Macross Ep. 25: Virgin Road


At the Happiness Forest Park, Max waits for Milia and wonders if he picked the wrong spot for them to meet. Milia appears out of nowhere and attacks him with a knife. He asks what’s going on, and she tells him that she’s a Zentradi Queadluun-Rau pilot and that she wants her revenge. She throws a knife at a tree and tells Max to take it so they can duel. She then attacks him, and he uses a rock to repel her attacks and reach the knife. With a knife of his own, Max repels her attacks and knocks the knife out of her hand. Milia falls to her knees and begins to cry. She says she’s been defeated a third time now, and she asks him to kill her. Max tells her she is cute and picks her up and kisses her. At a lounge, Warera, Loli and Conda sit with Vanessa, Kim and Shammy and wonder if their request for asylum will be approved. Max walks up to Hikaru’s table and asks for some advice. Max says that he’s getting married to Milia, and Hikaru spits out his coffee at the shock of what Max has said. He asks Max how he could get married after one date, and Max says they are both certain of their love. He says there is one complication though: Milia is a Zentradi pilot. Hikaru tells him he can’t marry an alien and that love is for fools. Max tells him that their love can conquer all and make the impossible possible. Max tells Hikaru that he wants him to meet Milia, and she comes out wearing a beautiful dress. Hikaru changes his mind and tells him he should speak to Global and get his permission since he’s marrying an alien. Later, the wedding begins with fireworks being set off in space and rainbow colored lights lighting up a trail to the Macross. Hikaru’s Valkyrie and several other Valkyries form an honor guard as Max and Milia fly towards the ship. As the ceremony progresses, Britai watches it on his ship and doesn’t understand. He says that the miclones should kill Milia, and he can’t comprehend them accepting her. Exsedol says it’s something called “love” and explains that men and women live together. After the wedding, Global gives a speech at the ceremony. He says that Milia is a Zentradi soldier and that people could hate her and her people for all the death they’ve caused in the war. But he says that the Zentradi have only known war for their entire existence, and they deserve a life of peace. Therefore, he announces the acceptance of the Zentradi refugees. In Alaska, Takashi can’t believe what Global is doing. Misa asks him again to stop the Grand Cannon firing, but he says it’s too late for that. Hikaru thinks to himself that the dream he and Misa have of ending the war might now become a reality.

On his mothership, Boddole Zer tells his fleet commanders that the Macross has caused them too much damage and must be stopped. He orders them to use the main fleet to destroy the ship. On the Macross, Minmay arrives at the wedding ceremony and congratulates Max and Milia on their marriage. She hopes that their marriage is the first step towards building a peaceful future with the Zentradi. To celebrate their marriage, Minmay performs the song “Runner.” Britai receives a call and is ordered to commence an all-out attack on the Macross and destroy it. As the fleet prepares to attack, many soldiers find that they don’t want to go into battle and fight the Macross. The attack begins, and Global orders everyone to return to their duty stations. Max is told he doesn’t have to fight this time, but he decides to go anyway. Milia says she wants to go with him and can help because she is an ace pilot. She says she wants to stand next to him, and he says he doesn’t mind if they die together in battle on their wedding. Hikaru launches in his Valkyrie, followed by Max and Milia in Max’s Valkyrie. As Max fights, Milia asks him not to destroy the Regults because she doesn’t want to kill the pilots. Max says they could be killed, but she says it doesn’t matter if they die together. She tells him to shoot the Regult’s pelvic area to disable them, and he decides to show her how good a pilot he is. Max then begins to attack the Regults and disables them instead of destroying them. Hikaru calls him and asks him what he’s doing, and Max asks him to excuse his fighting style. He says he wants to try something different, and Hikaru understands and does the same. In the Zentradi fleet, soldiers refuse to go into battle and commit mutiny. They take up arms and demand that the Zentradi make a cease fire with the Macross. Exsedol informs Britai of the mutiny, and neither can believe what’s going on. Britai decides that he will follow the request of the mutineers, despite the fact that it violates Boddole Zer’s orders. Later, Hikaru tries to get some sleep but can’t due to the noise coming from Max and Milia’s quarters. Milia doesn’t understand the concept of heating water and sets a kettle on fire, and Max sees it’ll be sometime before he gets some coffee again.


Well, this certainly is a rather odd episode. Max and Milia begin this episode as mortal enemies in combat, but by the end they are married and living together. This is probably due to the staff’s need to compact the story. Originally, the series was planned for 39 episodes, but the sponsors wanted it compacted to 26. The story was then compacted to 26 episodes, but it was increased up to 36 during production due to its high ratings. Because of this story shuffle, some elements were explored more while others were compacted. The Max and Milia romance is obviously one of the ones that got compacted. However, the episode is still good and provides some forward motion for the story. It seems that Boddole Zer is at the end of his patience with the Macross, and the final battle approaches.

Original Review: May 1, 2000

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Macross Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Shoji Kawamori
Noboru Ishiguro
Sukehiro Tomita
Kenichi Matsuzaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

36 episodes

Japan 10.03.1982 – 06.26.1983


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