Macross 7: The Galaxy’s Calling Me!


In 2046, Fire Bomber lead singer Basara Nekki’s Excalibur Custom de-folds over the surface of an ice planet and crashes into the ground. The Excalibur tumbles down the side of the mountain, and Basara is ejected from the cockpit. He notices how cold it is, and he’s surrounded by a group of armed men. Earlier, Basara attended practice with the rest of Fire Bomber in a sunflower field. Mylene Jenius finishes singing “My Friends,” and Basara tells her she needs to put her heart into it. Mylene claims that since the flowers aren’t human, she has to sing at her own pace. Dr. Gadget Chiba believes that if their songs can affect the sunflowers, it might affect the Protodeviln. A dimensional irregularity occurs, and Chiba’s song energy detects a strange song, which Basara says moved the sunflowers. Basara grabs the song detector and runs off, passing a fangirl who is holding a bouquet of flowers. On the planet, Basara eats and has a hot drink, but a man points a gun at him. An old man named Miguel tells him to leave when he’s done, and another accuses Basara of having come to steal their Barnaegeum minerals. Basara says he isn’t interested in that and walks over to pick up an old guitar. Just then, a loud voice roars in the distance, and the men say something bad happens whenever they hear that voice. Basara starts singing, and a young boy named Pedro recognizes him from Fire Bomber. He asks Basara to sing, and Basara plays “Remember 16” for him. Several of the men discuss how there’s no Barnaegeum left, and they wonder if the mineral’s drying up is connected to that howling voice they hear. One of them thinks there’s a monster on the planet, and Miguel accidentally fires his shotgun. He says he doesn’t like songs or singers and won’t forgive Basara if he meddles in their affairs. He then leaves, and Pedro accidentally pees in his pants. Later, Pedro sleeps and his mother Margarita tells Basara that Pedro has no friends, and after his father died, he became hooked on the Galaxy Network. On the Macross 7 fleet, Mylene launches in her Thunderbolt Custom, accompanied by Ray Lovelock and Veffidas Feaze in their Nightmare Custom, as well as Diamond Force member Gamlin Kizaki in his Nightmare. Gamlin says that although Basara is troublesome, he has good intuition and may have heard something in that song. The three Valkyries then activate their fold boosters. Basara hears the strange voice, and Pedro says it’s a cursed monster on the mountain where his father died. Basara says it isn’t a cursed monster and decides to investigate with his Excalibur. Basara and Pedro fly to the mountain, but Pedro messes with the guitar controls and accidentally spills seeds found by his grandfather. He panics when he hears the song on the song energy detector, but Basara reiterates that it isn’t a monster.

Mylene and the others fold out in orbit of the planet and pick up the strange voice coming from the surface. The song stops, and Basara dodges attacks from a Meltrandi Queadluun-Quilqua. Basara starts singing “Try Again” as he dodges, and the Queadluun-Quilqua stops moving. It then unleashes colored smoke trails, and Basara keeps singing, which overloads Ray’s song detector. Basara keeps singing as the Queadluun-Quilqua chases him, but he eventually stops and lands to drop Pedro off. The Queadluun-Quilqua lands, and Basara starts singing “Power to the Dream.” A Zentradi woman exits the cockpit and pulls out a guitar. The two begin a musical duel, and she’s impressed by Basara’s power. Elsewhere, Geperuniti picks up unusual Spiritia and sends Gavil to investigate. The singing stops, and the Zentradi woman cries and admits she’s lost. Basara starts singing “Charging Love Heart,” the ice collapses underneath them. The Zentradi woman emerges from the ice, carrying Basara and Pedro. At her house, Emilia tells Basara that she saw Lynn Minmay in the movie Do You Remember Love? and was inspired by how Minmay stopped a Zentradi fleet with her songs. She believed it was fiction, but her parents told her it was true. Because she’s so big, she can’t stay in town and practices singing on the mountain. She says she’s surprised someone like Basara existed, and she lost. He tells her there’s no winning or losing in singing, and her song reached his heart. She moves in close to kiss Basara, but Pedro jumps up and accidentally falls inside her mouth. She pulls him out, and he bounces around on her breasts before passing out. The cave suddenly rocks, and Basara spots Protodeviln. Emilia gets back into her Queadluun-Quilqua and faces off against Gavil and Glavil. Gavil fires beams, and she responds with missiles. Glavil fires several energy blasts, and she returns fire, which Basara blocks with his pinpoint barrier. He then faces the Protodeviln and starts singing “Charging Love Heart,” which repels them. Emilia is shocked at the power of Basara’s song, and Pedro is captured by the Natter-Balgo. Glavil grabs Basara, and Emilia starts singing “Heart and Soul.” Basara breaks free and rescues Pedro. Gavil combines with Glavil to form Glavigula, and they combine with the Natter-Balgo. Their attacks unleash a flood of water toward the village. The Queadluun-Quilqua buckles under the attack, but just then the rest of Sound Force arrives and joins the singing, overwhelming Glavigula. Gamlin fires missiles at the rocks to divert the water, but there’s too much water. Glavigula charges forward, and Gamlin suggests crashing them into the mountain. Glavigula crashes into the Queadluun-Quilqua, and the water’s course is diverted. Glavigula retreats, and Emilia crawls out of the river. Basara says she’s reckless, and she tells him his music is amazing. Pedro shows Miguel the seeds, which have started to bud because of the music. Mylene runs over and sees that it’s indeed Emilia, her older sister. Basara and the others leave, and Miguel says he doesn’t understand modern music.


If this “movie” doesn’t really seem like a movie, that’s because it isn’t one in every sense. It’s a bit longer than a typical Macross 7 episode, and its animation budget is certainly higher. Although it’s not exactly clear, this movie takes place late in the TV series, probably between episodes 42-43, since Glavigula has already appeared and its no surprise to anyone. Basara runs off on a quest to track down a mysterious song energy, and it takes him to a frozen planet. The locals mistake Emilia Jenius’ singing for the wailing of a monster, which I guess is natural for a Zentradi voice that gets carried in the wind. The music that Basara and Emilia make attracts Gavil, along with some strange thing called Natter-Balgo that we never see in the TV series. It’s interesting to see another member of the Jenius family, but there’s no particular reason given for why Emilia has macronized herself to Zentradi height. Overall, this isn’t a movie in the standard sense, but it’s enjoyable if you’ve seen the TV series and want some more.

Original Review: July 26, 2000

Overall Rating
The Galaxy’s Calling Me! Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

1 movie

Theatrical Release:
Japan 09.30.1995


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