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Armor Hunter Merowlink (aka Leechers Army Merowlink) is an OVA series released exclusively in Japan from 1988-1989. It is a side story that takes place concurrently to the Armored Trooper VOTOMS TV series. Takeyuki Kanda takes over as director, with Ryosuke Takahashi switching to writing. Other staff include mechanical designer Kunio Okawara, character designer Moriyasu Taniguchi and composer Hiroki Inui. The story focuses on Merowlink Ality, a former Gilgamesh armor hunter on a quest for vengeance against the corrupt officers who betrayed his unit and left them to die. To date, Merowlink is the only VOTOMS anime title that has not been released in English.


NOTE: Units indicated with an asterisk (*) are available in Burke’s All the World’s Armored Troopers or Burke’s Fighting Ships & Vehicles format.

Armor Hunter Merowlink Info

Takeyuki Kanda

Ryosuke Takahashi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Moriyasu Taniguchi

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

12 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 11.21.1988 – 04.28.1989


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