Macross 7 Ep. 33: Betrayal and a Girl’s Tears


Basara leaves his apartment at night, and Ray tells him they can talk if there’s a problem. Basara says that’s not it and adds that he’s never questioned why he sings, but now he’s thinking about it. He walks through the streets and takes an underground tunnel, followed again by Mylene and Guvava. Mylene wonders what Basara is doing in the vegetation plant and sticks close by, but she’s almost discovered because of Guvava’s screaming. Mylene falls back and tells Guvava to stay put as she walks back. She hears Basara singing “Submarine Street” and runs over because she notices his singing is different. She’s surprised when she sees Sivil floating in an energy bubble and runs away, recalling Sivil’s attack on the city hall. As she runs, she trips in a puddle of mud and over Guvava. Mylene runs to a phone to call Milia, but she’s asleep, so Mylene hangs up. Basara finishes the song and leaves, and Gigile declares that Basara isn’t good enough to wake Sivil. In a park, Gigile sucks Spiritia out of dozens of civilians. At a military meeting, an official suggests that Sivil could still be in the city. Max gets a call that Mylene has come to Battle 7 and looks distraught. Max sits down with Mylene and asks her what’s wrong, but she says nothing at first. She then says that Basara was with the enemy, and Barton overhears as he walks by. Mylene explains that she followed Basara to the vegetation plant and saw him singing for Sivil. She wonders if what she did was wrong, but Max says he’ll take care of it. Gigile hides in an alley and stores Spiritia as the police search for him. Basara takes off in his Excalibur, and Mylene crashes her car because she’s distracted by thinking of Basara’s actions. Basara lands in the vegetation plant and is surprised to see Sivil is gone, with only a hole in the ground remaining. He gets down from the cockpit and wonders what happened.

Gigile lands his Elgersoln nearby and attacks Basara, accusing him of taking Sivil. Basara dodges his punches and accuses Gigile of taking her. He bangs Basara repeatedly against a tree, and Mylene yells at them to stop. She tells him that she told Max, and Gigile takes her hostage with a gun to her head. Guvava tries to attack Gigile, but Gigile knocks it away. He threatens to kill Mylene unless Basara takes him to Sivil. Barton looks at the encased Sivil and hopes to uncover the enemy’s secrets, but he’s told their scans can’t penetrate the energy bubble. Barton orders them to destroy the barrier so they can scan Sivil. Basara rushes over to Battle 7, followed by Gigile and Diamond Force. Gamlin calls the bridge and explains that Mylene is being held hostage. After landing in the hangar, Gigile demands to know where Sivil is and blasts the wall with his cannon. Gamlin lands his Nightmare and runs after Gigile and Basara. Three Thunderbolts block Gigile’s path, and Barton orders him to surrender. Gigile again demands to know where Sivil is and shows that he’s holding Mylene in his Elgersoln’s hand. Mylene joins Max and asks what’s going on, and an officer suggests doing a trade. Barton disagrees and says sacrifices are unavoidable now that they have a captured enemy. Milia asks what the point is of being in the military if they can’t protect civilians and runs out of the room. Gigile threatens to kills Mylene, and the Thunderbolt pilots open fire on Barton’s command. Gigile dodges the attack, and Max tells him that Sivil is in the next room. Gigile blasts into the room and destroys the lasers that are attempting to destroy the barrier around Sivil. Basara, Gamlin, Max and Milia run into the room, but Gigile refuses to hand over Mylene until after he’s made his escape safely. Basara begins to sing “Power to the Dream” and glow with song energy, which covers Gigile and Sivil. Max wonders what he’s doing, and Milia guesses he must be trying to calm Gigile down. Barton shoots Gigile in the eye, and Gigile presses a button that causes his Elgersoln to send Spiritia to Sivil. The combination of Basara’s song energy and the Spiritia cause Sivil to wake up and break the barrier. Gamlin knocks Gigile aside, and Sivil smashes through the wall and flies way. Gigile chases after her in his Elgersoln, and Basara nearly falls to his death when the floor crumbles. Barton blames Basara for his escape, and Gamlin punches him. Two soldiers grab Gamlin, but Milia tells them to let him go because he works for her. Gamlin apologizes for acting rashly, but Milia says Barton deserved it. Later, Mylene wakes up at home with Milia watching over her. Mylene says she has to do something and runs to Basara’s apartment, but he’s gone. She blames herself, but Ray says Basara left for his own reasons. Elsewhere, Basara’s Excalibur walks through the desert.


Things get shaken up quite a bit when Mylene discovers what Basara’s doing and tells Max. I don’t think Max would’ve done anything rash, but unfortunately Barton overhears and takes drastic action. He’s so intent about analyzing the enemy that he doesn’t care about the potential for Sivil escaping, or about sacrificing Mylene. It’s his own fault for her escape, so it was good to see Gamlin punch him in the face. At the same time, we see how devoted Gigile is to waking up Sivil, and he’ll do anything to accomplish that. In the end, Basara leaves on a quest to discover why it is that he sings, but obviously he’s not going to just disappear for an extended time.

Original Review: July 16, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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