Macross 7 Ep. 30: The Formula for a Love Triangle


On Geperuniti’s flagship, Gavil notes that Glavil won’t be of any use for a while. Geperuniti shows Gavil his new servants – brainwashed pilots from the Macross 5 fleet. Gavil plans to use them because he thinks he may have found a weakness to exploit. Elsewhere, Mylene pounds on Basara’s door, but he doesn’t answer. She gets in her car and notices Michael watching her, so she asks him to follow Basara. Mylene says Basara’s acting strangely, and Michael figures that Basara must be seeing a woman – maybe Rex. At her apartment, Mylene angrily plays the guitar and scares Guvava away before she breaks a string. Michael calls Mylene and tells her that his men have spotted Basara. Michael and two lackeys follow after Basara, but Michael trips on a crumbling wall and Basara gets away from the lackeys. One of them asks the flower girl if she saw Basara, and Mylene criticizes Michael over the phone. In the forest, Basara turns on his speaker and begins singing “Submarine Street.” On Battle 7, Gamlin works out at the gym and gets a surprise visit from Mylene. She tells him that Basara has been acting strangely and doesn’t sing with feeling anymore. Gamlin says that although he doesn’t know Basara well, he doesn’t think Basara would get hung up on something trivial. He says that pilots have senses about other pilots, and he knows Basara is highly talented to fly and sing simultaneously, so he may be better than Max. In the forest, Basara begins to glow with song energy. Gamlin tells Mylene that he can fly as well as Basara, but there’s one wall that he can’t break – a high-speed repetitive rolling formation known as QM-69. He explains that the maneuver is physically demanding, but Basara does it easily many times over. Mylene is surprised because she thought Gamlin disliked Basara, but he says he doesn’t. He says that Basara’s piloting is amazing, but he doesn’t understand his singing. Just then, a battle alert is sounded when Gavil arrives in his Zaubergeran, leading a squad of Elgersolns.

Basara continues to sing for Sivil, but he stops when he hears the battle alert and leaves his guitar behind. Gigile picks up the guitar and tries to play it. Miho points out that there’s a new mecha leading the Varauta, so Max sends out Emerald Force, while Milia dispatches Diamond Force. Sound Force launches as well, and Mylene asks Basara where he was at. Chiba sends out the sound boosters, and Basara begins singing “Charging Love Heart.” Gavil declares that he’ll stop the Anima Spiritia and activates a sound wave neutralizer. He then fires missiles at Basara’s Excalibur, which are deflected by sound energy and explode. The Elgersolns unleash a barrage of missiles, and Exsedol concludes that sound energy has no effect on normal weapons. Ray and Veffidas’ Nightmare is hit, forcing them to eject their sound booster. Basara continues to sing, and Gamlin shoots down a Panzersoln that sneaks up behind Mylene. When the Panzersoln crashes, the pilot is ejected from the cockpit, and his flight suit begins sending out a friendly distress signal. Sally reports that the signal is from the Macross 5, and Exsedol concludes that the enemy pilots are Zentradi. Max addresses the pilots directly and orders them to stop, but the brainwashed pilots don’t listen. Gamlin calls Milia for orders, and she tells him to keep up with the attack, but he wants to just disable them. Gamlin orders Dick and Morley to avoid cockpits, and he criticizes Docker for shooting at allies. Docker says they’ll destroy the Macross 7 and Gamlin counters that they’re not fighting of their own free will. A Panzersoln closes in on Gamlin, but it’s hit by a blast of sound energy from Basara that returns the pilot, Matthew Langley, to normal. Matthew wonders what he’s doing, and Max tells him to leave the battlefield. Chiba tells Basara to keep hitting the soldiers with song energy. Basara unleashes a wave of sound energy on the Panzersolns, followed by Mylene. Max calls the awakened Macross 5 pilots and orders them to retreat. Gamlin wonders if mind control is the reason Basara sings. Angered by the short duration of the mind control, Gavil fires missiles at Basara. Gamlin’s Nightmare closes in on Gavil and performs QM-69 to avoid the missiles. He attacks Gavil and destroys his Zaubergeran, forcing him to retreat. After the battle, Gamlin tells Basara that Mylene is worried about him. Basara congratulates Gamlin on his improved piloting. Gamlin says he’ll take a good listen to Basara’s music someday, but Basara jokes that he just wants to hear Mylene’s songs.


With Glavil out of action from the last episode’s attack, Gavil takes a new approach and leads a squad of brainwashed Zentradi from the Macross 5 fleet into battle. Despite his strange appearance and personality, he’s noticed two important things: sound energy has no effect on conventional weapons, and Sound Force is a weak point that can be attacked. He does well using both pieces of information, since he manages to knock Ray and Veffidas out of the fight early on. Unfortunately for him, Basara’s song energy proves to be too strong and has the effect of snapping the brainwashed pilots back to reality. On another front, we see Gamlin expressing admiration for Basara’s piloting skills, but in the thick of battle he performs just was well and manages to do the QM-69 maneuver that Basara does so easily. Mylene also continues her spying and hands it over to Michael and his lackeys, but she gets the wrong idea and has no clue what Basara is really up to.

Original Review: July 12, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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