Macross 7 Ep. 5: Spirit Gal


Basara takes a car ride with Mylene, and she asks him why he flies out in his Excalibur and sings in combat. She tells him that if it’s a weird form of advertising, there’s better ways to advertise the band. He tells her that’s not it and says she doesn’t understand. A group of female bikers that have been following them pull in front and surround the car, but Mylene quickly loses them by taking a highway exit. Michael watches above in a car driving on the dome, and he reports to Milia that Mylene is safe. She pulls the car into a junk lot, and the bikers pull up. One of the bikers asks them who they think they are to think they can ditch the gang. She says they look like lovers arguing over something, and Mylene says they’re discussing music because they’re in a band. The biker calls them wimps, and Basara tells her she should listen to him. The biker tries to jump kick Basara, but he grabs her on the air and puts her on the motorcycle. He then drives the motorcycle up the side of a crumbling wall and jumps back down to the ground. The gang’s leader Rex shows up and tells everyone not to waste time with a guy who likes little girls. Basara says that the bike is good, but a good rider could make it even better. Later, Ray starts up a barbecue for Mylene’s long-delayed welcoming party. Ray tells everyone that he got them a gig tomorrow on the Three-Star manufacturing ship. He says that the workers there are holding a concert and saw Basara on the Galaxy Network. The next day, the band flies in a tractor trailer shuttle on the Milky Road toward the Three-Star. Mylene wonders how they can afford to rent a shuttle, and Ray tells her they’re getting paid for this gig. On a TV monitor, a news report indicates that 35 people have fallen victim to the vampires. On Battle 7, Max has a video conference with the other ship commanders of the fleet. Based on their analysis, the Elgersolns match the design of valkyries from a unit sent to investigate the fourth planet of the Varauta System. Max wonders if aliens could have gotten hold of the Valkyries and modified them. The commanders ask Max if he contacted U.N. Spacy headquarters on Earth, and he tells them that their response was for him to deal with it on his own. For now, Max decides it’s best to keep what they know secret so as not to create panic with the citizens. Elsewhere, Gamlin has a drink with Milia at a bar. After she leaves, Kinryu greets Gamlin and spots a photo of Mylene. Gamlin says that Mylene isn’t his type, but Kinryu tells him he should consider meeting her. In space, Rex’s gang pass the Fire Bomber shuttle on their motorcycles. Basara suits up and heads into space with a moped. He zips past the gang and stops in front of a massive transport shuttle. He thrusts upward at the last minute, forcing everyone else to scatter and avoid the shuttle. Rex decides to go to Basara’s concert.

On the Three-Star, Fire Bomber performs “Planet Dance.” After the song, Mylene complains that the audience is smaller than she expected, but Basara says that doesn’t matter. Rex’s gang drive up to the stage and begin heckling the band, but the audience yells at them. One of the girls fires a flare gun and scares the crowd. Basara tells Rex that she can complain only after she listens to him sing. She asks him if he can put his life on the line for singing. Suddenly, a battle alert sounds. A squadron of Elgersolns launch from a Varauta ship and head for the Three-Star. The Thunderbolt squads intercept the Elgersolns in space, but some of them blast their way into the Three-Star and begin attacking the residential area. Basara runs back to the shuttle and jumps into the Excalibur. The Elgersolns attack Basara, but he dodges their gun fire and sings “Charging Love Heart.” As Basara maneuvers through the area, he causes one of the Elgersolns to crash into the shuttle that Ray rented. The gang watches as Basara flies around, and they’re amazed that he’s risking his life to sing. An Elgersoln lands in front of Rex’s gang, but Basara jumps in between them and the Elgersoln. The Elgersoln opens fire on Basara, but he blocks with his pinpoint barrier shield. Rex’s gang drives away, but their path is blocked by another Elgersoln. Ray calls Basara and tells him to push slider number 52. Basara does so, and a missile flies out of the Excalibur’s legs and hits the arm of the Elgersoln blocking the gang. The other Elgersoln then kicks the Excalibur and knocks it to the ground. As it approaches the gang, Basara fires another missile and blows off its arm. Suddenly, the Elgersolns blast out of the ship and retreat. Basara runs over to the gang and asks if they’re ok, and they point out that his arm is injured. Basara asks Rex if his singing got through to her, and she says she’s only impressed because he takes his singing so seriously. She then takes off her helmet and kisses Basara as thanks for saving them. Mylene watches them kiss, and Basara tells the gang to see one of their shows. He then asks Ray why missiles were installed in his Excalibur, and Ray answers that they fit. Because the shuttle is ruined, Ray tells Basara he’ll have to fly back to City 7. Mylene hops into the cockpit and says she’ll fly since Basara’s arm is injured. Basara asks her if she can fly it, and she tells him her parents were ace pilots. Mylene sings “My Friends” as they fly through space, and Basara asks her what the point is of singing while she’s flying.


This is a pretty average episode, but we do get a lot of things explained here. Rex and her gang are pretty annoying, and the only reason they even seem to be around is to show how Basara can amaze people with his singing and flying skills. We find out that the Elgersolns match a U.N. Spacy valkyrie design, and that the design was used by a unit sent to investigate the Varauta system. Also, the always-caring (read: sarcasm) U.N. Spacy headquarters tells Max he’s pretty much on his own dealing with the Varauta. This episode reveals that Milia was Gamlin’s flight instructor, and the picture of Mylene she gave him means he must be the one she wants Mylene to marry. For a change, it’s nice to see Gamlin do something other than yell at Basara in space. The Varauta attack in this episode was also a bit different than usual. First, Gigile wasn’t present, and second, they specifically target the Three-Star just when Basara happens to be there. Perhaps they’re following him to examine his Spiritia. On another note, attentive viewers will spot usage of music from several other shows. At the beginning of the episode, Basara and Mylene are listening to Sharon Apple music from Macross Plus. At Mylene’s welcoming party, music from Macross II is playing.

Original Review: May 11, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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