Macross 7 Encore Ep. 2: On Stage


Fans cheer during a Fire Bomber concert as the band performs “Charging Love Heart.” A TV show called Coffee Break profiles Fire Bomber, and as guests it features Fire Bomber promoter Akiko Houjoh and a music critic named Prishkovich. One of the hosts asks how Fire Bomber was started, and bridge operator Miho Miho watches the show. The show displays a dramatization detailing the band’s history, including Ray’s service in 2030 with the U.N. Spacy’s Pink Pecker squad. Ray was considered an elite pilot with a bright future ahead of him, but an encounter with a rogue Zentradi unit and the resulting death of his friend Stephan caused him to leave the military. Ray wandered aimlessly and became mired in alcohol and depression. One day, he encountered a young boy – Basara – who hadn’t eaten it days and offered to sing for food. Hearing young Basara perform “Planet Dance” gave Ray the will to live again. The hosts ask Akiko what she thinks of the dramatization, and she answers that even though she doesn’t know all the details, it sounds a bit too melodramatic. Miho gets a call from Sally, who’s also watching the program. She wants to go to work early and dig up info on why Ray really left the military. Later, Mylene goes to Basara’s apartment to talk to him about their upcoming concert, but he isn’t there. The TV show continues its dramatization, which shows Ray and Basara being ridiculed in every town they visited because no one could understand their songs. One day, Ray and Basara encountered Zentradi street performer Veffidas Feaze, but it would take six months before she joined the band as a drummer. At one point, Ray was run over by a van and hospitalized for three months. Ray wanted to put Basara in foster care, but Basara refused to go, and Ray relented. Miho cries as she watches the show, and Sally comes over with snacks. Basara continued to sing, despite no one understanding his music.

Young Basara experienced bouts of hunger, but a baker gave him bread. Basara wanted to trade his guitar for food, but the baker offered to give Basara and Veffidas free bread everyday because he listened to the music. When Basara left the down, he left the guitar with the baker as thanks. One of the hosts asks Akiko when Veffidas was micloned, but she doesn’t know. Basara’s fangirl runs through the park, and Fire Bomber, minus Mylene, practices on a high rise rooftop. One of the hosts asks about Basara’s life before meeting Ray, but no one knows anything. A reporter named Jessica reports from a mountain town where Basara is said to have come from. She says they checked with the police and city officials, but could find no information on Basara’s family or birth. However, they found a photo of Basara playing guitar on a mountain as a boy. Mylene searches for Basara, but now she can’t find Ray either. In the dramatization, Zentradi-sized Veffidas wrestled with a Zentradi man in front of a crowd of miclones, and she won. They then admitted their love for each other, and Veffidas encountered young Basara playing guitar. Mylene sees a large crowd gathered around the high rise, and she runs through them to get to the building. One of the hosts asks Akiko about Mylene joining the band, and they get news of the band doing an unscheduled rooftop concert. Akiko says they don’t know the band’s past or future, but they’re just there, and that’s the essence of what they are. Mylene is angry about no one telling her about the show, but Ray says they all just dropped by and started playing. Basara starts singing “Planet Dance,” and the crowd on the ground cheers.


As a bonus episode, there obviously isn’t much going on here that relates to the plot. However, there is a somewhat amusing, melodramatic dramatization of Fire Bomber’s history, including a pair of actors performing the sappy, father-son story of Ray and young Basara. There is of course some truth to the story, such as Ray being part of the Pink Pecker squad and his departure from the military, as well as young Basara singing to a mountain. I’m not so sure about some other parts, such as Ray getting run over by a van or the kindhearted baker feeding Basara and Veffidas, but that’s the point of the dramatization. Overall, nothing too special here.

Original Review: September 26, 2000

Overall Rating
Macross 7 Encore Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Munehori Nawa
Hiroshi Ogawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

3 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 12.18.1995 – 02.25.1996


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