilith-centric episode, something we haven’t gotten thus far in the series and we learn what happened to all the other fairies. Seeing all the fairy spirits appear to help Lilith disable the reactor was very interesting. It’s also good to see Palarta Star again after 25 episodes or so since our heroes freed it from the military’s grasp. Unfortunately, the plot comes to a complete stop in this episode. If this episode occurred earlier in the series I probably would have ranked it higher. But the fact is, there’s only 10 episodes left including this one, and the last half a dozen episodes have brought this show to such great heights that to bring the story to a complete halt is a big mistake. And the countdown to an explosion plot is quite a cliche. The tension isn’t that high since we know before hand that the explosion would never go off and kill our heroes at this stage in the game. From Tomino it’s certainly possible in the final episode, but not with ten to go.

Overall Rating

L.Gaim Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Jiyu Watanabe
Asami Watanane

Mechanical Designer(s):
Mamoru Nagano
Hidetoshi Omori

Character Designer:
Mamoru Nagano

Musical Composer:
Kei Wakakusa

54 episodes (TV); 3 episodes (OVA)

Japan 02.04.1984 – 02.23.1985
Streaming 02.17.2017

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 11.05.1986 – 03.28.1987


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