Merowlink Stage 10: Castle


Merowlink searches one of the downed Scopedogs for arm punch cartridges to use in his rifle, and he thinks to himself that Boyle will definitely come back. At the castle, Lulucy sadly examines a music box with a dancing clown. Merowlink returns, and she offers him some wine to warm up. Merowlink pours the bottle out on the floor and asks if there’s more, and she tells him there’s more in the basement. He asks if he can have the castle, and she agrees. Elsewhere, Boyle loads his custom Bounty Dog onto the AT Fly and takes off. He vows that he’ll kill Merowlink and recalls a conversation he had with Helmecion before leaving. He said he wasn’t fighting for Helmecion’s orders, nor did he care for Battentain’s PS project. Helmecion said the PS was needed to start another war with the Balarant, and Boyle said he’s only going back to fight for himself. At the castle, Merowlink sets explosives to lay traps. Lulucy shows Merowlink a hunting shotgun she used as a child, and Merowlink tells her that Boyle is a pro among pros. She says she wants her revenge too and asks if she can help. Later, Boyle’s AT Fly approaches, and Merowlink punches Lulucy in the stomach and knocks her out. Boyle lands the AT Fly in front of the castle, and Merowlink carries Lulucy over to him. He asks Boyle to do him a favor and set Lulucy free, even if he’s killed. Boyle says he won’t give her to Helmecion and tells Merowlink to put her inside the AT Fly. Merowlink puts Lulucy in the AT Fly and locks her in with the keys outside. Boyle tells Merowlink he’s at a severe disadvantage by going up against a Bounty Dog with just a rifle, but Merowlink says he has the geographical advantage. Boyle gets into his Bounty Dog, and Merowlink backs off and puts on his goggles. Boyle tells Merowlink to come at him, and Merowlink rushes toward the Bounty Dog.

Merowlink jumps into the air and shoots, and Boyle fires back. Merowlink lands on the ground and pulls a string, which sets off explosives near Boyle. When the smoke clears, Boyle spots Merowlink running toward the castle. He gives chase and fires his machine gun and a rocket. Merowlink runs into the castle, and Boyle stops to reload his machine gun before entering. He enters the main hall and stops just before he would have hit several trip wires. He approaches a staircase, and Merowlink tosses a Molotov cocktail made out of polymer ringer solution. Boyle fires back and chases Merowlink. Boyle comes up the staircase, and Merowlink blows off his rocket launcher. Outside, Lulucy wakes up and tries to open the AT Fly’s canopy, but it doesn’t work. In the castle, Merowlink hides until Boyle smashes his way into the room. Boyle chases Merowlink and fires at two Molotovs, which sets off an explosion in one of the towers. Outside, Lulucy begins to hot wire the AT Fly. Merowlink looks at a hole and wonders if he got Boyle, but Boyle shoots out a grappling line and fires at Merowlink on his way up. Boyle hits a trip wire that destroys his machine gun, and Merowlink rushes forward and fires the pile banker into the Bounty Dog’s cockpit. Boyle jumps out in time and shoots Merowlink in the shoulder with his gun. Boyle says it’s a shame he has to kill Merowlink since he fought so well against an AT. Merowlink reminds Boyle that he’s out of weapons, and Boyle says that Merowlink is the first to take him this far. He charges forward and says he wanted a subordinate like Merowlink. Merowlink runs up to the ceiling, and Boyle fires out a grappling line to slowly climb the stairs. On the roof, Merowlink pours out a trail of polymer ringer. Boyle reaches the roof and tells Merowlink he doesn’t have anywhere to run. He rushes forward, and Merowlink fires his rifle to set off the polymer ringer. The roof explodes and crumbles, causing part of the castles to cave in. Merowlink reaches a tower and sees that Boyle has as well. He prepares to kill Boyle in the name of the Schweppes Platoon, and Boyle tells him he doesn’t know who the real enemy is, but he should go to Coza City. Another explosion causes the Bounty Dog to fall away, but Merowlink grabs onto Boyle. Lulucy approaches with the AT Fly, and Merowlink boards it along with the wounded Boyle. As the castle crumbles, Merowlink tells Lulucy to fly to Coza City.


In the last episode, Boyle said he would return to fight Merowlink once more, and he kept his word. As an honorable soldier, he’s not fighting for Helmecion’s orders or the PS project, but simply out of his need to finish things with Merowlink. Without a doubt, Boyle is the most skilled opponent that Merowlink has faced up to now. Most of the other enemies have been rather easily dispatched because of their stupidity, but Boyle is different. The entire second half of this episode is devoted to Merowlink fighting Boyle, and it’s certainly the best battle in the series. You see that Merowlink is constantly on the run for his life here, and he’s barely able to keep a step ahead of Boyle. Now that Boyle has been defeated, it looks like it’s time for Merowlink and Lulucy to go after Helmecion.

Overall Rating

Armor Hunter Merowlink Info

Takeyuki Kanda

Ryosuke Takahashi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Moriyasu Taniguchi

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

12 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 11.21.1988 – 04.28.1989


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