Mechanista in G Ep. 217: MS-21C Dra-C

Mechanista in G header
Mechanista in G header

So wait. Are there… OTHER Dras? Is there a Dra-A and a Dra-B, and perhaps more? Maybe they never made it to production. Like, if you look at the file name of this episode, it’s mechanista217.mp3. There aren’t 217 episodes on this feed. We’ve lost a few… there have been recordings that were unusable. And we didn’t just replace those numbers. We retired that episode number, like a jersey at a baseball stadium. Ah. Now I’m sad. Wherever you are, Dra-B, I believe in you. There’s no way you’re worse than the Baund-Doc.

If you want to find us on Twitter, Dylan is @lowpolyrobot and Six is @sixdettmar. Our opening theme is the Hangar Theme from Gundam Breaker 3, and our ending theme for this episode is Magic by Jacob Wheeler from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. Our podcast art is a fantastic piece of work from Twitter artist @fenfelt. Want to see a list of every unit we’ve covered from every episode, including variants and tangents? It’s right here.

Units discussed:


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