Macross 7 Encore Ep. 3: Which One Do You Love?


In her bed, an ill Milia performs a blood test on a laptop computer, but she determines that there’s no known lifespan for a micloned Zentradi. She lies back in bed and wonders if it’ll be the end for her. At Basara’s apartment, the band practices, but Basara suddenly stops and calls Mylene out on a mistake she made. She looks at her watch and realizes she has to be elsewhere, so she quickly packs up her guitar and leaves. She meets with Milia at a fancy restaurant, and Milia asks her to get married. Mylene asks why she wants her to suddenly marry Gamlin, but Milia says she wants Mylene to marry Basara. Mylene reminds Milia that she tried to arrange a marriage with Gamlin. Milia says that Gamlin is very serious, but in the long run an elite pilot won’t do well – she knows from her experience with Max. Milia says there’s no chance of Basara being an elite pilot, but Mylene doesn’t think that’s enough reason to get married. She adds that Basara will be popular and will get any woman he wants, so he’d be a good match. Milia decides that Basara is the right choice, and she leaves so that she can find out how Basara feels about Mylene. Mylene complains to Milia’s assistant Michael Johnson about what Milia is doing, and Michael says he won’t be able to keep an eye on Milia if she goes out of her way to meet with Basara. Later, Mylene tells Max the story about Milia, and he agrees there’s no reason to marry so early. He asks Mylene which one she loves, and she asks if it matters. The next day, Mylene recalls how she first met Gamlin, but she remembers that the way she met Basara was even stranger. She had run to see an Alice Holiday concert and accidentally spilled ice cream all over Basara’s shirt. Mylene tried to clean Basara’s shirt and apologized because Guvava got in her way, but Basara said it wasn’t Guvava’s fault. Basara wanted his shirt back, but Mylene insisted on dry cleaning it, and when they struggle over the shirt, it tore. Later, another bass player left a Fire Bomber audition, and Basara told Ray he wanted to do it as a three-piece. Mylene arrived to audition and was surprised to see Basara. Mylene expressed a desire to do vocals, so the band joined with her in performing “Planet Dance.” Basara said he’d leave the decision to Ray, who welcomed Mylene into Fire Bomber.

Mylene gets a phone call from Michael, who tells her that Milia is meeting with Basara. At a fancy restaurant, Milia asks Basara to get married to Mylene. She says she’d approve, and Max probably would too. Basara asks why he should hook up with a kid, but Milia says Mylene will be sexy pretty soon. While running to the restaurant, Mylene accidentally runs into Gamlin. He says he needs to talk to her and explains how Milia tried to set him up with Miho. Mylene wonders what Milia is doing, and Gamlin wants her opinion. He says it’s ok if she doesn’t want to see him anymore, but she says it isn’t like that. On the bridge of Battle 7, Sally gossips with other operators about Miho getting up with someone, and although she heard it was with Docker from Emerald Force, others heard it was with Gamlin or Max. When Max enters the bridge, the operators quickly hush up and scramble back to their stations. Milia says to herself that her body has to hold out until the wedding. Realizing she forgot something important, Milia takes off in her red Sturmvogel and flies to the hangar where the Jamming Birds Thunderbolts are stored. Max wonders what’s going on, and Chiba calls to report that someone has taken a sound booster. Milia wants to sing for the fleet to give her thanks, so she starts singing Fire Bomber’s “Light the Light.” Max orders the broadcast channel to be changed, but Sally reports that it’s being broadcast to the entire fleet. Mylene is embarrassed as she watches, but Basara says Milia’s not so bad. Chiba explains to Max that Milia came to his office because she wasn’t feeling well. She believed she was sick from being a miclone, and perhaps she thought her life expectancy was short. Max asks what she has, and Chiba says it’s basically a cold. Gamlin flies over to Milia in his Nightmare, and she assumes that he’s come to sing with her. Sound Force also arrives with its sound boosters, and Milia says she’s happy to have everyone join her on a galactic stage. Basara starts singing with her and glows with song energy, as does Mylene. Their song energy envelops her Sturmvogel, and Gamlin starts singing as well. Across the entire fleet, people listen to Milia and Fire Bomber sing. After the song, Milia says she feels better and thanks Basara. She tells Gamlin he sang well, and Veffidas asks Mylene which one she loves.


In one sense, this entire episode is the result of one big misunderstanding. Milia comes down with a cold, but for whatever reason she gets it into her head that she has a shorter lifespan as a miclone. Because of that, she decides to start wrapping up her affairs – the first of which includes getting Mylene married. Although Milia tried to get Mylene hitched to Gamlin earlier in the TV series, I guess she’s reconsidered the idea of Mylene marrying an elite pilot, given her experience with Max. It’s certainly strange to see her asking Basara in a fancy restaurant to marry Mylene, especially with his fangirl sitting at the next table. It’s also amusing to see her awkward attempt at hooking Gamlin up with Miho, and that obviously doesn’t go over any better. As a result of Milia’s actions, we also get a flashback showing how Mylene and Basara met, and somehow it’s not surprising that even at the start they don’t get along. Milia has shown a desire to sing before when she auditioned for the Jamming Birds, and she gets her chance to do so here, with Fire Bomber doing backing vocals and Gamlin reluctantly singing. Like the previous episode, there’s nothing major going on here in relation to the plot of the series, but it’s something to see if you want some more Macross 7.

Original Review: September 26, 2000

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Macross 7 Encore Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Munehori Nawa
Hiroshi Ogawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

3 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 12.18.1995 – 02.25.1996


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