Macross Delta Mission 5: Moonlight Dancing


In 2012, Earthlings began the interstellar immigration project to colonize habitable worlds, which led to them making contact to other sentient races descended from the Protoculture on Ragna and Windermere. In his declaration of war, Roid explains that the New U.N. Government’s contact with Windermere 40 years ago led to an unequal treaty that only benefitted Earth. Windermere declared independence seven years ago, but Roid believes that as long as the U.N. has a presence in the Brisingr Globular Cluster, there can be no real peace. After returning to Ragna, Arad and Ernest hold a briefing for Delta Flight and Walkure. Arad explains that Windermere is 800 light years away and has a dimensional barrier surrounding it. Ernest adds that the enemy units are Draken IIIs piloted by the Aerial Knights, an elite unit that serves the royal family. Keith’s lead unit has the markings of the White Knight of Derwent, a title passed down to the Knights’ ace pilot. When Ernest mentions that it used to be silver, Freyja asks if they were on Windermere and Arad answers that it was seven years ago. Messer asks if they were the ones controlling the NUNS pilots, and Kaname thinks it’s likely. Chuck asks if the Windermerians were involved in every Var outbreak, but Kaname answers that they were only involved in the cases where powerful bio fold waves were detected. Arad mentions that this time they were able to control the NUNS pilot in formation rather than just have them be a mindless mob. As a result, they were able to control all the NUNS pilots on Voldor and seize the planet with no resistance. Mikumo says that she heard a boy singing, and Freyja remembers hearing that too. At the very least, Mikumo is impressed with how the boy could control so many people so quickly. Hayate mentions that he felt the singing, and Freyja says it sounds like the Windermerian legend of the Singer of the Wind. The Aerial Knights return to Windermere, and Keith and Roid report to King Grammier Nerich Windermere about their progress in securing the Domain of Wind. Roid explains that the singing is taking a toll on Heinz, but they need more time to examine relics like the Temple of Time. Roid thinks that they might have to reconsider their strategy, which Keith criticizes later in private. He thinks they should’ve finished the enemy off since they have little time. However, Heinz believes that as the legitimate heirs of the Protoculture, it’s their duty to guide the people of the Brisingr Cluster. Hermann speaks with Kassim Eber-hardt and is attacked with a sword from above by Bogue. Hermann expertly dodges every attack and asks Bogue how long he intends to keep up this game. Bogue shows him a picture of Freyja and says she looks like a traitor. Ernest addresses the crew and announces that in addition to stopping Var outbreaks, the Ragna government wants their help in defending against Windermere. The entire crew agrees to stay on, except for Hayate, who doesn’t know what to do. Mikumo mentions that Xaos suspects Freyja is a spy, so she vows to work hard and prove herself. Later, Arad joins Ernest for a drink as he looks at an old picture of them with Grammier. Hayate looks out onto the city alone and is joined by the feisty mercat.

Makina, Reina, Mirage and Chuck eat at Rag-Nyan Nyan and discuss upgrading the multi-drones. Customers around them nervously discuss rumors of impending war. Chuck asks Mirage if she’s ever fought humans before, and she answers that she did when she was in NUNS. He also fought humans in the past, and she asks if he knows anything about Windermere’s independence war. She’s aware that they used a Dimension Eater that led to an uneasy peace. Makina interrupts and tells Mirage that she should enjoy her food. Hayate sits down with them and Freyja watches a TV show where she’s accused of being a spy. Reporters storm the restaurant and begin bombarding Freyja with questions, Hayate runs off with her. Freyja feels exhausted from running, so Hayate tells her not to push herself too hard. She calls him a pervert when he touches her rune, and he tells her it’s obvious that she’s just trying to act tough. Freyja wants to stay in Walkure, but she also worries about her home village and wonders why people can’t just get along. Mirage walks up to them and explains that her grandparents were an Earthling and Zentradi and came together as the first inter-species couple when the two were at war. Hayate asks what the point of the story is and thinks that she’s putting too much pressure on Freyja. Mirage changes the topic to whether Hayate will stay with Xaos. Freyja laughs at both of them, so he promises to show her a nice place. Hayate takes Freyja up in his Siegfried without permission and flies through the night sky. Freyja comments that this feels like a fairy tale, and Hayate teases her again about her creepy laugh. Freyja thanks Hayate and starts singing, so he dances while flying in GERWALK and Battroid modes. Mirage sees the plane’s lights in the distance and presumes it must be Hayate. He puts the plane into a freefall and says that flying to her singing feels good, so she should keep singing. Freyja decides to stay in Walkure and cheer people up with her singing. Messer’s Siegfried appears from the rear, and he demands that Hayate return immediately or be shot down for mutiny. On the Macross Elysion, Messer tells Mirage that she’s naïve. Hayate steps in and says he’s the one who should be scolded, but Messer counters that he’s not even worth the effort. Freyja steps up and says it was all for her, so Messer states that he’ll tell Kaname what she did. Messer declares that they don’t need someone like Hayate screwing around now that there’s a war, and if he doesn’t like that he can leave. Hayate decides to stay with Delta Flight and vows to end the war so he can fly the way he wants to. Messer replies that those are big words for someone who can’t even fly properly.


The surprise announcement at the end of the previous episode spills into this one, with Roid listing his grievances against the U.N.. Later, he tells Keith that Windermerians are the legitimate successors to the Protoculture, so what does that mean? We see a little more of the planet, which pretty much looks like a generic fantasy kingdom that has mecha (Escaflowne, anyone?) The episode’s opening shows us that the Protoculture-descended Windermerians and Ragnans made contact decades earlier with the Megaroad-04 colonization fleet. We’ve known since Dynamite 7 of the existence of other sentient species descended from the Protoculture, and I wonder what those first contact situations were like. The past also plays a part with the revelation that Arad and Ernest both knew King Grammier before Windermere’s rebellion, and I expect that’ll be explained further in the future. Mirage briefly touches upon the story of her grandparents and their place in history, but Hayate isn’t impressed. Hayate and Freyja’s unauthorized flight echoes DYRL, but rather than ending with an alien attack, it merely concludes with more of Messer being a jerk. This episode raises more questions about what the Windermerians are doing and why, but I expect that it’ll take a lot of time to find those answers.

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Macross Delta Info

Kenji Yasuda
Shoji Kawamori

Toshizo Nemoto
Tatsuto Higuchi
Ukyo Kodachi
Touko Machida

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Hidetaka Tenjin
Stanislas Brunet

Character Designer(s):
Chisato Mita
Masaru Shindo

Musical Composer(s):
Saeko Suzuki
Mina Kubota

26 episodes

Japan 04.03.2016 – 09.25.2016


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