Macross Dynamite 7 Ep. 4: [Singing Planet of the Galactic Whales] Zola


Lawrence is informed that another group of galactic whales have appeared in space near Zola. Lawrence thinks they’re lost whales, and Elma says that the whales that have been alive for 7,000 years will fall to the cemetery. In City 7, a Fire Bomber concert begins, and Ray tells the crowd that since Basara and Mylene are gone, he brought cardboard cutouts to take their place. In space, Basara begins to sing “Wild Life,” and Lawrence tells Elma that Basara might be able to communicate with the whales. Graham lands on the white whale’s body, as does Basara. Kaliba asks one of his men if he’s broken the code for the reaction missiles yet, but the man says he can’t concentrate because of the annoying song. Basara and Graham are swept away, and Graham asks Basara why he’s interfering. Graham and Basara are stuck to the white whale’s service, and Kaliba tells his men to hunt the other whales while the space patrol is distracted. Lawrence realizes that Elma is Liza’s little sister, and she asks him if he’s Liza’s boyfriend. He asks her why she’s there, and she tells him she brought Liza and Basara. Lawrence suddenly realizes who Basara is and says that Dr. Gadget Chiba’s sound energy system influenced his speaker system design. Basara and Graham get caught up in the white whale’s whiskers, and Graham tells Basara to stay out of the way. He says the whale wants to die, and Basara repeats that it’s Graham who wants to die. He says the whale listened to his song and has fierce eyes. Lawrence shows Elma the wavelength changes showing the whales’ reaction to Basara’s song. Elma tells Lawrence about the cemetery and ancient murals. Lawrence gets a call that the whales are changing course, and he runs out of the room. As he runs, he explains to Elma that the whales absorb solar energy from Zola’s sun when they leave. Given the appearance of lost whales and an increase in magnetic energy in one of the forests, he thinks something big will happen. They take off in a helicopter, and he says the whales are reacting to Zola. Gamlin continues to search for Basara and hears the emergency message regarding the whales. He looks up, and several whales enter the atmosphere and fly over the town. Gamlin runs over to his Sturmvogel and picks up Basara singing “New Frontier.”

Graham continues his attempt to fire spears, and Kaliba’s men finally hack the reaction missile authorization codes. Lawrence and Elma fly alongside the whales and see that the cemetery is glowing. Elma wonders how the whales enter the cemetery, and the whales begin circling above the cemetery in a holding pattern. Gamlin flies up to space, and the poacher flagship fires its reaction missile. Liza tells Graham and Basara to escape, and Graham is tossed aside. In City 7, Ray thanks the fans for staying, and they cheer for an encore. The reaction missile hits the white whale, and the heat from the explosion chars Basara’s Excalibur red, giving it the appearance of his old Fire Valkyrie from Sound Force. The white whale emerges unscathed, and Basara says that it’s incredible. He begins playing “Angel Voice,” and Kaliba orders his flagship to charge ahead. The Invader Customs attack the Zolan Star Mirages, but Gamlin fires on the Invaders and easily disables them so they can hear Basara. The white whale begins to expand, and Kaliba’s ship charges ahead. Gamlin fires missiles at the ship, but it keeps on its course. Suddenly, Graham slams into the Pirate Ship with his Whaling Boat, knocking it aside. At the cemetery, Elma wonders how long the whales will circle. The white whale begins making sounds, and Basara keeps singing. Liza is amazed, and Lawrence declares that the whales are singing. The cemetery begins to swirl with green energy, which spirals out and covers the entire planet. A beam then flies out of the planet and reaches the white whale. The white whale and several others glow brightly and fly away at high speed. Everyone lands near the cemetery, and Lawrence believes that Liza’s wounds were healed because of Zola’s energy. He believes that the cemetery, hot spring and whales are all connected to each other. Liza tells Lawrence that he was right about the whales and thanks Gamlin for his help. She then hops into her Star Mirage and tells Basara that she liked his song just a bit. Liza walks over to Graham and tells him that the whales won’t be back for a while because they have lots of energy from Basara. She then says they captured all the poachers, except for Graham. She asks him why he rammed into the poacher ship, and he says he was repaying a debt. She asks him to stop being reckless, but he says he’ll keep hunting the whales and follow after them. Liza says she’ll chase Graham and arrest him if he does that. Basara prepares to take off, and Elma asks again if she can be his student. Basara tells her that she should sing whenever she wants to. He takes off and says goodbye to Graham, who in turn tells Liza that there’s strange people in the universe. Basara reaches space just as Mylene’a Thunderbolt Custom folds out and flies past her. Gamlin also flies by, leaving her confused. Elma sings on Zola.


Dynamite 7, and the Macross 7 saga as a whole, comes to a close with this episode. There’s some pretty good combat in this episode, and it’s a shame the battles in the TV series didn’t look this good. The poachers definitely go for overkill by using reaction weapons, but it ends up getting them nowhere. Basara uses his music to reach out to the whales, as well as Graham. From the looks of it, I guess the whales also have Spiritia and had their energy recharged by Basara’s music. Although Graham says he’s going to still hunt the whales, it’s clear that he’s finally given up his obsession with killing the white whale. Now that this series is over, we can see some similarities between new characters and old ones. Elma comes across as being like a younger Mylene, with her carefree attitude and desire to sing. On the other hand, Liza is similar to Gamlin in that she didn’t believe in Lawrence’s theories or Basara’s music until she saw the effects with her own eyes. Unfortunately for Mylene, she misses out on everything, and since this is the last animated piece of Macross 7, there’s still no resolution to the love triangle between her, Basara and Gamlin. Ray and Veffidas also stay in the background most of the time, but those things aside, this is an entertaining series for those looking for an extra bit of Macross 7.

Original Review: September 25, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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