Mechanista in G Ep. 202: Emerald Weapon (Part 2)

Mechanista in G header
Mechanista in G header

After redoing a lot of FFXIV content with my UI turned off, I am proud to present this episode we’ve had on ice until I was able to present all the reference material I wanted to. The Sorrow of Werlyt questline in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers features a bunch of designs and fights inspired by the Weapons of Final Fantasy VII, the mobile suits of Gundam, and more mecha anime besides. Please enjoy our coverage, both vocal and with thorough screenshot references.

Here is a Google Drive folder with screenshots for all these designs, taken by yours truly. Final Fantasy community, if you wanted to do your own documentation in the future so I didn’t have to take reasonably hard fights with my UI turned off, that’d be like super sick.

If you want to find us on Twitter, Dylan is @lowpolyrobot and Six is @sixdettmar. Our opening theme is the Hangar Theme from Gundam Breaker 3, and our ending theme for this episode is Answers from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn by Nobuo Uematsu, arranged by Tsutomu Narita, with lyrics by Yaeko Sato and Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, and performed by Susan Calloway. Our podcast art is a fantastic piece of work from Twitter artist @fenfelt. Want to see a list of every unit we’ve covered from every episode, including variants and tangents? It’s right here.

Units discussed:


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