Macross 7 Ep. 45: Ambitious 4th Planet


On City 7, Basara’s fangirl sadly listens to Fire Bomber on the radio. On the bridge of Battle 7, Miho asks Milia if she should reopen communication with the Stargazer, but there’s no response. Exsedol says they may have been wiped out, but Milia doesn’t believe Max and the others would die. In space, Geperuniti targets the Valkyries and tells them he’ll spare their lives if they surrender. Mylene holds Gamlin’s ring and begins to cry. On the planet’s surface, Gamlin lies in the snow unconscious. Basara, Max and the others are held at gunpoint by brainwashed Macross 5 soldiers. Docker yells at them to put their guns down, but Max says there’s no point since they’re brainwashed. When Geperuniti enters the cave, Irane recognizes him as advisor Ivane Gyuntar from U.N. Spacy headquarters. Irane introduces himself as a member of the Blue Rhinoceros ground combat unit, but a brainwashed soldier smacks him with the butt of his machine gun. Geperuniti addresses Max and says he warned him earlier to cooperate. Mylene asks why they should cooperate when the Protodeviln killed Gamlin and lots of other people. Geperuniti tells her that if they’d cooperated with the Spiritia Farm, they could’ve avoided pointless deaths. Geperuniti notes that her Spiritia level is rising, and he compares Spiritia to a spring that eventually dries up. However, the Spiritia Farm is an eternally renewing source nurtured by the waves of Anima Spiritia. Basara says his singing isn’t anything strange like that and rushes toward Geperuniti, but Geperuniti throws a collar around Basara’s neck that silences him. He then threatens to destroy the Macross 7 fleet if they don’t cooperate, but Max says he won’t do that because it would destroy the Spiritia Farm. Geperuniti gives them time to consider and leaves. Basara is taken elsewhere, with his neck, arms and legs bound. Irane explains that Ivane was part of the first team to explore the planet, and Ray says his body must’ve been possessed by the Protodeviln. He asks Mylene if she’s ok, and she says Gamlin died so they could sing. Docker and Morley thinks it’s hopeless, but Max says it’s not over. He thinks that if they can get Basara to sing, they can free the brainwashed Macross 5 pilots and get their help. Max asks Mylene what they should do, and he asks her why she came with them. He asks if it was to cry and says Gamlin died for what he believed in.

Mylene calms down and begins to sing “Reaching for You.” The brainwashed guards hear her voice, as well as Basara. Guvava sneaks into the control room and steals the key to the brig. Max opens the door, and he and Gamlin knock out the guards. Everyone splits up and begins attacking the Macross 5 soldiers. Morley demands to know where the Valkyries are, and Ray frees Basara. Basara tells Mylene that he felt her song in his heart, and he starts singing “Planet Dance.” Basara, Max and the others meet up with Docker and head for the hangar. Outside, Gamlin wakes up and grips Mylene’s charm. Although injured, he gets up and starts walking. Geperuniti is informed of the escape, and Gavil moves to stop them. Gamlin enters the base and attacks a brainwashed soldier. Inside the hangar, Max and the others see the massive Spiritia Farm containing all the citizens from the Macross 5. Morley blasts a hangar’s door panel, and Veffidas uses her Zentradi strength to force the massive door open. Basara runs toward his Excalibur, but just then Gavil smashes into the room and swoops in. Basara stops him by singing “Power to the Dream,” and Gamlin breaks in with a Panzersoln and knocks Gavil aside. Gavil attacks Gamlin, and Gamlin uses a Spiritia sucking beam to cripple Gavil and suck the life out of him. Everyone gets into their Valkyries and gets onto a Varauta battleship, but Basara goes back to the Spiritia Farm and begins singing “Power to the Dream.” His song energy envelops the containers. On Battle 7, Chiba reports that Basara is singing again. Basara’s singing begins to awaken the citizens, and Geperuniti laughs as the Spiritia level rises. Basara tells Max that everyone is awake, and Max says they’ll rescue them. Just then, the citizens cry out in pain as the farm begins to suck away all their Spiritia. Geperuniti laughs and tells them this is his dream. Several Panzersolns attack Basara, and Max orders a retreat. Gavil stumbles and falls, but the farm hits him with Spiritia and returns him to normal. He then stands up and vows that he’ll never forgive Gamlin.


The last episode ended on a bad note for the Stargazer crew, with their ship destroyed and Gamlin presumed dead. Speaking of that, I find it a bit annoying that they went out of their way to give him what looked like a death scene (including slow motion, black and white sketches), just to have him magically survive with no hint of how he managed to escape. Still, Gamlin proves critical in helping them escape and ups his rivalry with Gavil by sucking away his Spiritia. The crew manages to escape, and they discover Geperuniti’s Spiritia Farm, which is made up of all the citizens from the Macross 5. Unfortunately, Basara isn’t able to save them, even though he wakes them up, and he’s forced to retreat. Although there’s only four episodes left, there’s still a lot of ground to cover.

Original Review: July 24, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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