Macross 7 Ep. 41: I’m Crazy About Mylene!


Basara’s fangirl and other fans are disappointed at the news of a concert cancellation. A young boy named Billy runs past her with his fake Guvava and takes pictures of Mylene on screen. He spots two guys selling sexy pictures of Mylene and attacks them, saying they aren’t fans. In space, the Jamming Birds Thunderbolts continue their practice in mock combat with Emerald Force. Mylene wonders why they have to watch the practice sessions, but Ray doesn’t know. Chiba says the Jamming Birds aren’t ready because they don’t generate enough sound energy, but Barton insists that they’re useful as a distraction and conventional attack unit. Later, Gamlin drops Mylene off at her house. She invites him in for tea, but he hesitates at first and then agrees. Their picture is snapped, and Mylene wonders if it’s Galaxy Sport trying to get another scandalous story. Billy emerges from the shadows and tells Mylene that if she cancelled a concert, she shouldn’t be out on a date. He then says he’s her fan and asks her to sing “My Friends.” Gamlin tells Billy that Mylene is tired, and Mylene promises to sing another time. Billy says he’ll come to her next practice session and sweeps up her skirt as he runs away. Mylene thinks he’s unbelievable, but Gamlin is too stunned to say anything. On the Varauta flagship, Geperuniti tells Gavil he has a new plan. The next day, Akiko asks Mylene why she was late, and Ray wonders if it was a date with Gamlin. Gamlin then walks in, and Basara tells her to save the date for later. Billy then runs in and starts taking pictures of everyone. Basara asks who he is, and Mylene says he’s a fan. Mylene says they don’t have time to play, and when Billy says he’s come to listen seriously, Basara decides to let him stay. He then grabs Guvava and starts examining him, but Mylene grabs Guvava back and says Billy is hurting him. He then grabs Mylene’s bass guitar, and she tells him to stop, but Basara says it’s ok. Mylene tells him to sit still, but he gets angry and runs away. On the street, Billy runs into the guys selling pictures again, and they start beating him up. Mylene runs up and asks what’s going on, and the guys say Billy was trying to sell perverted pictures. He says he wasn’t and that he won’t be her fan anymore. The two men think they’ve made their escape, but Gamlin finds them. Back at the apartment, Mylene looks at Billy’s fake Guvava and sees a ticket from her first concert. She says Billy was selling pictures, but Gamlin arrives and explains it was the other guys. Akiko looks up Billy’s address from the ticket stub and finds that he’s from the Sunny Flower agricultural ship. Mylene decides to fly over.

Mylene flies to the Sunny Flower in her Thunderbolt and explores the crops on foot. She encounters a series of large speakers, and a farmer explains that they play classical music to help the plants grow, but Billy plays rock music. He says that Billy has been living alone since his parents died. He adds that Billy works hard, but he runs off to City 7 whenever he saves enough money. Mylene goes into his house and looks at a picture he took of her. She then searches outside, but finds no sign of him, so she decides to sing. On Battle 7, Sally and Miho report enemy sightings. As the battle begins, Basara sings “Try Again,” and Gamlin realizes that the attack is a feint. On the Sunny Flower, Billy hears the battle alert, but it suddenly stops. Inside the bridge, Gavil rips out the alarm after having knocked out the crew. Gamlin tells Basara that the enemies are decoys. Miho reports a transmission from the Sunny Flower, and Gavil appears and threatens to detonate the ship, which would destroy the whole fleet. Max asks him what his demands are, and Gavil says he wants the source of the Anima Spiritia: Basara. In space, Basara’s Excalibur flies forward toward the enemy rank. Max asks him if he’s going to make himself a captive, and Basara says he’ll go where Fire Bomber is called. Gavil calls Basara and threatens to destroy the Sunny Flower if he sings at all. Suddenly, he’s overcome by music when Mylene starts singing “Reaching for You.” He hurries back to his Zaubergeran and activates his sound wave neutralizer. Basara begins singing “Charging Love Heart” to repel Glavil. Billy runs over to Mylene’s Thunderbolt, and she apologizes. He apologizes as well, and she gives him his fake Guvava. Gavil arrives and fires several missiles, destroying Mylene’s sound boosters. Just then, he hears Basara’s singing through the farm speaker. He opens fire on one of the speakers and destroys it, injuring Billy and knocking him under rubble. Mylene digs him out of the rubble, and he tells her to run away, but she says she can’t abandon a fan. Billy asks her to sing to chase the enemy and reminds her that she has speaker pods. Mylene picks up her gun pod and fires speaker pods into Gavil’s cockpit, exposing him to “My Friends.” Gamlin arrives and opens fire, forcing Gavil to retreat. In space, Glavil is repelled by Basara’s singing. Mylene runs over to check on Billy, but he passes out. Later, she and Gamlin visit him in the hospital and bring him flowers. Gamlin offers to take a picture of Billy and Mylene, and at the last second, Billy flips up her skirt.


This episode takes a bit of a different turn. We’ve seen Basara’s long-suffering, flower-bearing fangirl since episode 1, but this time we see a fan of Mylene’s. Through a misunderstanding, Mylene thinks that Billy was selling perverted pictures of her, but even before that, she wasn’t treating him well. It’s only when she flies over to the Sunny Flower that she realizes how important she is to him since he has no family. Gavil tries a new line of attack by taking a ship from the fleet hostage, and it would’ve worked if he hadn’t picked the ship that Mylene happened to be on. It’s clear that the Protodeviln are getting desperate since they’re trying so many different plans to break down the fleet.

Original Review: July 22, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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