Macross 7 Ep. 2: Spiritia Level


Basara works on a new song in his rundown apartment in the Acshio. Elsewhere, Gamlin visits Docker in the hospital and asks Dr. Gadget Chiba what’s wrong. Chiba says he doesn’t know what the problem is, but he says that Docker and the other affected soldiers are getting weaker, as if they’ve lost the will to live. On the bridge, Max looks at some of the combat data from the battle, and Exsedol says they don’t have enough data to determine what kind of weapons the Varauta use. Max then leaves the bridge to meet with Ray. Mylene drives on a highway in City 7 and is chased by another car with her mother Milia and driver Michael. Milia tells Michael to follow Mylene into the Acshio, but Michael says that the Acshio isn’t registered with the fleet and is dangerous. She tells him to go anyway, and he drives the car through a stairwell. Mylene runs into the apartment building and knocks on Ray’s door, but Basara comes out of his apartment and tells her Ray isn’t around. She asks Basara if she can come hide in her apartment, and he agrees. She sees Milia outside and climbs up the ladder through the whole in the floor up to the second level. Milia knocks on the door, and Mylene hides underneath Basara’s bed. Basara opens the door, and Michael demands to know where Mylene is. Basara says he doesn’t know and that he thinks family problems should be kept within the family. Mylene’s alien pet Guvava starts to tickle her, and she’s about to laugh and blow her cover. Michael forces his way into the apartment, and Basara trips him, which muffles the sound of Mylene laughing. Milia says that she knows Mylene is in there and that she’ll never allow her to live on her own. After they leave, Mylene looks around and spots Basara’s Excalibur outside the apartment. She asks him where he got it, and he says Ray gave it to him. She then asks why he jumped into the middle of a battle to sing, and he tells her it’s something he’s wanted to do for a long time. She lectures him about responsibility, but he ignores her continues working on the song. She mentions that she’s thirsty, so he tells her to get lemonade for both of them downstairs. Mylene grabs lemonade from the refrigerator and wonders if lots of girls visit Basara because he has lots of straws. She awkwardly climbs back up the ladder while holding both lemonades and loses her footing.

Basara catches Mylene just as Ray walks in. She explains that she’s hiding there because Milia is trying to force her into an arranged marriage. Ray tells them they need to get the stage ready because they’ll be playing an hour earlier than planned. At the stage, Veffidas plays drums while the Flower Girl waits in the crowd for Basara. A battle alarm sounds in City 7, and Basara runs to his Excalibur. As he swings over to the Excalibur, Mylene yells at him for being irresponsible. She asks him how he could abandon his fans, and he tells her she doesn’t understand anything. She asks him what he thinks singing is, and he tells her singing is the burning heart of passion. As Basara heads for space, Battle 7 begins deploying its Thunderbolt squads. The Bolognese deploys cameras to examine the Elgersolns in battle. Exsedol begins to say something, but he tells Max it’s nothing. Gigile examines Spiritia levels and sucks some out of a Thunderbolt pilot. Diamond Force’s Nightmares launches from Battle 7 with Physica Fulcrum replacing Docker, and Gamlin spots Basara flying by. Gigile sees Basara and says he’s been waiting for him since his Spiritia is different from the others. Gamlin yells at Basara to withdraw from the battle zone, and Basara says battles are useless and begins singing “Planet Dance.” He fires speaker pods into the Elgersolns, and Gamlin destroys several Elgersolns near Basara. In City 7, Fire Bomber fans waiting for the concert watch the battle on screen. Gamlin repeatedly asks Basara why he’s singing in a battle, but Basara ignores him and keeps singing. Gigile fires a beam at the Excalibur that hits Basara in the head, but Basara keeps singing and deflects the beam. Gigile is shocked and orders all his men to retreat. As the Varauta pull away, Basara is annoyed that they left again before he could finish a song. Afterwards, Basara returns to the Acshio and again expresses his frustration over the Varauta leaving early. Mylene runs up to Basara and asks him why he’s sitting around when he’s late for the concert. She tells him to hurry up so that Ray and Veffidas don’t have to repeat the intro again, but Basara doesn’t think there’s a problem with that.


There’s a few things going on in this episode. First, Milia makes an on screen appearance, and we see that things aren’t going so well between her and Mylene. Not only does Mylene want to live on her own, but Milia is trying to force her into an arranged marriage. The Varauta attack again, and this time the U.N. Spacy forces record the battle to study their enemy. Exsedol seemingly has some suspicions, but he doesn’t say anything. Not surprisingly, Basara once again interferes in the battle so that he can sing. And once again, Gamlin yells at Basara for showing up in the middle of the battle. Gigile has an interest in Basara since his Spiritia power is different from the other pilots. It’s certainly different enough to deflect the beam attack that saps Spiritia from other pilots and leaves them comatose. Basara is having an effect on the battles, but it’s too early for anyone to understand that.

Original Review: May 11, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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