Macross 7 Ep. 4: Vampire Soldier


Fire Bomber plays in concert and performs “Planet Dance.” Throughout the city, several women are attacked by Varauta solders and have Spiritia sucked out of them. The next morning, the band watches a news report about the attacks. Mylene says she heard the attacks were by vampires, but Basara says they don’t exist. At the hospital, a doctor and a security guard discuss the situation when Chiba shows up. Later, Max receives a report about Chiba’s examination, which concludes that the attacks on civilians is the same as the attacks on pilots in space. Milia asks Max what’s going on, and he shows her the data they have so far on the Varauta. She asks him if they’ve been infiltrated by the enemy, but he says they don’t have enough evidence yet to say that definitely. He tells her that they’ll keep analyzing the data, but in the meantime he’ll increase patrols everywhere. Milia thinks there’s enough evidence already and says she hopes Max can fix his mistake. Max asks how Mylene is doing since she joined a “strange band” and is probably out late at night. Milia tells him not to worry about Mylene and leaves. On his flagship, Geperuniti examines data sent by the soldiers who infiltrated the Macross 7. At City 7, Basara and the others wrap up a show. Mylene tells him he needs to practice on the song where he comes in too late, but he insists that she’s coming in too early. She tells him that she’s following the score, and he says he’s singing from his heart. Ray tells Mylene she should go home and thinks that Basara should escort her. She says she’s not afraid of vampires and walks off. The Flower Girl attempts to approach Basara, but she’s pushed aside by two other fangirls who give Basara presents and tell him how great the concert was. In the street, Mylene argues with Michael and his group of bodyguards, who were sent by Milia to watch her. Mylene says she doesn’t need any bodyguards and runs off. Michael and the other men chase after her, but she loses them by jumping over a hedge into someone’s yard. Guvava makes strange sounds, and when Mylene turns around she finds a Varauta solder standing behind her.

Basara jumps in front of the Varauta soldier and runs away with Mylene. She asks him what he’s doing there, and he tells her he saw weird guys following her. Suddenly, they’re surrounded by Varauta soldiers, but Michael and his bodyguards show up too. One of the Varauta soldiers fires a beam at a bodyguard and sucks out his Spiritia. Basara and Mylene run off, but he leads them to a dead end alley. Basara finds a hatch, and they drop down into the sewers to escape the Varauta soldiers. She asks him if he was worried about her, and he says it’s dangerous for a kid to walk home alone, but he was also worried about Guvava. Michael and his men enter the sewer in front of them, and Michael yells at Basara and tries to punch him. Several Varauta soldiers drop down into the sewer, and a bodyguard shoots at them. Basara and Mylene run away, and Michael tells him to keep her safe as he attacks the Varauta. As they run away, Mylene falls and twists her ankle. Basara tells her to admit she should admit she needs bodyguards, and she says they’re too overprotective. Mylene tells him he doesn’t understand and explains that she ran away from home once and doesn’t want to ask for help just because she gets in trouble. In space, a Varauta battleship de-folds above the Macross 7 and launches its Elgersolns. Exsedol says they must be advanced if they can fold out so precisely. Max orders a battle alert and a shell down. The alarm sounds down in the sewers, and a Varauta soldier fires a beam at Mylene. Basara jumps in front of her and is hit in the arm, and he knocks the Varauta soldier into the water. Mylene tells Basara she can leave him behind if he wants to go sing in space, but he doesn’t think she’ll be ok by herself. They exit the sewer near the entrance to the Acshio, and Basara grabs Mylene and carries her on his shoulder. In space, the Diamond Force launches and engages Gigile’s forces. Basara appears in his Excalibur and begins singing “Charging Love Heart” after firing speaker pods. Gamlin tells Basara to leave because he’s getting in the way. Gamlin locks onto Gigile and is about to fire, but Basara gets in the way. He asks Kinryu for permission to shoot Basara down, and Kinryu denies the request and says he already filed a complaint with Max. Geperuniti orders Gigile to retrieve the Spiritia samples collected from City 7. Gigile and his men fly to City 7 and get the samples from the soldiers, and Gigile wonders if he’s become Geperuniti’s errand boy. Afterwards, the Diamond Force is addressed by Max on a video monitor. Kinryu states that Basara keeps interfering, but Max says he’ll handle things. Outside his apartment, Basara decides to walk Mylene home, but he explains that he’s just worried about Guvava.


The Varauta soldiers who infiltrated City 7 last episode are starting to make themselves known. Because they attack people at night and have strange outfits, they’re nicknamed vampires. Not surprisingly, Mylene ends up as one of their targets and is saved several times by Basara. She shows hints of jealousy when he’s approached by some fangirls, and she’s annoyed when he calls her a kid. We’ve seen that things aren’t going so well between Max and Milia, but the same goes for Mylene, who tells Basara that she ran away from home in the past. We can see Gamlin’s level of annoyance with Basara, since he goes so far as to ask for permission to attack Basara. Kinryu complains directly to Max, but it looks like Max has something on his sleeves. Overall, this episode pretty much follows the same formula as the last three – down to the uninspired and cheaply animated battles. That’s one area where the original series still shines decades later.

Original Review: May 11, 2000

Overall Rating

Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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