Macross 7 Ep. 24: Merry Go Round


Mylene sings “My Friends” with Ray and Veffidas, but Basara just sits by the window. She asks him if he’s going to join them, but he tells her to go on without him and leaves the room. Ray tells her that Basara may have some issues of his own, such as romantic concerns. Basara sits outside his building and recalls his encounter with Sivil. In the forest, a naked Sivil floats inside an energy bubble. Gamlin receives a promotion to full Lieutenant for his actions in defending City 7, and Diamond Force is reassigned to protect City 7 under the command of Milia. An officer explains that it was Milia’s request because she wants a dedicated defense unit for the city in the event that it gets separated again from Battle 7. Gamlin objects and asks who will defend Sound Force, and the officer explains that it will be handled by Docker’s Emerald Force, which uses the latest Excalibur units. Gamlin encounters Docker after he returns from a flight, and Docker says that he intends to take Mylene for a drive. He then stops by to visit Kinryu, who screams out as he hears Fire Bomber music. Ray, Mylene and Veffidas meet with Chiba and several other officers, and Chiba explains that he’ll be giving them a song list to play based on each song’s effectiveness. An officer points out that Basara isn’t there, and just then Basara arrives while playing guitar and singing “Charging Love Heart.” An officer gives him a song list, but Basara ignores him and says he’ll sing the songs he wants when he wants. Chiba breaks up the argument and says that Basara might be right in what he’s saying. Elsewhere, Gigile is informed that Sivil has broken off communication, so they don’t know where she is. Gigile intends to find her himself, and he doesn’t care about Geperuniti. Gamlin reports for duty, and Milia tells him he’ll be patrolling the city during non-combat situations. Gamlin asks if she can request him as a member of Emerald Force, but she tells him she can’t do that. She then introduces him to two rookie pilots named Dick and Morley who have been assigned to Diamond Force. Later, Gamlin visits Physica’s grave and lays down flowers. Gamlin then walks through the city and sees a Fire Bomber concert playing on a monitor. He accidentally bumps into Basara’s fangirl, and he later comes across the band playing on the street. Mylene sees Gamlin and calls out to him, but he just waves back and walks away. Mylene wonders what’s wrong, and Ray tells her that Gamlin must be unhappy about being passed up for Emerald Force.

Mylene runs after Gamlin, and Basara gives her an apple. She later catches up to him, and they sit together in a park. Gamlin tells her that her song touched him, and that these are the times to listen to music. She then gives him a charm that she’s had since she was young, and she tells him he should have something frivolous since he’s such a serious person. Gamlin wishes her luck in Sound Force, and she tells him he has to loosen up. On the bridge, Max has a look at an image of Rax and tells the crew they can relax once they reach the planet. Just then, Gigile’s fleet de-folds near them, and Emerald Force is launched in response. Soon after, Sound Force launches, and Basara begins shooting speaker pods into Elgersolns while singing “Holy Lonely Light.” Docker and the other pilots engage Gigile’s forces to keep them away from Sound Force. Diamond Force deploys outside of City 7, and Milia reminds him that their duty is to protect the city. One of his pilots wants to join the battle, but Gamlin orders him to stay in position. Basara dodges the attacks of an Elgersoln, and Mylene rushes in, putting herself at risk. Basara warns her not to get in his way, and Ray tells them not to argue with each other. Mylene wants to attack an Elgersoln that’s coming after her, but Basara says that’s not the purpose of Sound Force. Docker destroys the Elgersoln, and Basara continues to sing. Docker destroys several more units and engages Gigile, who rushes past him and heads for City 7. Diamond Force opens fire on Gigile, and Docker yells at them for blocking his flight path. Docker misses hitting Gigile and accidentally hits City 7. Gamlin tells him to pull back and orders Dick and Morley to keep attacking Gigile. Gamlin gives them orders and attacks Gigile from behind, blowing apart Gigile’s Elgersoln. As the Elgersoln explodes, the cockpit capsule escapes and heads for City 7. Mylene yells at Basara that Sound Force isn’t right for him, and Ray tells them they both performed horribly. Later, Milia congratulates Gamlin for his work and thinks to herself that she’s glad to have the most skilled pilot. Mylene rides a merry-go-round with Gamlin and complains about Sound Force, but he’s caught up in the fun of the ride. He pulls out her charm and says that it might actually work and cause good things to happen.


Sound Force gets off to a pretty rough start with their first sortie here. It’s not surprising, since Basara is distracted and thinking about his encounter with Sivil. What’s interesting about this episode are the changes we see in Gamlin. He’s clearly not happy about being removed from the military command structure and being placed under Milia’s command, but he makes the best of it. We see more of how he’s started to lighten up, and not only has he come to enjoy Fire Bomber’s music, but he’s also enjoying simple things like riding a merry-go-round with Mylene. Although he’s assigned two green recruits, they seem to do pretty well in battle and manage not to get themselves killed fighting Gigile. We also see some competition between Gamlin and Docker, and Docker is definitely pushing his luck by fighting so recklessly against Gigile’s forces.

Original Review: May 17, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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