Macross 7 Ep. 7: Summer Accident


The members of Fire Bomber arrive at the resort ship Riviera. Mylene asks Basara what he’s brooding about, and he says their music isn’t meant for people who just want to kill time. Mylene yells at him that they need to make money, especially to pay back the rented shuttle that Basara destroyed earlier. Mylene is shocked when Michael suddenly pulls up in a limo to give them a ride. He explains that Milia is worried about Mylene’s safety, and Mylene warns him not to spy on her. Elsewhere, additional Thunderbolt squads are deployed to protect civilian ships like the Three-Star and Riviera. Later, Fire Bomber performs “Charging Love Heart” in a nightclub, but the song doesn’t sit well with the high-class audience. Despite that, Basara rushes right into the next song, “Planet Dance,” which seems to have an even worse effect on the audience. Afterward, Mylene yells at him and says he ruined the show because they were supposed to sing nice ballads. She criticizes him for rushing into fast songs, and he says he’ll sing what he wants to. She calls him a selfish jerk and tells him Fire Bomber isn’t just his band. Ray steps in to diffuse the situation by suggesting they go to the beach for a swim. Mylene swims and jet skis, Ray goes off to fish, Veffidas plays drums on the beach with cans and Basara stays in the hotel to take a nap. Later, Mylene meets Gamlin at a beach side café and asks him if he’s recovered from his injury. Nearby, Michael spies on them and reports to Milia that they seem to be enjoying their date. Mylene comments that it must be hard to be a pilot, and Gamlin answers that it isn’t, but recently a nuisance has appeared on the battlefield: Basara. He says that Basara must take him for a fool, and Mylene thinks Gamlin should teach him a lesson. Gamlin asks Mylene if she wants to go to dinner later, and when Veffidas walks by, Mylene excuses herself. In space, a Varauta battleship de-folds near the Riviera. An Elgersoln squad launches, and Gigile says that their target is on the Riviera. An Uraga escort carrier attached to the Riviera launches its Thunderbolts in response. As the battle commences, the Elgersolns destroy the Thunderbolts rather than steal Spiritia from the pilots. During the battle, one of the Riviera‘s atmospheric controllers is damaged, which will cause a block to drop to subzero temperature.

An evacuation alert is announced inside the Riviera. Blocks are sealed off with protective barriers as the outer dome is closed in space. Gamlin searches for Mylene and finds her talking to Basara, but he’s unable to approach because the evacuating crowd is pushing him away. Kinryu calls Gamlin to tell him that his vacation has been canceled, and he’s to sortie in one of the Thunderbolts stationed on the ship. Basara gives Guvava over to Mylene because he intends to go and sing again during the battle. Someone bumps into Mylene, and a frightened Guvava hops toward the section that’s being evacuated. Gamlin suits up and takes off in a Thunderbolt. Basara and Mylene grab Guvava and head back, but they’re trapped in a sealed area when bulkheads lower around them. The sealed area’s temperature falls to -4 Celsius and continues to drop. Basara pounds on the door, but it’s no use. Mylene apologizes because Guvava ran away, and Basara says it isn’t Guvava’s fault because they shouldn’t have come to the Riviera in the first place. She asks if it’s her fault for trying to get them a job, and Basara says it pretty much is. He tells her to get them decent work, and she complains that he ruined the show. He says that even if the audience wasn’t into the music, he was able to sing all he wanted. They continue to argue until they notice the rapid drop in temperature. In another part of the ship, Veffidas informs Ray that Basara and Mylene are missing. Basara begins singing “Planet Dance” and tells Mylene that singing will fire up her body and keep her warm. After watching for a moment, Mylene stands up and joins Basara. In space, Gamlin attacks the Elgersolns and is joined by Kinryu and Physica. Together, the three destroy several attacking Elgersolns. The cold proves too much for Mylene to handle, and Basara tells her to keep singing to feel alive. He spots an air duct and tells Mylene he’s going to crawl through it and get help. As Mylene sings “My Friends,” Basara crawls through the air duct until he reaches the area where his Excalibur is. He then uses the pinpoint barrier punch to smash through the bulkheads and reach Mylene. Mylene passes out from the cold and later wakes up in the Excalibur’s cockpit. In space, Gigile’s forces retreat and fold away. Later, the hotel manager tells the band that the crowd loves them and wants another performance. Gamlin wonders why Mylene was with Basara.


Things shake up a bit in this episode. The story switches to the resort ship Riviera, which features fake Earth-like beaches. It looks like this was a gig that Milia arranged for the band, as it’s not the kind of show Basara would do. Gamlin is still focused on finding out what the deal is with Basara, and here he discovers that Mylene is connected to Basara. Gamlin ends up in battle with a cannon fodder Thunderbolt, and he does quite well considering. This time, Basara wasn’t involved in the battle to sing to the Varauta, and strangely they didn’t attempt to steal Spiritia from the Thunderbolt pilots. Aside from the usual band drama, it looks like Mylene is starting to see how devoted Basara is to singing, as he’ll sing in pretty much any situation.

Original Review: May 12, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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