MSV-R (Mobile Suit Variation R)


MSV-R (Mobile Suit Variation-R) is an original design series published from 2009-2013 in Gundam Ace magazine. Mecha designer Kunio Okawara created these variations as a followup to the original 1983 MSV series. Many of the designs from this series are featured in the companion manga MSV-R: The Return of Johnny Ridden, and some have also been featured in video games.


Earth Federation Forces

Mobile Weapons

* FA-78-1B Full Armor Gundam Type B

* FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam 2nd

* FA-78[G] Full Armor Gundam Ground Type

* RB-79F Ball Type F

* RB-79M Ball Type M

* RGC-80 Prototype GM Cannon

* RGC-80S GM Cannon Space Assault Type

* RGM-79HC GM Guard Custom

* RGM-79KC GM Intercept Custom

* RGM-79LV GM Night Seeker II

* RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom (Shimoda Team)

* RGM-79U GM Sloep

* RGM-79V GM Night Seeker

* RMV-3M Guntank

* RX-77-3D Guncannon Heavy Type D

* RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam

* RX-78-2 Gundam Real Type Color

* RX-78SP Gunner Gundam

Vehicles and Support Units

* CB-X5(SGT) Assault Type Gunperry

* FF-S5 Raven Sword

* FF-X5 Prototype Core Fighter

* FF-X7BstPLAN004 Core Booster Plan 004

* G-Fighter Assault Landing Type

* G-Fighter Bomber Type

* G-Fighter Real Type Color

* G-Fighter Space Type

* Lockwood class

* Nelson class

Principality of Zeon

Mobile Weapons

* EMS-05F Azock

* MA-05R Big Ruf

* MAM-07-X3 Grublo Prototype Underwater Bit Type

* MAN-00X-2 Brarello

* MS-05Q Norris Packard's Zaku I
* MS-06A Zaku II
* MS-06D Zaku Desert Type
* MS-06FS Zaku II FS
* MS-06G Zaku II

* MS-06JK Zaku Half Cannon
* MS-06K Zaku Cannon
* MS-06R-1A Zaku II R-1A
* MS-06S Zaku II (Commander Type)

* MS-06V-8 Zaku Tank "Wild Boar"

* MS-07G-1 Gouf Vijayanta

* MS-07G-2 Gouf Tactical Assault Type

* MS-07W Gouf Combination Test Type

* MS-09 Dom Cold Districts Type

* MS-09R Dozle Zabi's Rick Dom

* MS-14B Uma Lightning's Gelgoog

* MS-14BR Gelgoog R

* MS-14C-1A Jacobius Node's Gelgoog Cannon

* MS-14GD Gelgoog G

* MSM-06 Jurick

* MSM-07N Ram Z'Gok

* YMS-09J Dom High Speed Test Type

* YMS-15E Gyan EOS

Vehicles and Support Units

* Dodai GA

* G87 Luna Tank

* Gagaul class

* Gobble

* Zanzibar class (Chimaira)

NOTE: Units indicated with an asterisk (*) are available in Burke's All the World's Mobile Weapons or Burke's Fighting Spaceships & Vehicles format.