Macross 7 Ep. 18: A Falling Little Devil


Gamlin dreams that Mylene is floating on an asteroid in space, with Basara floating nearby and incapacitated. Gigile arrives with his Elgersoln and attempts to snatch Mylene, but Gamlin performs a Gamlin Kick that sends Gigile flying and exploding into a flash of fireworks. Mylene tells Gamlin that he’s the only one she can count on, and as they move in closer to kiss, Gamlin wakes up in the hospital. At his apartment, Basara plays the guitar while Ray edits some music. Gamlin recalls his encounter with Sivil and can’t believe that he got shot down while trying to rescue Mylene. Mylene then arrives with a bouquet of flowers to check up on Gamlin. He tells her that he’s ok and promises that next time he’ll destroy the enemy. Mylene tells him not to rush, and the nurse comes in to give him his medicine. Later, Gamlin speaks to a doctor about Kinryu’s condition, and the doctor explains there are some irregularities. Just then, Kinryu begins panicking and screams about seeing Sivil. In the hallway, Gamlin overhears several nurses talking about Basara and Fire Bomber. Ray tells Basara it’s time for him to go, and Basara asks Ray what he’s doing. Ray explains that he’s examining the song Basara played yesterday that affected the glowing alien globe. At her office, Milia yells at Max over fold communication about him not protecting them. Max promises that they’ll get there as soon as they can, and when he asks about Mylene, she tells him he should ask in person and hangs up. Later, Milia asks Basara about the alien globe, but he says he doesn’t know anything about it. On his flagship, Geperuniti is informed that City 7‘s fold system is broken, so he orders Sivil to conduct the fold operation with their own resources. Gigile tells Sivil that being assigned to a major operation so soon is a sign of Geperuniti’s confidence in her, but she ignores the comment and tells Gigile that she’ll be using his forces. Sivil then thinks about Basara and wants to confirm if he has Anima Spiritia. Gamlin walks into Basara’s apartment and is surprised to see Ray there. Gamlin asks Ray what he’s doing, and Ray answers that he’s trying to study the effects of music on human behavior, which causes Gamlin to remember his experience with Chiba. Gamlin is visibly bothered by Basara’s singing, and he asks Ray why Mylene is in the band. Ray plays a part with Mylene singing and says that even though she and Basara argue constantly, when they sing they’re in perfect synch. He then offers Gamlin a complimentary ticket to one of their shows.

Fire Bomber performs in concert, and Gamlin arrives as Mylene begins to sing “Sweet Fantasy.” He makes his way to the front of the crowd and bumps into Basara’s fangirl. After momentarily resting, Gamlin stands up again and is spotted by Mylene. Gamlin gets into the groove of the show, but the concert is interrupted when Gigile’s ships de-fold near Battle 7. Basara jumps off the stage, and the crowd cheers him on. Gamlin radios in and is told that his Nightmare is still under repair, so he asks Mylene to come with him. In space, Gigile’s ships surround City 7 and begin charging energy so that they can fold City 7 with them. Michael asks what they’re trying to do, and Milia explains that those ships could force City 7 to fold with them. She then calls Max and tells him she needs assistance, so Max decides to go personally with Battle 7. Basara heads into space in his Excalibur and begins firing speaker pods into the Elgersolns. Gamlin chases after Mylene, and she takes him to the hangar where Milia’s Valkyrie is stored. She tries to get into the cockpit, but Gamlin insists on going himself. As Basara sings “Charging Love Heart” he sees Milia’s Valkyrie and assumes Mylene is the pilot, but Gamlin calls and says he’ll take care of things. Gamlin attacks the Elgersolns, and Basara tells him he’s interrupting. Having charged their energy, the Varauta ships begin their fold operation and create a sphere of energy around City 7. Just then, Battle 7 folds out nearby and approaches. Max initially orders a transformation, but he rescinds the order because they don’t have time for that. Battle 7 then rams into Gigile’s battleship, knocking it out of the formation. City 7 still folds out with the other Varauta ships, and Gigile is informed that City 7 has ended up at different coordinates. Gigile wants to fight, but his men tell him they can’t win right now, so his ship folds out. City 7 folds out in another part of space, and Basara continues singing “Planet Dance.” Sivil approaches Basara again and feels pain over his music. Gamlin tries to shoot her, so she attacks him and blows off the Valkyrie’s head. Gamlin ejects the cockpit just before it explodes, and Milia is shocked as she watches her Valkyrie explode on TV. Sivil again approaches Basara, and the pain causes her to cry and escape. The Elgersolns fall back, and the Varauta ships fold in. In the city, citizens cheer for Basara and begin singing “Planet Dance.” Later, Basara is angry, and Mylene tells him everyone thinks he’s a hero now. A police ship tows in Gamlin’s cockpit, and he figures Mylene saw him get shot down. Sivil floats down onto City 7 and lands one one of the trains.


It seems that Geperuniti is eager to get his hands on City 7 for his Spiritia Farm Project, so this time he puts Sivil in charge. Since City 7’s fold system is inoperational, the Varauta have the good idea of positioning their ships around City 7 to create a fold energy bubble and force the ship to come with them. While Max arrives too late to save City 7 in the way he intended, his intervention prevents the ship from folding out to where Sivil intended. Gamlin certainly has some strange dreams, and his ‘Gamlin Kick’ is very hot blooded and straight out of a super robot series. We see how he’s starting to change his views. At first, he was ready to shoot down Basara himself, but now he’s willing to go to a Fire Bomber show to learn more about Mylene. He still doesn’t quite understand what Basara is doing, and his appearance in the battle almost costs him his life at the hands of Sivil. As we can see, Milia certainly isn’t happy about having her vintage Valkyrie destroyed.

Original Review: May 17, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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