Macross Dynamite 7 Ep. 2: Cemetery


In City 7, Fire Bomber holds a concert and Mylene tells the fans that Basara won’t be around, so she’ll do her best in his place. She starts singing “Go,” but Gamlin sees how depressed she is, and she eventually stops in mid song. When they start playing again, she tries to write it off as just a simple mistake. In Zola’s orbit, Basara holds his breath and Liza quickly fires a gel that encases him in a protective bubble. Basara is taken to a patrol ship’s infirmary, and the doctor tells Liza that he’s in critical condition. Basara’s eyes open, but the doctor says he hasn’t regained consciousness. He says Graham’s name, and Liza tells him he should worry about himself, but the doctor reminds her that Basara can’t hear her. Elsewhere, Elma drives home with food and sings. Liza asks her commander for permission to use live ammo because the poachers are becoming more violent and no longer fear stun guns. A man named Lawrence wants to show Liza something and takes her to his lab. He shows her the usual wavelength the whales give off, but this time the wavelength has changed. Lawrence thinks that it was due to Basara’s song, and he believes the whales responded to the song. He wants to prove in the Galactic Academy that the whales are intelligent, but Liza tells him that Basara has to leave the system as soon as he recovers. Lawrence leaves a radio in Basara’s room, and Basara wakes up after he leaves. In City 7, Gamlin says he can’t look at Mylene how she is now, and Ray asks him if he really wants Basara to come back. Gamlin says he doesn’t want to take advantage while Basara is gone, but he wants Mylene to go back to her usual self. He tells Ray that Basara’s song energy was detected, but he wants him to keep it secret from Mylene. On Zola, Elma sweeps outside and sings along with “Planet Dance” on the radio. She’s surprised when she sees Basara hobble over to the house, and she knocks him over when she hugs him. As she cooks, she listens to the radio drama Zomeo and Zoliet, which involves the Macross 11. The next day, Basara looks at Graham’s Commercial Valkyrie, and Elma tells him that Graham ran off wounded. Basara and Elma go into the forest to find Graham, and she tells him about the strange bears that live there. She changes the radio to Mylene’s “Love Song” and trips, but Basara keeps walking.

In City 7, Mylene finishes a studio recording and has dinner with a woman named Sazapie from the studio. Basara and Elma find Graham’s whaling suit, but there’s no sign of him. In space, a poacher fleet makes another attack on the galactic whales. The space patrol’s Star Mirages arrive and threaten to arrest the poachers, but just then a large Pirate Ship de-folds and launches its Invader Custom variable fighters. On the planet’s surface, Basara collapses. At the restaurant, Mylene’s body stiffens up after drinking the juice, and Sazapie pulls back several curtains to reveal a bed, which she places Mylene on. On Zola, Elma picks up Basara and tries to walk with him, but he’s too heavy. She slowly drags him up a hill while singing “Charging Love Heart,” but she tops when a condor lands on her back. In Zola’s orbit, the space patrol has trouble fighting with the poachers in the Invaders. Elma hears her mother’s song as she climbs upriver. Liza disables several Invaders and flies by the poacher flagship. Elma continues to climb upstream in the river, but she slips and falls with Basara. After falling, he wakes up and stands up again. In City 7, Sazapie takes off her clothes and Mylene’s. Elma helps Basara get undressed so they can relax in the hot spring. She tells him again she wants to be his student so she can become a singer like her mother. Basara thinks of Graham. The Star Mirages are surrounded by the Invaders, but the Invaders are swept away and destroyed when the galactic whales approach. Basara thinks of the whales and suddenly stands up, feeling rejuvenated. Just then, Graham emerges from the waterfall overlooking the hot spring. After getting dressed, Basara pulls out his guitar and starts singing “Feel Universe.” As the sun sets, Basara follows Graham to an open space while carrying Elma on his back. Basara asks what the area is, and Graham tells him it’s the graveyard of warriors.


Basara certainly has the devil’s luck. A human can’t survive unprotected in space for more than a few seconds, so he’s lucky that Liza was nearby and rescued him. Despite that, Basara spends much of this episode out of action, either unconscious or walking in a daze. The poachers make another attack on the galactic whales, and we see how outmatched the Zolan space patrol is without being able to use live ammo against the poachers. It certainly doesn’t help that the poachers have brought in some heavy reinforcements. On City 7, we get some more development on the old love triangle with Basara, Gamlin and Mylene that was never resolved in the TV series. Mylene is clearly depressed about Basara’s departure, and it’s affecting her ability to sing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, getting drugged and potentially sexually assaulted by some strange woman just makes things even worse. It definitely contrasts with the general tone of the series and sticks out like a sore thumb.

Original Review: September 23, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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