Macross 7 Ep. 35: A Night for Just the Two of Us


In City 7, Ray is hounded by reporters, who ask if the rumors are true about Basara and Mylene leaving, but Akiko grabs him and takes him away. Sally and Miho gossip about the news of Basara and Mylene being an item, but they stop when Max walks by. Max calls Milia and says what he’s doing is irresponsible, but she tells him she sent Gamlin to protect Mylene. Akiko tells Ray she’s going to use the story that Basara and Mylene are resting their voices. At a military meeting, officers argue about how unreliable Basara is, but Exsedol points out that Fire Bomber’s singing is the only thing they have to combat the Protodeviln. Barton says they have the Jamming Birds, and he believes they’ll produce results, but Max disagrees. An officer reports that repairs to Battle 7 are 80 percent complete, so they’ll be able to take off soon if need be, but Max points out that if the Protodeviln attack before then, they’ll be helpless without Sound Force. In a forest, Gamlin attempts to use the song energy detector that Chiba gave him, but it won’t work unless Basara is singing. Gamlin tells Mylene she should go home because Milia is worried. She asks about his job, and Gamlin says he quit the military because he isn’t sure what it stands for anymore. Mylene asks why everyone has to question things, and he asks her why she sings. She tells him she sings because it makes people happy, but Gamlin thinks Basara is searching for something deeper. In space, a soldier gives a status report to Geperuniti, who declares that it’s time to begin Spiritia Dreaming. Gamlin wants to get going, but Mylene tells him Guvava went off to get some water. Gamlin yells at Mylene that it was careless of her to not watch over Guvava. He then apologizes for yelling at her, but she tells him it was her fault. They search the forest, and Gamlin asks if they’re telepathically connected since Guvava found her before. She says they are, but only if Guvava is sending her a signal. They hear a roar, and Mylene steps in a large dinosaur footprint. Elsewhere, Basara fixes the strings on his guitar and puts it aside after one note. As night falls, Gamlin and Mylene eat rations by a campfire. Gamlin asks about Guvava, and Mylene tells him that Max found him on a scouting mission and gave him to Mylene when she was five. They didn’t get along at first, but they became close enough that Mylene consider Guvava a part of her. Gamlin suggests that if she sings, Guvava might hear her. Mylene sits on a large rock and sings “Reaching for You” while Gamlin does push ups by the fire. After deploying the tent, Gamlin becomes nervous when Mylene suggests they go to sleep, so he does more push ups. A large creature approaches their campsite.

Gamlin is unable to sleep because he’s so nervous, and he tries to tuck Mylene’s arm back into her sleeping back. She wakes up, and Gamlin starts doing sit ups. The alien creature and attacks their camp. Gamlin and Mylene try to run to their Valkyries, and the creature stamps out their fire. After hiding in the bushes, Mylene suggests they sleep in their Valkyries. In the morning, Guvava falls into a river and hops onto a log. Gamlin and Mylene continue the search, and she asks him why he always speaks so formally. Outside Battle 7, Emerald Force serves as enemies during a mock combat exercise with the Jamming Birds Thunderbolts. The Jamming Birds members are frightened, and Exsedol wonders why they haven’t been wiped out by the Protodeviln yet. Guvava collapses in a desert, but he perks up when he hears Basara playing guitar. Mylene detects Guvava and thinks that he’s found Basara. The large creature appears in front of Guvava and chases him across the desert. Mylene and Gamlin arrive, and Gamlin grapples with the creature. Mylene is reunited with Guvava, and the creature gives up and leaves. Another large creature appears, and Mylene hops back into her Thunderbolt just as it attacks. Gamlin tries to shoot the creature, but he can’t lock on because Mylene is in the way. The creature knocks Mylene into the river, and Gamlin tells her to get away. Mylene and the creature fall off the side of a waterfall, and it attacks her again. Gamlin gets a lock on, but Basara jumps in and says it isn’t an enemy. Basara explains that the creature is excited because it’s trying to protect its child. Gamlin tells Mylene to sing, so she sings “Reaching for You” and slowly calms the creature down. The creature then falls back and leaves with its child. Basara says the creatures stomp out fires, but aren’t aggressive otherwise. He tells Mylene she should apologize to Guvava, and Gamlin asks him to return to City 7. Mylene says she thinks she understands what Basara is looking for, since her song calmed the creature down. Basara takes off, with Mylene and Gamlin following. Elsewhere, Gigile travels through the desert in his damaged Elgersoln and sings “My Soul for You” as he searches for Sivil.


After what happened last episode, it’s not surprising that Gamlin and Mylene are still searching for Basara. We learn a bit more about Mylene’s relationship with Guvava, and the story of how Max found him was covered in one of the Macross 7 P*L*U*S shorts. There’s a few amusing moments as Gamlin feels nervous being so close to Mylene, and she calls him out for his formal behavior. Mylene doesn’t understand why Basara and Gamlin are questioning what they do, but an encounter with the creature shows her a bit of the reason why Basara sings. Of course, his quest still isn’t over yet.

Original Review: July 16, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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