Macross 7 Ep. 37: The Mystery of the Ruins?


Mylene and Gamlin land outside the mysterious building and run over to where Basara is. Just then, Sivil takes off with Basara and Gigile and flies into space. Soon after, a squad of Thunderbolts escorts a Transport Helicopter flying Exsedol over to the ruins. Max asks Exsedol what’s going on since he’s never once left Battle 7, and Exsedol says he has a feeling. He thinks they might find data relating to the ancestry of humans and Zentradi – the Protoculture. As the ruins come into view, Exsedol proclaims that they’re definitely from the Protoculture. A soldier reports to Geperuniti on the ruins, and Geperuniti recognizes them as being from the Protoculture, so he gives orders to have the ruins destroyed. Ray waters Basara’s plant and wonders where he’s gone off to now. In space, Sivil continues to fly to an unknown location with Basara and Gigile. Exsedol, Gamlin and Mylene walk into the ruins, and the walls break off to unveil a mural showing the history of the Protoculture. Exsedol examines the Protoculture writing, which declares that they were the first culture in the universe. As time passed, the people of the Protoculture split in two and developed technology. Both factions eventually went to space, but divisions between them set off an intergalactic war. Not wanting to fight themselves, the Protoculture created the Zentradi, and later the Evil. Eventually, the Protoculture was destroyed by the Protodeviln. Soldiers wonder if the Protodeviln came from another universe, and Exsedol thinks the answers lie ahead. Another wall opens in front of Exsedol, revealing more writing – asking someone to touch it if they are the sign of peace. Exsedol doesn’t understand what the statement means, but he’s sure it has some meaning. A soldier opens fire on the door, and the bullets bounce back. Several spears shoot out, and one of them nicks Mylene’s arm. When her blood hits the floor, the room glows and opens the door to the next chamber.

Inside the chamber is a glowing golden figure that contains the spirit of the Protoculture, left behind by them to bring a message to future generations. Because the sign of peace was shown, he has awakened. Gamlin asks what the sign of peace is, and the spirit says it’s someone with the mixed blood of the races. Exsedol realizes that the sign of peace is Mylene – who is half human and Zentradi. The spirit explains that a warp in space-time caused beings from another dimension to come over and possess the Evil – the Protodeviln. Elsewhere, Gavil flies toward the ruins in his Zaubergeran, followed by Glavil and a squad of Panzersolns. The spirit says that Protodeviln steal Spiritia from all beings and can’t survive without it. The spirit says that the Protodeviln became greedy and sucked away nearly all of the universe’s Spiritia, but a mysterious power placed them into deep sleep. That power was Anima Spiritia. Elsewhere, Sivil continues to fly with Basara and Gigile, and Basara sings “Power to the Dream.” Just then, the ruins begin to shake as it comes under attack. The spirit says that the approaching Protodeviln will be destroyed, while those who have Anima Spiritia will be welcomed. As long as there is Anima Spiritia, there is hope. A barrier appears over the ruins, protecting them from attack. Max orders Emerald Force and other squads to launch and protect the ruins. Glavil opens fire on the ruins, and Gamlin tells Mylene to sing. Mylene hesitates for a moment, but she starts singing “Holy Lonely Light” once she reaches her Thunderbolt. Mylene begins to glow with song energy, waking up the Zentradi pilots in the Panzersolns. The song energy hits Glavil, and Gavil tries to attack Mylene. Gavil continues to fire on the crumbling barrier, and Gavil attempts to punch through. Mylene jumps in front of Gamlin and continues to sing. Gavil’s Zaubergeran is destroyed as it breaks through the barrier, and he flies into ruins and crashes into the Protoculture spirit. The ruins begin to explode, and Gavil flies away and orders a retreat. Gamlin calls Exsedol and gets no response, but Exsedol climbs out of the crumbled ruins. Geperuniti declares that with the Protoculture ruins gone, he only has to destroy Sivil to realize his dream. Exsedol tells Max that if they could’ve figured out the secret of Anima Spiritia, they could’ve sealed the Protodeviln. Mylene tells Gamlin she’s happy that he didn’t refer to her formally. Elsewhere, Basara lies on the grass on Rax after returning with Sivil.


Well, a lot of necessary back story is finally explained in this episode. We learn that the Protodeviln are extra-dimensional beings who came to our universe and need Spiritia to survive. Their appearance brought them into conflict with the Protoculture, and they possessed the Protoculture’s Evil weapons, explaining their strange appearance. It also turns out that the Protodeviln were the ones responsible for destroying the Protoculture. It’s also explained that Anima Spiritia is the only thing that can seal them away, which explains why Basara has the effect he does on Sivil. Unfortunately, Gavil destroys the ruins just before Exsedol is able to discover what the secret of Anima Spiritia is.

Original Review: July 19, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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