MAN-104 Nahatgall


Model number(s): MAN-104, MSae-39
Unit type:
 prototype Newtype use mobile suit
Overall height: 46.5 meters
Empty weight: 612.0 metric tons
Armor materials: Dias Silicon
Maximum power output: 8,700,000 kW/h (930,000 Hp)
Proton drive motor: 8
Backload flare ejector: 68
Armament: 660mm proton gun x 1, 250mm beam machine gun EK-33 x 1, funnel x 6
Original mechanical designer: Mamoru Nagano
Note: This is a super-heavy mobile suit was developed during Axis war for the Zeon army led by Haman Karn. Similar to the AMX-004 Qubeley, it was intended to be piloted by troop commanders. The original project code “Nahatgall” was used in utmost secrecy by Anaheim Jupiter, but it was wrongly translated by the Moon-based Anaheim Electronics with the English term “Nightingale,” and this error was maintained also in Earth Federation’s reports. The MAN-104 was a heavy-armored version of the RMS-099 Rick Dias, equipped with funnels and speed boosters; besides anti-ship assault warfare it could fill many other combat duties. The proton drive motors installed inside the rear skirt allowed the Nahatgall to reach a power output which was about 3,000 times that of a normal Gundam-type suit. The enormous amount of heat produced was dissipated by large radiator plates on the back (each provided of exhaust slits), in a fashion reminiscent to that of dinosaurs as the Stegosaurus. Featured in the January 2007 issue of Newtype Magazine.



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