Macross 7 Ep. 48: Mylene’s Passionate Song of Tears


Rex’s gang drives on a highway in City 7 toward the hospital, and Basara’s fangirl stands outside the hospital. Inside, Mylene stands by Basara’s side and sings “Reaching for You” in an attempt to revive him, but nothing happens. Ray says it’s against the rules for Basara to die before he does. He recalls wandering through the wilderness and encountering Basara as a boy with a guitar. Ray says their dream isn’t finished yet, and Mylene cries for Basara to wake up. Gamlin runs out of the room and hates himself for being jealous at a time like this. Inside the Polar Star, Geperuniti merges with his Protodeviln body and smashes out of the cave. Gavil says they need more Spiritia to fully awaken Geperuniti’s body. On the Einstein, Exsedol examines Protoculture writing and discovers that Geperuniti’s true form is like a sponge that absorbs Spiritia from all life forms. He adds that if Geperuniti truly awakens, he could absorb all the Spiritia in the galaxy. Max doesn’t think it makes sense since they would suck the life out of their food source, and Exsedol says that’s probably why they wanted a Spiritia Farm. Exsedol says they may end up facing two choices: their freedom or saving the galaxy by sacrificing themselves to the Spiritia Farm. Chiba calls and says that they should use the sound buster to seal the Protodeviln away again. He shows Max a diagram illustrating that they can fold song energy directly into the bodies of the Protodeviln, causing them to break down. Max points out that their biggest problem now is Basara’s condition. Just then, Gavil, Glavil and a force of Panzersolns launch an attack. Gamlin asks Barton why his Nightmare is being modified, and Barton explains that they’ve analyzed the Spiritia absorption system and are mounting it on the Valkyries as a weapon to fight the Protodeviln. Rex stops Mylene and asks her if she’s going to stay with Basara, but Mylene says she’s going to sing for everyone, including Basara. Sound Force arrives on the battlefield, and Mylene starts singing “Holy Lonely Light” to attack Glavil with song energy. Glavil blocks the attack and fires back, but Mylene is protected by a song energy barrier. Gamlin moves in to attack Glavil.

Gamlin dodges Glavil’s attacks and fires a Spiritia absorption rifle. Mylene’s song energy hits Gavil, and Gamlin warns her to move to safety. He tells her he may be the worst kind of man, but he can kill at least one Protodeviln. Goram and Zomd appear over the Riviera and hijack the ship. Max asks for an update on Basara, and Mylene calls and asks to use the sound buster. She says that if they don’t have Basara, she’ll sing in his place. She believes that if she doesn’t sing now, she’ll lose everyone who’s important to her. Max approves, but Chiba tells him they’ll have to attack at close range. Max orders Battle 7 to separate from City 7 and fold to the Varauta system. Exsedol asks if they’re going into the enemy ranks again, and Max says this’ll be the last time. On the fourth planet of the Varauta system, Geperuniti begins sucking Spiritia from the people on the Riviera. Battle 7 folds out in orbit of the planet and begins atmospheric descent while transforming. Valkyrie teams launch, and Docker tells Gamlin to make sure Sound Force gets to the surface safely. Docker attacks the Panzersolns and dodges Glavil’s attacks, and he follows up by using his Spiritia rifle. As Gamlin attacks Gavil, he confesses to Mylene that he was jealous of Basara. Battle 7 completes its transformation and lands on the planet’s surface. Mylene apologizes to Gamlin and tells him she likes him a lot, but she likes Basara just the same way. Gamlin tells her that doesn’t matter now because she has to sing. Mylene and Ray land on the sound buster, and she starts singing “Light the Light.” She begins to glow with song energy, and Chiba proclaims that it’s more power than he was expecting. Max fires the sound buster, and the energy folds to inside of Geperuniti’s body. Glavil fires at Mylene, but she’s protected by a song energy battier. Gamlin sucks Glavil’s Spiritia, but Gavil fires missiles at him. Mylene hears Basara’s voice telling her to sing, and she repels Glavil’s attack. The sound buster fires again, and Geperuniti begins to shrink. Max wants to fire a third round, but just then the sound buster explodes from overuse. Geperuniti begins growing, and Gavil realizes that he’s losing control. Geperuniti sees that this will lead to his destruction and flashes with light and power.


The penultimate episode of the series sees Basara still out of action. With Mylene trying to wake Basara, Gamlin is forced to confront his feelings of jealousy, and it’s surprising that he openly confessed that to Mylene. Despite that, Mylene is determined to sing and use the sound buster to defeat the Protodeviln. Battle 7 goes on its own to rescue the Riviera and fight the Protodeviln for the last time, but they’re up against overwhelming odds. Not only is the sound buster destroyed after two shots, but it looks like Geperuniti is losing control of his body and is transforming into some strange thing. What happens now will all depend on Basara waking up and joining the battle.

Original Review: July 25, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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