Macross 7 Ep. 40: A Feeling that Reaches Beyond the Stars


Citizens watch a TV report where panelists discuss the Protodeviln and the destruction of Lux. The panelists agree that conventional weapons are useless against them, and it’s a miracle the fleet hasn’t been destroyed yet. Milia speaks with Max, and she isn’t pleased that there’s no military strategy yet for fighting the Protodeviln. She asks how she is supposed to keep the citizens calm, and Max suggests increasing patrols. He then cuts off the conversation because he’s a strategy meeting, and Mylene wonders why Milia has to be so confrontational. Barton brings up an image of Gigile’s Protodeviln body, but they have no data on it. He asks Basara for his opinion, and Basara says they’re amazing. Barton is angered, and Basara says they have emotions and can be affected by music. Barton ignores Basara and says they need to consider an all-out offensive. The officers agree on that point, and Basara declares he won’t let them start a war. He says that Gigile sang with his heart and Sivil showed him the galaxy, which Barton writes off as useless. Another officer believes that Basara’s music only affected Gigile because he was possessing a human body. Barton then points out that the Protodeviln run from Basara’s music, so they must not like it. Basara and the rest of the band leave, and Barton again recommends an offensive – with reaction weapons. Max is hesitant to use reaction weapons, but Barton insists that it’s necessary. On the Varauta flagship, Geperuniti tells Gavil that his dream is shifting, and he gives him a gift of energy to protect him from Anima Spiritia. On the streets of City 7, Morley asks Gamlin to return to Diamond Force because they’re not as strong without him. Gamlin says he isn’t part of the military anymore and walks off. Mylene complains about Barton’s attitude, and Basara says there’s no point talking to the military. Gamlin comes in and asks to speak to Basara privately. He tells Basara to be less reckless and not put himself in danger because he’s their only hope against the Protodeviln. Basara agrees, and he adds that he thinks Gamlin is best suited to being in the military. Mylene attempts to eavesdrop and asks what they’re talking about, but they don’t tell her. Just then, a battle alert is sounded when a Varauta battleship folds out and launches its Panzersolns. Emerald Force sorties into battle, followed by Sound Force. Gamlin suits up and considers what Basara said earlier.

As they arrive on the battlefield, Basara starts singing “Planet Dance” after firing speaker pods into the Panzersolns. Gamlin joins the battle with his Nightmare and trades fire with a Panzersoln. Ray tells Mylene she doesn’t have to go all the way since Basara’s really into it today, but she insists on following. Chiba watches the song energy meter with amazement and sends out the sound boosters. With the sound booster, Basara bombards the Panzersolns with song energy, but they’re unaffected and continue their attack. Chiba doesn’t understand what’s happening since the sound boosters are working normally and Basara is singing with so much more energy than usual. Max orders recon cameras to be sent out, and Gamlin attempts to disable a Panzersoln attacking Basara’s Excalibur. Docker tells Gamlin they can’t show any mercy, and Gamlin points out that the pilots are humans. Dick and Morley show up and ask for orders, but Gamlin reminds them that he’s not in the military anymore. Morley says there’s too many enemies, so it’d be better if they worked as a team. A Panzersoln attacks, and Gamlin gives them orders. Basara continues singing “Try Again,” and Gamlin wonders why his song energy isn’t affecting the Panzersoln pilots. Gamlin closes in on one unit and blows off its arms and legs, and he orders Dick and Morley to investigate it. They rip open the cockpit and find that there are no pilots. Mylene tells Basara there’s no point in singing to unmanned units, but Ray tells her that Basara is singing to the galaxy. Gamlin suspects that the unmanned units are being controlled and picks up a signal from behind an asteroid. Gamlin spots Gavil’s Zaubergeran and attempts to attack, but suddenly Glavil appears and begins charging an attack. Just then, Basara’s song energy penetrates the asteroid and hits Glavil, repulsing it. Gavil telepathically calls in more Panzersolns, but Gamlin easily destroys them and attacks Gavil, destroying his Zaubergeran. As Gavil escapes, he declares that Gamlin is more annoying than Anima Spiritia. Gamlin wonders if it’s his duty to let everyone hear Basara’s music. After the battle, Basara reminds Gamlin what he said earlier about being reckless, and Mylene scolds Gamlin. Later, Gamlin asks Milia if he can be reinstated to Diamond Force, and she tells him he always was the leader. He says that even more than before, he wants to defend Sound Force.


A good part of this episode focuses on Gamlin and his decision to leave the military. Just like Basara, it seems he had to discover why he does what he does. Before, he was the straight laced military guy, but now he believes in the power of Sound Force and wants to defend them. This leads to him being a bit to reckless in taking on Gavil, and he nearly gets hit head-on by Glavil. Luckily, he’s saved by Basara’s song energy, and in the end he decides to return to the military, although it looks as though Milia anticipated this and never processed his resignation. Also, it looks like Barton is pushing forward with his stubborn, wrongheaded approach, and now he’s taken it to the next level by recommending attacks with reaction (aka nuclear) weapons. He’s going to keep creating problems with his approach.

Original Review: July 22, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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