Macross 7 Ep. 34: The Day Gigile Sang


A large crowd, including Basara’s fangirl, lines up for a Fire Bomber concert. Mylene is distracted and pours too much water on Basara’s plant. She asks Ray if Basara’s going to come to the concert, but Ray says he isn’t sure. He says that as soon as Basara figures out why he’s singing, he’ll return. Elsewhere, Basara walks through the desert in his Excalibur and thinks about how he wasn’t able to wake Sivil up himself. Back at City 7, fans cheer as the concert begins, and Mylene opens with “Sweet Fantasy.” Out in the wilderness, Basara sits next to a campfire and looks at his acoustic guitar. In the sky, Sivil flies toward an unknown location, with Gigile following in his Elgersoln. Gavil proclaims that Rax is under their control, but Geperuniti says there is one who will not listen to him. He says Sivil is an obstacle to his plan, and Gavil offers to take care of her. Geperuniti orders Gavil and Valgo to go together, but the two begin to squabble, and Geperuniti points out she’ll be a real danger once she really awakens. At the concert, Mylene sings “My Friends,” while Basara looks out at the night sky and grabs his guitar. Fans cheer as Mylene sings “Planet Dance,” and Akiko comments that Mylene won’t last long. A stagehand says she’s doing fine, but that’s not what Akiko is referring to. Mylene wants to do “Remember 16” next, and Ray says that’ll be their last song for the night. Mylene says she can do just fine until Basara gets back, but Veffidas says he won’t be returning until he finds what he’s searching for. Ray tells Mylene she should look for Basara and should do the song from her Valkyrie. Mylene gets into her Thunderbolt and says she wants to apologize to Basara for what she did. She takes off and flies away while singing “Remember 16.” Glavil encounters Sivil while flying through the sky, and Gavil tells it to drain her Spiritia. Valgo appears and summons his monsters to attack Glavil. Gavil then begins arguing with Valgo and points his weapons at him. Gigile arrives and shoots missiles at Glavil, allowing Sivil to escape.

In his quarters, Gamlin is visited by Milia. She asks him if he’s used to his surroundings, and he says it’s a good place to reflect since he punched a superior officer. Milia says such an act will usually cost a soldier a rank, but she adds that if Gamlin hadn’t punched Barton, she would have herself. She says that he’s been released under her supervision, and she thinks he should take some time off. Gamlin gives her his rank badge, and she removes him from Diamond Force. Milia says that he has no place to go outside the army and casually mentions that Mylene went off to find Basara. Gamlin is surprised that Mylene would go off on her own on an unexplored planet, and Milia offers him a Nightmare as severance pay. Elsewhere, Gigile destroys some of Valgo’s monsters, but Valgo responds by summoning more. Gigile declares that he’ll protect Sivil no matter what. Gavil holds Glavil back from attacking Gigile and decides to follow Sivil. Gigile opens fire on them, and Gavil orders Glavil to capture Sivil while he kills Gigile. Gigile and Gavil trade fire, and Valgo immobilizes Gigile’s Elgersoln. Gavil performs several melee attacks, and Valgo unleashes an energy blast that knocks Gigile’s Elgersoln to the ground. Back on Battle 7, Gamlin launches in his Nightmare to search for Mylene. Mylene finds Basara’s campfire, and Guvava jumps up and down because it has found Basara. Gavil continues to attack Gigile, and Gigile responds by singing “My Soul for You.” They don’t understand, and Gigile uses the opportunity to escape. Basara breaks a string on his guitar, and Glavil lands in front of him. Glavil attacks Basara, and Gavil lands behind Basara. Gavil tries to catch Basara in an energy bubble and is disappointed by his low Anima Spiritia level. Mylene arrives and lands in front of Basara, and she apologizes for earlier. Glavil grabs onto her Thunderbolt, and she repels him by singing “Holy Lonely Light.” She asks Basara why he won’t sing and wonders if it’s her fault, but he says it’s not that. She doesn’t understand and begins to glow with song energy. Gavil activates his song wave neutralizer and fires missiles at Mylene, but they’re destroyed by Gamlin. Gamlin attacks Gavil and wonders why Basara won’t sing. As he dodges Gavil’s missiles, he tells Basara that if he doesn’t sing, he’s not really Basara. He then destroys the Zaubergeran, forcing Gavil to escape. Elsewhere, Gigile collapses as he falls out of his damaged Elgersoln. Basara leaves with his Excalibur, and Mylene begs for him to sing with her, but he says nothing.


We see in this episode that there’s quite a bit of internal discord with the Protodeviln. Gigile and Geperuniti have never gotten along, but now their actions put them on opposite sides, with Gigile wanting to protect Sivil and Geperuniti wanting to dispose of her. What we really don’t know is why her awakening is such a threat to Geperuniti’s plan. Geperuniti sends Gavil and Valgo after her, and it’s obvious these two can’t put aside their petty squabbling aside long enough to get the job done. What’s more surprising is hearing Gigile sing, which is painful to the ears, to say the least. We’ve also got Mylene and Gamlin on the chase after Basara, but it’s clear he wants to be alone on his quest to discover why he sings.

Original Review: July 16, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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