Macross Frontier Ep. 13: Memory of Global


As the Messiah falls out of the sky, Brera watches from a hidden position in the jungle. The Zentradi radar goes haywire, and the second-in-command is informed that they’ve detected a D-pulse burst. Grace asks Sheryl to take her medicine, but Sheryl refuses because it tastes bad. When she does decide to take it, the power goes out. Elsewhere, Alto is surprised to see an old Macross class super dimension fortress, and Ranka is overwhelmed by a flood of lost memories. Later, as they fly through the jungle, Ranka apologizes for what happened and explains that sometimes memories come back on their own. Alto tells her not to worry about it and that if she can’t remember it, it’s probably better that way. The Messiah suddenly loses power again, and Ranka worries about being able to get back. Alto says there’s heavy jamming in the area, and he thinks the super dimension fortress is the cause. As they slowly walk through the hot jungle, Ranka becomes excited when she sees a river. Michael tells Sheryl that the fold booster in orbit hasn’t been used, so Alto must’ve been hit by the D-pulse burst. Michael picks up Sheryl’s pill, which is named 639 Witch Craft. Alto washes up in the water, and Ranka comments that it reminds her of the first time they met. Ranka ties up Alto’s hair, and he comments that he doesn’t know if she’s timid or courageous. She says that everything that’s happened is thanks to him because he’s always protecting her. Something moves in the woods, and Alto pulls out his machine gun. Realizing he accidentally grabbed Ranka, he quickly suits up. Ranka moves nervously and runs into the woods, so he wonders why she didn’t just say she had to use the toilet. He hears her scream, but when he runs over, she’s gone. On the Macross Quarter 25, Ozma hears that all contact has been lost with Gallia 4. Klan suggests using the LAI booster again, but Canaria says that won’t happen. In his office, Leon criticizes Luca for acting on his own. Luca explains his actions as a way to gather performance data for LAI in ways NUNS can’t. Leon tells him that his actions are threatening the relationship between LAI and NUNS. At Griffith Park, Nanase thinks about Ranka as she sits with the green creature, which is growing arms. Sheryl gets dressed in a pilot suit and insists on going out with Michael, despite his objections. Wearing his EX-Gear, Alto scans the super dimension fortress and determines that it’s the Bruno J. Global, which was the flagship of the 117th Research Fleet. Alto flies toward the Global, and Brera confirms to Grace that Ranka is inside the nest. Grace tells him that Ranka is now his second priority in the mission. She then adds that she’s going to prepare the Dimension Eater and jumps over to a cliff.

Alto calls out to Ranka over the radio and gets no response. He searches the inside of the Global and wonders why it’s there if the Vajra destroyed the fleet. He scans a computer terminal and finds that its data was recently deleted. He realizes he’s in a research lab and spots a small Vajra specimen inside a glass container. Alto looks over and spots a picture of Ranka, which shatters as he touches it. Nearby, Brera descends into the nest and plays “Aimo” on his harmonica, wondering why he cares about Ranka. Ranka wakes up inside the nest after having a memory of her mother singing “Aimo.” She looks around and sees a large amount of Vajra eggs. Alto spots a large hole in the ground, and Ranka calls him and tells him she’s in a cavern with eggs. Alto determines that she’s 420 meters below him and says he’s coming over. The large Vajra Queen approaches Ranka, and Alto flies down. Just then, Brera smashes into the cavern and attacks the Vajra Queen with his gun pod. Alto reaches the cavern and spots the Lucifer and Ranka. Brera destroys several small type Vajra, and Alto tries to fly over to Ranka, but she becomes encased in a green bubble that he’s unable to break through. Brera damages the Vajra Queen, which causes Ranka to double over in pain and her stomach to glow. The Vajra Queen then explodes, sending Alto tumbling away. Brera blasts his way out from underwater, and the Global begins to glow and shoot out energy. Elsewhere, Grace watches and uncloaks the Dimension Eater. Alto returns to his Messiah and takes off just as the Global rises out of the sea and breaks apart to reveal a Bishop class mobile fortress. An entire Vajra fleet emerges from the sea, and Alto comes under attack from Brera. The two trade fire in the air, and Alto tries to evade Brera’s chase. He gets behind Brera, but Brera quickly transforms and prepares to open fire. His rifle is then destroyed by Michael’s sniping, and Alto tells Michael that Ranka was abducted. Alto tells Michael and Sheryl to save Ranka while he handles Brera. Brera continues to chase Alto, but Grace tells him to return because she’s preparing the Dimension Eater. As Grace’s right arm breaks apart to interface with the Dimension Eater, she thinks to herself that the death of the Galactic Fairy and the destruction of the Zentradi unit will incite a new wave of hatred. Grace’s body is swept away as a large fold fault spreads out and destroys the Zentradi base. Alto, Michael and Sheryl reach orbit as Gallia 4 is engulfed in the fold fault. In space, the Vajra ships begin to fold, and Michael’s Messiah gives chase. Alto keeps flying and tries to boost away from the spreading fold fault.


The big surprise at the end of the last episode was the appearance of a Macross-looking ship. This made many people curious as to what it really was, and it turns out it’s the Global. Aside from that, it was also the flagship of the 117th Research Fleet that Ranka was on. Also, rather than just being attacked by the Vajra, Alto discovers that they were experimenting on them too. The picture he spots of Ranka and several other things highly hint at Brera being Ranka’s older brother. Grace finally comes out of the shadows and uses the Dimension Eater to kill the Zentradi and attempt to kill Sheryl. We still don’t know what her plan is, but she’s obviously up to no good. Ranka has more strange reactions to the Vajra, and it’s most evident when Brera destroys the Vajra Queen. There’s another brief duel between Alto and Brera, and Michael gets to shoot something. Like the last time, this episode ends on another cliffhanger, with Alto tries to escape the Dimension Eater while Michael and Sheryl latch onto the folding Vajra fleet.

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Macross Frontier Info

Yasuhito Kikuchi
Shoji Kawamori

Hiroyuki Yoshino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Junya Ishigaki
Takeshi Takakura

Character Designer(s):
Risa Ebata
Yuichi Takahashi

Musical Composer:
Yoko Kanno

25 episodes

Japan 04.03.2008 – 09.25.2008


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