Macross 7 Ep. 47: Basara Dies


Inside the Polar Star, Geperuniti uses the Spiritia Farm to awaken the twin Protodeviln Goram and Zomd. He orders them to capture Anima Spiritia and bring it back to him. On City 7, Fire Bomber opens a concert with “Planet Dance.” At a hospital, Gamlin blames himself for what happened to Dick and Morley. Max brings flowers to Milia and asks her to take it easy until she fully recovers. He also tells her that he’s beautiful, and he’s about to say something more when Miho interrupts with news of approaching Protodeviln. In space, Goram and Zomd teleport repeatedly through an asteroid field as they approach the Macross 7 fleet. When the battle alarm sounds, Basara tells fans that the concert will continue from space. Miho reports to Max that the Protodeviln are a new type they haven’t encountered. Emerald Force and the Thunderbolt squad attack Goram and Zomd, but their weapons are ineffective. Max orders the Valkyrie teams to draw the Protodeviln in closer to put them in range of the fleet’s reaction weapons. Sound Force launches and docks with the sound boosters. Goram and Zomd summon a large pod containing the captured citizens from the Macross 5. Basara begins singing “Try Again,” and his sound energy bounces off the pod and hits Goram and Zomd, but it also wakes up the citizens. Goram and Zomd feel great discomfort from the Anima Spiritia, so they start sucking Spiritia from the Macross 5 residents to regenerate themselves and grow larger. They then fire a large energy blast that destroys several battleships. Ray sees that the Protodeviln are stealing Spiritia from the people awakened by Basara’s singing. Gamlin calls Max and asks for permission to use fold boosters. Max asks what he wants them for, and Gamlin says he wants to fold out and rescue the captured citizens. Max approves and orders Emerald Force to assist with the plan. Max orders all ships to clear way after rescuing the captives so they can fire reaction weapons. Gamlin and Emerald Force launch, each carrying several fold boosters.

After approaching, they destroy an asteroid to use as cover and distract the Protodeviln. Goram and Zomd fire at them, killing two Emerald Force members. Docker opens fire on them, and Gamlin tells him the mission is more important. Dodging their fire, Docker and Gamlin attach the fold boosters to the pod. The pod folds over to the Macross 7, and both Mylene and Ray drag Basara away since reaction weapons will be fired. The fleet fires its reaction missiles at Goram and Zomd, but the Protodeviln quickly regenerate from the damage they sustained. Goram and Zomd approach the Macross 7, but Basara blocks them and sings “Holy Lonely Light.” His song energy blasts both of them, and the rest of the band joins in. Goram and Zomd fire at Sound Force, which is protected by a barrier of song energy. Their blast almost overwhelms the barrier, and Ray says they can’t hold out much longer. Just then, Sivil appears and jumps in front of Basara’s Excalibur to protect him. Basara starts singing “Power to the Dream,” and the song energy overpowers Goram and Zomd, forcing them to escape. Sivil floats away and breaks into the Macross 7, and Sound Force follows. Basara runs over to her, but she won’t wake up, so he starts singing “My Soul for You,” with Veffidas playing the acoustic guitar. Sivil begins to glow, and Basara is enveloped in energy tendrils. Sivil wakes up, but Basara collapses as the tendrils suck Spiritia out of him. Sivil screams that she doesn’t want it and tries to give Spiritia back to Basara. It doesn’t work, and she says that he’s dead. Sivil begins to cry and blasts out of the ship. Ray examines Basara and says that his heart isn’t beating, and Mylene can’t believe it. Sivil blasts into Geperuniti’s flagship and tells him she’ll never steal Spiritia again. She blasts him with Spiritia to attempt Spiritia Death, and Geperuniti sees that she has Basara’s Anima Spiritia. Geperuniti blasts Sivil back and sends her away, trapping her in a sleeping container. At the same time, his Protodeviln body stirs. In the hospital, Basara is hooked up to life support, but a doctor explains that he can only last for a few hours.


With only a few episodes left, Geperuniti moves his plan to the next phase and awakens two more Protodeviln, the twins Goram and Zomd. There’s really not much to them – they’re both kind of annoying as they constantly teleport around and complete each other’s sentences. Unlike a typical attack, they neutralize Basara by bringing the Spiritia Farm with them. This works well, until Gamlin gets the idea of using fold boosters to rescue the Macross 5 citizens. It was definitely risky, but he’s eager to clear his name after what happened with Gavil. Docker ends up losing two more members of Emerald Force, and Sivil returns to protect Basara. Unfortunately, she unintentionally sucks up all his Spiritia and kills him. She then tries to use Anima Spiritia in an attempt to kill Geperuniti, but Geperuniti gets one up on her and traps her. With just two episodes left, the final battle is on.

Original Review: July 25, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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