Macross 7 Encore Ep. 1: Fleet of the Strongest Women


Several battleships belonging to the Macross 7 fleet are destroyed by an unknown enemy. The fleet dispatches its Thunderbolt variable fighters, which come into contact with Meltrandi Queadluun-Raus. The Meltrandi forces press their attack and destroy several more battleships. On Battle 7, Captain Maximilian Jenius looks at the combat footage, and advisor Exsedol Folmo says its must be a rogue Meltrandi fleet. The rock band Fire Bomber launches in their Valkyries, and Dr. Gadget Chiba sends out their sound boosters. Lead singer Basara Nekki starts singing “Power to the Dream,” but his Excalibur Custom comes under heavy fire from the Meltrandi. A golden Queadluun-Rau appears and attacks Basara, damaging his sound boosters. Ray Lovelock says they have to retreat since their singing isn’t working. Watching the battle on TV, City 7 Mayor Milia Fallyna Jenius recognizes the golden Queadluun-Rau. Back in the hangar, Basara is eager for repairs to be done so he can sing again. Milia meets with Max, and he says he wants her assistance so they can quickly negotiate a peace treaty. The Meltrandi commander, Chlore, hails the fleet, and Milia instantly recognizes her. Chlore refuses to negotiate with a miclone, and Milia explains that the Zentradi are living as miclones, and that there are 100,000 on the Macross 7 fleet. Chlore gives them time to consider their surrender and cuts off communications. Max asks Milia how she knows Chlore, and Milia explains that they were the top aces of their respective fleets. Max then says he’s received a message from U.N. Spacy headquarters on Earth stating that any rogue Zentradi fleets they encounter must be destroyed. Milia is shocked that such an order would be issued without trying to persuade the Zentradi, and Exsedol says it’s hard to do a culture shock without famous idol singer Lynn Minmay. An advisor named Tranquil tells Chlore that Exsedol was part of Britai Kridanik’s fleet, and Chlore wonders why Milia was with men. Max and Milia launch in their Sturmvogels, and Milia asks for permission to approach. Tranquil thinks they’re up to something, and Chlore wants to see what it is. Operator Sally Ford patches a message from headquarters to Exsedol. An officer asks why they haven’t destroyed the Zentradi fleet yet, and Exsedol says they’re negotiating. The officer insists they attack immediately, so Exsedol gives the order for Battle 7 to separate from City 7 and transform to attack mode.

Chiba tells Mylene Jenius that her parents went to the Meltrandi fleet, and he thinks they’re going to try a culture shock. Ray reports that repairs are complete to two of the units, but not Basara’s. Chiba says he wants them to launch without Basara because he wants to try a Minmay Attack. Max and Milia march onto the bridge and exit their Sturmvogels. Milia explains that she’s married to Max and has children with him, but Chlore doesn’t understand. Milia wants to show Chlore something and tells Max not to misunderstand what they’re doing. They then kiss, and the Meltrandi are all shocked. Chlore fires a pistol in the air and tells them to stop. Tranquil says that if they’re not careful they’ll be contaminated by the Protoculture, so she creates energy barriers around Max and Milia. Battle 7 separates and begins transforming and charging its Macross Cannon. Operator Miho Miho says Max and Milia may still be alive, but Exsedol tells her to proceed. Chiba asks for permission to launch Sound Force so he can try his Minmay Attack. Gamlin Kizaki’s Diamond Force launches to protect Fire Bomber, and Mylene starts singing Minmay’s “Do You Remember Love?” The song causes the Queadluun-Rau pilots to launch without permission, and Max guesses that they’re responding differently to Mylene than Minmay. The Queadluun-Raus start attacking Mylene, so she stops singing. Exsedol gives specific coordinates to fire at, and Basara folds out in the middle of the Meltrandi fleet with gun pod gamma, which he fires at Chlore’s flagship. Basara starts singing “Charging Love Heart,” and Chlore starts to feel a culture shock, so she launches in her Queadluun-Rau. The Meltrandi ships open fire, and Chlore attacks Basara and chases him. Battle 7 fires its Macross Cannon at a spot that deliberately misses the Meltrandi fleet. Inside the Meltrandi fleet, the women cheer wildly and chant Basara’s name. The military officer asks Exsedol why he missed, and Exsedol chalks it up to inexperience. Chlore proclaims that Basara is cool, and the Meltrandi pilots fire loads more missiles out of excitement.


It’s rather strange to have a fully produced, unbroadcast TV episode for an anime series, so I’m guessing this label was simply slapped onto the episode to give it extra marketing appeal when it was released on home video. Anyway, this episode throws a couple of nods back to the original Macross series, with Mylene singing Minmay songs and Max and Milia attempting a culture shock with the kiss. I’m surprised that U.N. Spacy would give an order to destroy all rogue Zentradi fleets, because converting them with culture shocks obviously adds a lot more military power to U.N. Spacy. You’d think they’d want all the help they can get, especially against the Protodeviln and their brainwashed Varauta soldiers. Fire Bomber’s first run and Mylene’s Minmay Attack don’t have much effect, but when Basara sings a second time, the results speak for themselves. The Meltrandi fly around wildly and shoot missiles in a nearly orgasmic state. Even Chlore, the ace pilot, finally succumbs to Basara’s singing. We never see these Meltrandi again after this, so I wonder what happened to them.

Original Review: September 26, 2000

Overall Rating
Macross 7 Encore Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Munehori Nawa
Hiroshi Ogawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

3 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 12.18.1995 – 02.25.1996


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