Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Rebellion


Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Rebellion is a 16-volume manga series originally released in Japan from 2013-2021. It is a reimagining of the 1991 OVA series Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. Written and illustrated by Masato Natsumoto, it was serialized in Gundam Ace magazine. Like the anime, the story focuses on rookie pilot Kou Uraki and the pursuit of a Gundam stolen by Zeon remnants, but the manga reorders some events and adds new story elements, characters and mobile suits. It was followed by a 2021 sequel of the same name. The manga has not been officially released in English.


Earth Federation Forces

Mobile Weapons
* MS-06F-2 Zaku II F2
* RAG-79 Aqua GM
* RB-79 Ball

* RB-79N Fisheye
* RGC-83 GM Cannon II
* RGM-79 GM
* RGM-79 Powered GM
* RGM-79C GM Type C

* RGM-79[G] GM Ground Type

* RGM-79GS GM Command Space

RGM-79N Atomic Heavy Armor GM Custom
* RGM-79N GM Custom

* RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom

* RGM-79V GM Night Seeker

* RTX-440 Assault Guntank
* RX-78GP01 Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes

RX-78GP01 Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes Aqua Equipment

RX-78GP01 Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes Chobham Armor
* RX-78GP01Fb Gundam GP01Fb Zephyranthes Full Burnern

RX-78GP01Fb Gundam GP01Fb Zephyranthes Heavy Full Armor Burnern
* RX-78GP02A Gundam GP02A Physalis

* RX-81FC G-Line Full Custom

Vehicles and Support Units

* Birmingham class

* Booster Bed
* C-88 Medea

* CB-X5(SGT) Assault Type Gunperry

* Columbus class (modified)

* Dragonfly

* FF-XII Core Fighter II

* FF-XIIFb Core Fighter IIFb

G-Armor II

G-Fighter II

* Magellan class (modified)
* Pegasus class (Albion)

* Salamis class (modified)

* Type 61 Tank

* Type 74 Hover Truck (M353A4 Bloodhound)

Principality of Zeon/Zeon Remnants/Axis

Mobile Weapons

* AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra

* AMX-002 (AMA-X2) Neue Ziel

* MA-05 Bigro

* MA-06 Val-Walo

* MAM-07 Grublo

MAX-03 Adzam Repair

* MP-02A Oggo

* MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type
* MS-06F Zaku II
* MS-06F-2 Zaku II F2

* MS-06R1-A Zaku II R1-A
* MS-09F/Trop Dom Tropen
* MS-09R Rick Dom

* MS-09R-2 Rick Dom II
* MS-14A Gelgoog
* MS-14F Gelgoog Marine
* MS-14Fs Cima Garahau's Gelgoog Marine
* MS-21C Dra-C

* MS-21D1 Dra-C Custom

* MSM-03C Hy-Gogg

* MSM-07E Z'Gok Experiment

* RX-78GP02A Gundam GP02 (MLRS Type)
* RX-78GP02A Gundam GP02A Physalis

* YMS-09R-2 Prototype Rick Dom Zwei
* YMS-16M Xamel

Vehicles and Support Units
Camouflaged Cargo Ship

* Gwanban class
* Gwazine class


* Jukon class (refit)

* Komusai II

* MS Landing Ship

* Musai class (late production type)

* Zanzibar II class (Lili Marleen)

Anaheim Electronics

Mobile Weapons

RX-78GP04G Gundam Gerbera


Vehicles and Support Units
* Cargo Ship


Mobile Weapons

* RB-79G Ball
* SP-W03 Space Pod

NOTE: Units indicated with an asterisk (*) are available in Burke's All the World's Mobile Weapons or Burke's Fighting Spaceships & Vehicles format.