L.Gaim OVA Ep. 1: Pentagona World


Quwasan Olibee sees her brother Daba Myroad in a dream, but when he turns he has no face. She has a vision of Oldna Poseidal. Daba argues with Poseidal in space. She proclaims herself a god and says what she is doing is necessary. Daba flashes back to when his adopted father revealed that he is actually from the Yaman Clan and told him to take revenge on Poseidal. Amu Fanneria, a teenage girl, runs through the desert under pursuit by a Zedda machinery that purposely misses her. She comes across a large armored vehicle, the Works, piloted by the blond haired Kyao Mirao. Amu falls over right in front of the Works and asks Kyao to help her, telling him a story about being robbed. Kyao takes off on a Desks flosser to capture the robbers. Meanwhile, the bandits, led by Lilin Miyama head off on their vehicles. Amu wanders around the Works and notices a large white heavy metal, the L.Gaim. Inside the Works sleeps another young man, Daba. Daba gets up and sees the group of thieves approaching. He starts driving the Works and Lilin jumps aboard. The two of them fight each other with laser swords. Lilin keeps yelling at Amu to help, but she won’t while the Works is moving. Daba manages to chop off Lilin’s arm and she is saved by one of her henchmen, Hashamoja. While the thieves flee, Amu looks at Daba in an alluring manner. Kyao catches up with the Works and realizes he’s been tricked by Amu. That night, Kyao cooks while Daba does sit ups. Kyao thinks they should join the military, but Daba doesn’t want them seeing the L.Gaim. Early the next morning, Amu sneaks into their camp. When they wake up, Amu says they should escape since the bandits will return again. The Works starts heading off, but it isn’t long before the bandits attack again. Daba jumps into the Flicker cockpit of the L.Gaim and starts shooting the thieves. He soon gets into the L.Gaim and continues to fight them off. The outmatched bandits soon retreat. Daba sees an injured bandit, who gives him a card in his pocket that he wants to return to a man named Amandara Kamandara. Daba and Kyao head to the city of Prearmo with Amu in order to investigate returning the card. The three of them split up but don’t have much luck. Soon all three are confronted by some of the bandits and flee from that part of the city. Daba wanders into a small theater where he sees an old man talking to a fairy. Daba offers to trade the cash card for the fairy, named Lilith. Upon finding the high value of the card, the man gladly does it, but Lilith steals the card back and a group of men soon come and shoot him.

Later, Lilith helps Amu prepare some soup while Daba works on polishing the L.Gaim. Daba tells Kyao he wants to return to Prearmo so the key card can be returned. Amu goes to talk to them but when she returns all the food is gone. A purple haired man named Gavlet Gablae watches them from the cliff above and complains about the bad taste of the food. Gavlet seems impressed with the L.Gaim. Gavlet gets angry when he sees Lilith and tries to kill her. Kyao reveals the cash card to Gavlet before he goes. Gavlet heads to the home of Amandara and offers to get back the card for him in exchange for being recommended to the Poseidal military. The Works heads to a nearby Poseidal military port and Lilith sprays sleeping gas around, knocking out the guards. Amu lures away a guard for a nearby Quart shuttle but Gaw Ha Leccee, an officer in the military, arrives and catches her in the act. Daba still manages to get the Works aboard the Quart, but then flies off of it in order to fight Leccee and the other soldiers that soon arrive. Daba gets on the L.Gaim and fights Gavlet while Lilith and Amu try to take the shuttle. Lilith accidentally starts the shuttle, and Daba just barely manages to grab hold of the shuttle with the L.Gaim as it takes off. Inside the ship, Amu tries to capture Leccee and eventually succeeds. When Daba arrives, Leccee nearly gets away and the two girls keep fighting until they knock each other out. Later, on the planet Mizun, Leccee asks Daba to let her join them. Later in space, Amandara enters Daba’s ship, the Turner. Daba is upset with Amandara for providing supplies to both the rebels and the military. Amandara says doing that is in his best interest as a merchant. Daba shows Amandara his memento of the Yaman Clan and vows he will defeat Poseidal. Meanwhile, Gavlet goes to see his latest superior, Giwaza Lowau, who is with three other members of the military’s Elite 13. Giwaza promotes Gavlet to one of the Elite 13. Back on the Turner, Daba thinks about what’s the fastest way they’ll be able to end the battle and they discuss Poseidal. The Turner heads back into atmosphere of Mizun and is attacked by the Poseidal military. During the battle, Daba meets with fellow rebels from the planet. Amandara escapes from the Turner during the battle on his private shuttle. Another ship, the Whale, which belongs to Amandara shows up during the battle. Daba and the others meet with the rebels after touching down on Mizun. Daba reveals his true heritage as the last of the Yaman Clan and kisses the ground.

Gavlet heads down to a town, thinking of a perfect plan he has. Inside one of the restaurants there, everyone eats and Amu and Leccee argue with each other as usual. Suddenly, a beautiful purple haired woman enters the restaurant. She goes up to Daba and asks him to come with her. Amu and Leccee get upset and the woman taunts them, saying they’re not women up to the snuff of her. Daba wanders out with her, but soon reveals himself to be Kyao in disguise. The woman, disgusted, tears off her clothes, revealing herself to be Gavlet in drag. Kyao still comes after him, causing Gavlet to flee the town in horror.


Confused by the summary? You’re not alone. This OVA is meant to summarize the first half of the series, but does an absolutely horrible job at it. First off, they try to fit far too much into the mere 45 minutes or so that the OVA lasts. As a result, huge portions of storyline and dozens of episodes are left out entirely. L.Gaim is far too complex to try to cram in that short a time. And not just that, the choice and order of the scenes don’t make much sense either. What was the point of the Olibee scene at the beginning? Why was a good 20+ minutes spent on footage from the first three episodes, leaving less than a half an hour to cover 30+ episodes? I could go on and on, but I won’t. Don’t come into this OVA for a summary of the series; it’s woefully inadequate. And those who have seen the show before have little reason to watch it because it contains no new footage except for the Lady Gavlet segment at the end. That segment’s funny, and has nice animation, but it only lasts two or three minutes or so. Take it from me, a huge L.Gaim fan, to avoid this at all costs.

Overall Rating
L.Gaim Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Jiyu Watanabe
Asami Watanane

Mechanical Designer(s):
Mamoru Nagano
Hidetoshi Omori

Character Designer:
Mamoru Nagano

Musical Composer:
Kei Wakakusa

Japan 02.04.1984 – 02.23.1985
Streaming 02.17.2017

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 11.05.1986 – 03.28.1987


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