Mospeada Ep. 11: Lullaby of Far Away Hope


The group camouflages the three Legiosses with rocks, and when Mint comments that a Legioss could fly over the mountain seconds, Jim notes that they can’t all fit in the Legioss. The group then heads into a nearby town to buy equipment before crossing the mountain in winter. A man in the town tells them that the Inbit have a base inside the mountain, but he can introduce them to someone who will guide them through the mountains, for a price. He shows them a high fee and promises a paradise on the other side of the mountain. Everyone splits up to find a way to make money, and Mint accidentally bumps into a man. She then backs into a boy named Eddy who confuses her for a boy. Eddy explains that he’s going to cross the mountain, and Mint decides to marry him. At a mansion, town leader Dogarbo asks a woman named Carla to seriously consider his marriage proposal. Dogarbo then meets with Yellow, who is in his woman disguise. Dogarbo shows off his collection of planes and asks what kind of work Yellow is looking for. Yellow mentions having heard that Dogarbo owned a club, and Dogarbo agrees to let him do a show. Carla recognizes the voice and runs over to see Yellow. She recalls finding Yellow’s crashed Legioss from the First Liberation Force and how she nursed him back to help. Because people were on soldier hunts for the Inbit, she told Yellow that the best way for him to stay safe was to dress as a woman. Afterward, she traveled with Yellow and fell in love with him, but he abandoned her at a train station because he didn’t want to involve her in his fight with the Inbit. Yellow finishes up a show at Dogarbo’s club and finds Carla in his dressing room. Mint then runs in and announces that she’s going to marry a guy with a house. She asks Carla if she’s been in love before, and Carla answers that maybe she hasn’t. Eddy introduces Mint to his father, and he tells Eddy that they’ll be leaving soon. Eddy’s father meets with Dogarbo and pays him in gold for a map to cross the mountains. Later, everyone has dinner together and Ray complains about not having gotten any information about the mountain. Stick comments that the pink-haired woman is sitting regally like a queen, and Ray notes that she doesn’t have a name. Jim suggests giving her a name, and Yellow mentions that Aisha means “queen” in another town. Stick mentions that the town’s boss has the info they need to cross the mountain, and Yellow suddenly leaves. Yellow heads to the mansion to visit Carla since Dogarbo is out on business. She begins to show off her piano skills, and Yellow asks how Dogarbo makes money. Carla ignores the question, and Yellow asks if Dogarbo is doing something he can’t tell others about. He asks if she knows a way over the mountains and offers to take her with him.

Yellow asks Carla why she’s staying in this town and said she didn’t used to be like this before. Carla asks Yellow to come south with her, but he says he’s going over the mountains. Carla tells him that the mountains belong to the Inbit, and he’ll die if he tries to go. Mint gives Stick a copy of the map that Eddy’s father bought and says they should visit her on the other side. Carla reveals to Yellow that Dogarbo sells fake maps to people. Yellow looks out the window and sees Mint leaving with Eddy, so he runs out of the mansion. He meets up with the others and tells them what he’s learned, so they suit up to rescue Mint. Carla tries to leave the mansion and tells Dogarbo that she revealed everything to Yellow. Aisha tells Jim that she can hear many voices. Eddy’s father checks the map and says he can’t find any secret tunnel. Several Eagers appear in the sky and start shooting at the truck. The truck crashes into a rock, knocking Mint and Eddy to the ground. The Eagers continue their attack, but Stick and the others arrive in time and start attacking. Eddy’s family escapes with Jim while Yellow escorts Aisha. The Eagers press their attack, and Stick tells Houquet and Ray that their only choice is to escape. They jump into the forest, and the Refless orders the Eagers to delete all who oppose them. Jim and Yellow head back to town and find the path blocked by trucks of armed men led by Dogarbo. Eddy’s father accuses Dogarbo of scamming him, and Dogarbo congratulates him on being the first to come back from the mountains. But he says he can’t let them go back to the town alive now that they know the truth about his fake maps. Dogarbo tells everyone to line up at the end of the road. Carla asks what he’s going to do, and Dogarbo says he’s going to kill them. Carla asks him to stop, so he pushes her aside. Stick and the others arrive and order Dogarbo’s men to put down their weapons. Dogarbo points out that firing those weapons will draw the attention of the Inbit, and Yellow says it’s only fair that Dogarbo have his turn of being sacrificed to the Inbit. Dogarbo says he has a real map made by guerillas and will give it to them if they leave. Yellow fires a shot that grazes Dogarbo’s cheek, and Carla announces that she’s leaving. Eddy says goodbye to Mint because his family is heading south. Mint cries about being dumped, and Ray is happy they got ammo and food. Yellow drives Carla away and says he doesn’t want Carla getting involved in any fights. Yellow spots a large number of Eagers that shoot down Dogarbo’s automated planes. Yellow realizes that Dogarbo sacrificed his planes to save Carla, and she decides to go back. As it begins to snow, Carla walks back to the town while Yellow drives away to rejoin the others.


This episode deals with another well-known trope, the bittersweet reunion with an old flame, but there’s more going on. There’s a big mountain blocking the group’s path, and they need to learn how to traverse it. The wealthy Dogarbo seems to have the answer, but he’s really just selling fake maps that send people to their deaths. This reunites Yellow with Carla, who nursed him back to health three years earlier and came up with the idea of crossdressing to avoid the soldier hunts. They spent some time traveling together, but Yellow ditched her because he intended to continue his fight against the Inbit. The pink-haired woman is given the name Aisha, which is a lot better than in Robotech, where “Scott” creepily named her Marlene after his dead fiance. Although Dogarbo has lots of blood on his hands, he sacrifices his precious planes to save Carla. Still, I don’t know if that’s enough of a redemptive act to justify her decision to go back to him.

Overall Rating
Mospeada Info

Katsuhisa Yamada

Sukehiro Tomita
Kenji Terada
Ryo Yasumura
Satoshi Namiki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Hideki Kakinuma

Character Designer:
Yoshitaka Amano

Musical Composer(s):
Joe Hisaishi
Hiroshi Ogasawara

25 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Japan 10.02.1983 – 03.25.1984

OVA Release:
Japan 09.21.1985


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