Mechanista in G Ep. 187: Me02R Messer

Mechanista in G header
Mechanista in G header

A Hi-Zack for a new generation, a Zaku with Federation design elements! I mean, not really. It’s a Sazabi with some Geara Doga, a surprising but small dash of Sinanju, maybe some Powered GM in there, a lil Kampfer. But still! Like a lot of Titans suits, it’s Zeon Minus Zeon. And that is a triumph. Not because I dislike Zeon, just, I like some Federation design elements being added, I like what it does to the design, hey don’t bully me.

If you want to find us on Twitter, Dylan is @lowpolyrobot and Six is @sixdettmar. Our opening theme is the Hangar Theme from Gundam Breaker 3, and our ending theme for this episode is uc0105 by Hiroyuki Sawano from Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway. Our podcast art is a fantastic piece of work from Twitter artist @fenfelt. Want to see a list of every unit we’ve covered from every episode, including variants and tangents? It’s right here.

Units discussed:


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