Macross 7 Ep. 31: Passionate Scandal


During a practice session, Mylene reads an article in Galaxy Sport magazine asking if Basara will be the next Minmay in terms of the power of his music. At the magazine’s headquarters, an editor congratulates reporter Janet on her article and tells her to get more Basara stories because they sell copies. She calls someone and says she’s going to run a photo of Basara with Rex. In the Varauta system, Geperuniti uses collected Spiritia to awaken the Protodeviln Valgo. Valgo is amazed that Geperuniti would awaken him before his own Protodeviln body, but Geperuniti says he saw Valgo as part of his dream. In the forest, Basara glows with song energy as he sings “Submarine Street” for Sivil, with Gigile watching from the bushes. News robots spread the story of Basara being romantically involved with Rex, and a mass of reporters gather outside of Basara’s apartment. Mylene parks in a junkyard and takes an underground shortcut to the apartment. Ray tells her that Basara isn’t there, and she figures he ran off with Rex. In the city, Rex’s gang pull up outside of the magazine’s office and yell at them for printing lies, but the editor doesn’t care because the latest story has doubled their sales. Mylene thinks Basara is a scoundrel, and Ray wonders when the picture was taken because Rex hasn’t been around recently. Janet tells her editor that the photo is old, but she got it from a source. Rex’s gang circles around the magazine’s office, but Rex arrives and tells them there’s no point in getting worked up. Basara walks up to them and agrees, and Janet takes pictures of him riding off with Rex. Michael brings Milia the latest stack of complaint letters, but she doesn’t want to read them. Michael gets a phone call and quickly gets off the phone. Rex apologizes to Basara, but he says there’s nothing to apologize for. She drops him off outside the city, and he gets into an underground tunnel, watched from nearby by Janet. The next morning, Galaxy Sport runs a scandalous story claiming that Basara is the secret love child of Hikaru and Minmay. Ray takes a look at all the other gossip magazines that are writing about Basara, and Mylene asks Basara which story is true. Mylene asks Ray what he knows about Basara’s past, but he says he doesn’t know anything. Basara gets mobbed by reporters outside his apartment, and he’s rescued by Janet when she drives up. She says she wants to know about the real Basara and asks why he goes to the vegetation plant, which she assumes is for secret rendezvous with Mylene.

Mylene downloads the next copy of the magazine, which shows a picture of her and Basara. Word spreads around City 7, and Mylene is followed by reporters as she drives on the highway. Janet walks through the forest, determined to find Basara’s secret. She’s shocked when she sees Basara singing for Sivil and starts taking pictures. Gigile feels frustrated and knocks Basara down, saying his Anima Spiritia isn’t enough. Basara gets up and starts singing, and Gigile punches him repeatedly, saying he’s the only one who can wake Sivil up. Janet yells at him to stop, and Gigile tries to punch her, but Basara steps in front of her and takes the punch. Gigile tells Basara to get out of the way so he can kill Janet, but Basara ignores him and continues to sing. Gigile repeatedly punches Basara, but he stops and begins to cry, wondering who Basara sings for. He moves to punch Basara again, but he stops when Basara begins to glow with song energy. Gigile wonders about himself and runs away. Outside, Valgo appears and releases pink monsters to attack the fleet and steal Spiritia. Max orders the launch of Emerald and Sound Forces as the creatures invade City 7 through the open door and begin sucking Spiritia from citizens. City Police Machines attack the monsters and are easily destroyed. Diamond Force arrives and opens fire, but when Gamlin destroys a monster, it breaks apart into even more monsters. Outside, the monsters grapple onto Thunderbolts and suck Spiritia from the pilots. Sound Force arrives and begins performing “Holy Lonely Light” as Basara is swarmed by monsters. Basara’s song energy destroys the monsters grappling onto his Excalibur and repels those that are nearby. The monsters vanish, and Valgo disappears after seeing Anima Spiritia. Barton tells Chiba that he wants to move to the next step by mass producing sound boosters and creating musical units. Mylene congratulates Basara for what he did, but he yells at her and says his songs aren’t tools for murder. Janet tells her editor she’s quitting because she wants to find the real truth. The editor doesn’t get it, but she says he’d understand if he heard Basara sing. Michael pulls up outside to give Janet new photos, but she tells her older brother she doesn’t need them anymore. Later, Mylene shows Basara the next article, which shows Basara and Gamlin topless and asks if there’s something going on. Mylene asks if it’s true, and Basara tells her she’s hopeless.


It appears as though Geperuniti is becoming desperate to move his plans forward, as he’s awakened another Protodeviln, Valgo. Although it isn’t explained, it’s clear that Gavil and Valgo don’t get along. Valgo sends pink monsters to attack the fleet, but it looks like he was just doing a recon mission to see Anima Spiritia and size up Basara for himself. Also, we see Gigile start to break down and even cry, so it’s clear that Basara’s music is affecting him, even if Basara has yet to reach Sivil. Although the gossip magazine subplot is amusing, it’s starting to get a bit old that the fleet is just sitting on Rax and coming under Protodeviln attack. Whatever repairs they’re doing sure are taking a long time, but it doesn’t seem like any work is being done.

Original Review: July 12, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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