Macross 7 Ep. 26: Deathmatch at Planet Rax


The TV news reports on the Macross 7 fleet’s arrival at Rax, as well as the military’s prohibition against any civilian ship approaching the planet. Basara says he’s going out for a while, and Mylene asks if he means out into space. Basara says he’s going to Rax, and Mylene follows after him. Basara complains about Mylene coming along, but she says she’s going because she wants to. On Battle 7, Sally informs Max that they still haven’t made contact with the Macross 5, so he orders the Emerald Force to launch. Elsewhere, Gamlin visits Kinryu in the hospital. Kinryu says he wants to get back on duty so that Docker and Emerald Force don’t surpass them. As Gamlin leaves, Sally and Miho go into Kinryu’s room with flowers. Gamlin asks Chiba when Kinryu can leave the hospital, and Chiba says it’ll be some more time. Gamlin gets a call over radio to head down to Rax and protect Basara and Mylene. Basara and Mylene finish atmospheric entry and travel through a forest in GERWALK mode. When they exit the forest, they find the Macross 5 fleet in ruins in an ocean. They examine the ruins of Battle 5, and Mylene quivers at the sight of several dead Zentradi soldiers. Emerald Force arrives on the scene and reports the fleet’s destruction to Max. Basara flies into Battle 5 and is followed by Emerald Force. Docker threatens to shoot Basara unless he returns immediately, and Basara points out how there don’t seem to be enough bodies among the wreckage. Diamond Force lands next to Mylene, and Gamlin asks her if she’s ok, but she hugs him and cries in his arms. Docker’s men report that City 5 is missing, and Max concludes that they were taken captive. Docker tells Max they could’ve been brainwashed into being Varauta soldiers like Irane, and a frightened Exsedol suggests they leave immediately. Gamlin argues with Docker over who has authority to take Basara and Mylene into custody, but the two just fly off. Basara notices how depressed Mylene is and points out a flock of birds. In space, a Varauta fleet de-folds near Rax. Geperuniti orders his fleet to open fire and force the Macross 7 fleet onto Rax’s surface. Max orders the launch of Thunderbolt teams, and Geperuniti addresses the Macross 7 fleet directly, saying they are the samples that will make his dream a reality.

Ray calls Basara and says he and Veffidas will be joining them in space. Max orders a separation and transformation for Battle 7. As Battle 7 transforms, Max orders the ship to land on Rax’s surface to escape the Varauta firing range. Gigile calls Geperuniti and asks him to hold fire because Sivil is on City 7, but Geperuniti tells Gigile he’s just a trifle compared to the larger dream. In space, Fire Bomber performs “Charging Love Heart” while Diamond and Emerald Forces fight the Varauta. As Battle 7 continues its descent, Kinryu runs out of the hospital and launches in a Thunderbolt Protect Armor. Kinryu charges forward and orders Gamlin to help him buy time for the Macross Cannon to fire. Basara and Mylene approach Geperuniti’s flagship, but their speaker pods bounce right off the hull. Ray then arrives with Chiba’s enormous Speaker Pod Gamma for Basara to use. The Varauta barrage continues, and Kinryu unleashes a volley of missiles against several Elgersolns. He then ejects his armor and rushes in for an attack on a battleship. After breaking into the ship, Kinryu opens fire on the core, destroying the ship and himself. Basara fires Speaker Pod Gamma into Geperuniti’s ship, allowing him to reach Geperuniti as he sings “Holy Lonely Light.” Geperuniti scans Basara and sees that he has Anima Spiritia. In the Varauta system, Geperuniti’s true body awakens. Battle 7 lands in an ocean and fires its Macross Cannon, destroying several ships and damaging Geperuniti’s flagship. The Varauta fleet folds out, and Gamlin cries over Kinryu’s death. Sally looks at a picture of Kinryu, and Miho cries at her console.


Rax may have certainly seemed nice as an Earth-like planet, but the Macross 7 fleet doesn’t get the best of receptions. With the Macross 5 fleet destroyed and its civilians gone, it’s clear they became part of the Spiritia Farm Project that Geperuniti’s always talking about. The sight of the destroyed ships in the ocean is reminiscent of a similar scene from Do You Remember Love? Kinryu returns after a short absence, and when he jumped into that armored Thunderbolt, he pretty much signed his own death certificate. However, his sacrifice allowed Battle 7 to get away and fire its Macross Cannon. As for the Varauta, we’ve obviously got even more tension between Geperuniti and Gigile, as evidenced by Geperuniti not caring about what happens to Gigile and Sivil.

Original Review: July 10, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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