Macross Dynamite 7 Ep. 3: Lonesome


In City 7, Veffidas smashes into the hotel room and rescues Mylene. As they run through the streets, Ray says they might’ve been too late if Guvava hadn’t warned them. On Zola, Graham tells Basara that the galactic whales travel through space for 7,000 years and come to this spot to die. Basara jumps down and discovers a mural about the whales, which Graham says was left by his Zolan ancestors. Elma wakes up and comes over to look at the whale graveyard. She says that Capy is able to read the ancient writing next to the mural Basara found. In space, the space patrol continues to fight the poachers. The Pirate Ship fires several harpoons at the while whale, and Liza attacks a poacher. The poacher captain, Kaliba, orders his men to withdraw because the white whale is causing them too many problems. Liza jumps into one of the damaged Invader Customs and flies over to the Pirate Ship just before it folds. Basara and Elma look at the mural, and Elma translates for Capy. According to the mural, the galactic whales, the Vahla Ena, come to Zola to die. Among the whales is a white whale that has been alive for millions of years and keeps watch over the whales that have come to Zola to die. Graham says that the white whale is looking for a place to die, since it has seen so many of its friends die. Graham says he will lead the white whale to the graveyard and kill it, but Basara doesn’t think the whale is looking for a place to die. He says he’ll let the whales hear his sounds, and he thinks Graham is the one who’s looking to die. Elsewhere, the poacher flagship folds out in an asteroid field that contains a smugglers’ space station. Kaliba meets with a smuggler named Loschier and requests reaction weapons. Loschier says they’re hard to find and expensive. He adds that using it on a whale will blow it to bits, and Kaliba says he only wants to destroy the white one. He says the white whale is different because it has intelligence and can differentiate enemies from allies. Liza eavesdrops from nearby and is reminded by what Lawrence said. A small robot detects Liza’s presence, so she runs into a nearby airlock and gets sucked out into the hangar. An Invader Custom targets her, but she jumps into a stolen Nightmare and escapes. She then attacks the hangar and steals a fold booster. Loschier orders his men to kill her, and he tells Kaliba the reaction weapons will be expensive. The Invaders chase Liza as she struggles to synchronize the fold booster’s signal. Liza’s Nightmare is hit, so she fires a volley of missiles at the Invaders. They return fire, but she folds just in time.

Liza calls headquarters and asks how Basara is doing, but she’s told he disappeared. Basara tries to use one of Graham’s wrecked Commercial Valkyries, but it falls apart on him. Graham docks his Whaling Boat, and Basara starts singing “New Frontier.” Elma sings with Basara, but Graham ignores them and loads spears onto his harpoon. He then asks Basara why he came to Zola, and Basara answers that the wind was blowing. He thinks of Maria and asks Basara why he sings, but just then Liza crashes her Nightmare nearby. Although injured, Liza gets out of the cockpit and is shocked that Basara can move. She asks Basara why he sings, and Elma tells her he’s from Fire Bomber. Liza then recalls that Sound Force defeated the Protodeviln with music, but Basara says he didn’t defeat anybody. She asks if he was trying to sing for the whales, and Basara says his singing has nothing to do with Sound Force. Liza tells Basara that the poachers want to kill the white whale with reaction weapons, and Graham declares that he’ll be the one to kill the white whale. Graham says the white whale is waiting for him to kill it, but Liza thinks he’s just causing them trouble. Graham says he’s seen the eye of the white whale, and although it’s the most powerful creature in the galaxy, it’s filled with a deep sadness. Liza gets a call on her Nightmare’s radio that the same poachers have returned. Basara tells Elma that he intends to go on the ship with Graham. Graham prepares to launch in his Whaling Boat, and although Basara sneaks aboard, Graham picks him up and tosses him into the water. The space patrol’s Star Mirages prepare to launch, and Lawrence plays Maria’s song through their speakers to study the reaction of the whales. Graham reaches space, and the poachers arm their reaction missiles, but the loading code doesn’t match and will take time to crack. Liza prepares to launch and asks Basara if he’s going to come with her, but he jumps into an Excalibur instead. Lawrence sees Basara and is excited about Basara singing to the whales. Basara launches in the Excalibur, followed by Liza’s Star Mirage. Graham flies past the whales and approaches the white whale from the rear. He says he knows the white whale is sad from having to watch its friends die, so he’ll free it from its sadness. Graham destroys a poacher Invader, and Basara reaches the whales just as Graham fires his harpoon. In City 7, Ray tells Mylene that Gamlin is looking for Basara. He tells her she should go too and make her decision. On Zola, Gamlin shows people a picture of Basara and asks them if they’ve seen him.


Well, Mylene narrowly escapes getting assaulted, and that’s just the beginning of the episode. Graham shows Basara the whale graveyard, and Basara learns about how the white whale is millions of years old and leads the other whales to their resting place. Graham has it in his head that the white whale wants to die, but Basara thinks it’s the other way around. We see that poacher leader Kaliba is also after the white whale, but for different reasons. He wants to kill it because it protects the other whales that he’s trying to poach. He goes so far as to even purchase stolen reaction weapons from a smuggler. We haven’t really seen smugglers before in Macross anime, but this guy Loschier must have a pretty good setup if he can get his hands on high tech stolen hardware like Nightmares from U.N. Spacy. Liza also causes him a bit of damage and costs him some profits. During her infiltration scene, you’ll hear strange English versions of “Holy Lonely Light” and “Power to the Dream,” which are from the cover band Fire Bomber American on the Macross 11. Basara is intent on singing to the galactic whales, and pretty soon Gamlin and Mylene will be joining in on the action.

Original Review: September 25, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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