Macross II Ep. 5: Station Break


Ingues is informed that the contaminated Sarride has been destroyed. He orders the Mardook to destroy Earth, and his fleet begins fold operations. At U.N. Spacy headquarters, Sylvie gives her report to Exxegran. She tells him that she went to rescue Hibiki as well as Ishtar. She explains to him that the Mardook use Emulators to sing and control the Zentradi. She says that Ishtar hoped to end the war by singing an Earth song to the Zentradi and Mardook, but she was only able to temporarily confuse them. Exxegran thanks her for the report and dismisses her. Hibiki interrupts the TV broadcast feed to give a special report on the Mardook. He says that U.N. Spacy is deceiving everyone on Earth about the true threat that the Mardook pose. He shows his footage from inside Feff’s scout ship of the Zentradi under mind control. He goes on about how everyone has a right to know about what is really happening, but U.N. Spacy cuts off his feed. Several MPs burst into the room where Hibiki is transmitting from and tackle him. He is then taken to Exxegran and several other senior officers for interrogation. They ask him where he obtained his footage, and he says that it came from inside the Mardook ship. They accuse him of using fake footage and say that he won’t fool anyone with it. They ask Exxegran who rescued Hibiki, and he reluctantly admits that it was Sylvie. Because of the scandal that Hibiki caused earlier, the other officers decide to take the decision of how to punish Hibiki out of Exxegran’s hands. They order that Sylvie and Hibiki both be placed in confinement for three days. Elsewhere, the U.N. Spacy feet engages the Mardook fleet near the Moon. Four Macross Cannon battleships join with the fleet to destroy the Mardook. Both sides launch their mecha, and the battle begins. As the Mardook move in closer, the Macross Cannons target them for maximum efficiency. The Macross Cannons then fire at the Mardook, but one of them explodes in the process. The massive blast from the Macross Cannons destroys 60 percent of the 1,300 attacking Mardook ships. However, as soon as they destroy the Mardook ships, hundreds more de-fold in the exact same position.

Nexx launches in the fully equipped Metal Siren and heads for the fleet led by Captain Balzae’s Gloria. The Emulators of the Mardook fleet begin to sing the Song of War, but Ishtar refuses. At U.N. Spacy headquarters Hibiki is interrogated by an officer. The officer asks Hibiki how he got the footage, and Hibiki says one of the enemy helped him. The officer doesn’t believe him and asks Hibiki who put him up to it. Hibiki explains that no one put him up to it and that he just wants people to know the truth because they can’t win the way they’re fighting. In space, Nexx fights off Powered Suits and Battle Pods. Ingues orders that the Emulators sing the Song of Death to end the battle quickly because he knows the Alus is on Earth. The Emulators then begin to sing the Song of Death, which causes the Zentradi to go berserk and perform kamikaze runs against Valkyries and ships. Ingues is informed that the Emulators of the Groog Unit refuse to sing the Song of Death, so he punishes them by sending a massive amount of energy through a fold to destroy them. Ishtar joins Feff on the bridge and tells him that Ingues fears the songs of Earth. Feff says that war is everything, and Ishtar says that the people of Earth are showing them that there’s more to life. Feff’s assistant tries to shoot Ishtar, but Feff kills him. He orders that his Zentradi be linked to other Emulators. The remaining Macross Cannons are destroyed when the Mardook ships fire their cannons. Captain Balzae sends the Gloria into the enemy fleet to block them. Nexx switches to high output mode to catch up with the Gloria. He asks Balzae to stop, but the ship is destroyed right in front of him. Feff takes Ishtar to a shuttle and tells her that he dared to love what he couldn’t have. He sends her away and says he will report that he killed her for refusing to sing. Exxegran holds an unofficial meeting with Sylvie and asks her for her opinion. She says that the best course is to strike directly at Ingues with the Macross. In his cell, Hibiki records himself and begins to cry when he realizes how many people will die on both sides for nothing. Nearby, the Macross fires out more energy into space.


This episode features some very nice battle sequences. There’s also the standard missile frenzies that Macross fans love. Hibiki is locked up for trying to tell everyone the truth about the war. That’s something that he wouldn’t have done at the beginning of the series. Aside from pilots like Nexx and Sylvie, the U.N. Spacy is performing terribly against the Mardook. Even with the Macross Cannons they can’t seem to gain any ground against the Mardook. Ingues proves how cruel he can be by killing even more of his people. Feff confesses his love to Ishtar, which explains why he has saved her so many times when other Mardook would have killed her. The final battle has begun, and it doesn’t look good for Earth.

Original Review: May 1, 2000

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Macross II Info

Kenichi Yatagai
Ken’ichi Yatsuya

Sukehiro Tomita
Manabu Nakamura
Eitakeshi Arii

Mechanical Designer(s):
Junichi Akutsu
Koichi Ohata
Kazumi Fujita
Atsushi Okuda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Shiro Sagisu

6 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 05.21.1992 – 11.21.1992
U.S. 10.28.1992 – 02.10.1993


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