Mospeada Ep. 14: Mint’s Wedding March


Ray destroys several Grabs with the Eta Legioss and comes under attack from more Grabs. Stick provides backup with the TLEAD, along with Houquet in the Zeta Legioss and Yellow in the Iota Legioss. Their HBT levels are running low, and Stick point out that if they don’t wrap things up soon, they won’t be able to reach the Inbit fort. Another Grab chases after Jim, Mint and Aisha’s Jeep and causes them to crash. The Grab is then destroyed by Ray, who had crashed into the trees right above them. Stick, Yellow and Houquet then fire a smokescreen to confuse the Inbit and escape. Everyone sits down to eat, and Stick says they should build a raft to travel along the river since they’re running low on HBT. Jim asks what they’ll do about the Legiosses and TLEAD, and Stick answers that they’ll have to make really big rafts. Yellow leaves camp to start up a watch for Inbit, and Stick gives Ray an ax along with orders for everyone to not use any HBT-powered weapons. Yellow strips down and jumps into a lake for a swim, but someone is watching him. Inside the Inbit fort, the Refless addresses a specific Grab and commends its evolution from an Eager. She wishes to evolve it to a Gamo, and the Grab accepts. A brain-like substance shoots energy out to the Grab and causes its outer shell to break, leaving only the core lifeform. A blinding light then transforms the core lifeform into a Gamo. Yellow dries off in the sun after his swim and is hit with a piece of wood by an unknown assailant. Ray chops down a tree for lumber and is surprised to see Aisha laughing. Spears suddenly strike from all around, and everyone runs into the jungle and is captured in a net. Strange villagers take them to the top of a dam, and the village elder says that they have angered the god by killing the sons of the forest. The elder says that holy water flows from the god, but Ray says that’s just water draining for the dam. The elder tells Ray to shut up and says everyone will be sacrificed to calm the god. Stick asks if everyone can be let go if they calm the god’s anger, and the elder agrees. Stick and Jim then run to the dam’s control room because Stick thinks there’s an auto control failure causing the drainage. They find the old control room, and Stick recommends they turn off every switch until they stop the drainage. The elder concludes that Stick was lying and orders everyone to jump into the water. Jim finds the lever, and both he and Stick have to use their strength together to pull it down and stop the water. The villagers are amazed that Stick calmed the god and call them children of the god. The elder’s young son Machuda comes back with a bag and says he’s found a wife: Yellow. Mint says Yellow is a man, and everyone laughs at Machuda. Mint gets everyone to stop laughing, and the elder apologizes for the confusion, but Machuda runs away.

Machuda stands by the lake alone and cries. Mint approaches him in a dress and tells him he doesn’t know how to handle women. Machuda ignores her and points out that one of her breasts fell out of her dress, and Mint says she was just trying to cheer him up. They begin to argue, and Mint tells him that he’ll never get married. Mint thinks to himself that she could blow her chance to get married, so she suddenly becomes very apologetic and hugs Machuda. Several Grabs fly overhead, and Machuda explains that the Inbit are messing up the jungle and leaving them with less game to hunt. Machuda picks up his spear and says he’ll become a real man by defeating the Inbit himself. He runs away and jumps onto a tree, where he uses a vine to swing onto a Grab. He tries to stab the Grab, but it suddenly takes off and drags him along. Mint returns to the village and tells the elder about what happened. Ray recommends to Stick that they work with the villagers to rescue Machuda and take down the Inbit. Ray agrees to be the decoy by using a MOSPEADA, and Stick assigns Jim, Yellow and Houquet to setting the explosives to blow the dam. Machuda uses his spear to hold on to the Grab, but he begins to lose his grip. The villagers begin attacking the Grabs with rocks and spears, forcing them to stop. Machuda tries to attack again, but Yellow swings in on a vine and grabs Machuda. As Ray waits for the Inbit he gets clubbed on the head with a piece of wood. The Inbit enter the village and detect HBT from a MOSPEADA that Mint and Machuda are driving. With the explosives planted, Mint and Machuda crash into the jungle. Jim activates the explosives, and the Grabs fly over to investigate. Stick detonates them once the Grabs get close, and they’re destroyed by large boulders from the dam. Machuda wakes up and thanks Mint. Tied up on the ground, Ray wonders if his MOSPEADA is ok. At night, the elder says that Machuda has become a man and can marry Mint. Everyone else departs on the river on their new rafts. Ray asks everyone why they look so depressed since Mint finally got the marriage she wanted. Houquet counters that the saddest person is usually the one who breaks the silence, but Ray says nothing. Ray spots the Inbit fort up ahead, and Stick tells everyone to standby next to their machines. A group of Grabs fly overhead, led by the Gamo. Yellow points out that the Gamo looks different from the Grabs, and Stick wonders if the Inbit have a new form.


I’ll get right to it: this is a pretty stupid episode. Our heroes encounter a bunch of dumb villagers who have this stupid religion where they worship a dam as a god. Still, there are some things that do happen. Antics with idiot villagers aside, Mint finally gets the marriage she’s been looking for since her introduction. We also learn that there’s a hierarchy to Inbit evolution, with Eagers at the bottom, Grabs at the next level and Gamos above that. It’s a little odd that everyone is surprised to see the Gamo, given that one was hunting them in the previous episode. Also, as dumb as the religious beliefs of these villagers are, didn’t our heroes basically trample over those beliefs by cutting down “sons of the forest” to build the rafts and blowing up their god? It’s probably best not to think about this too much and just move on to the next episode.

Overall Rating
Mospeada Info

Katsuhisa Yamada

Sukehiro Tomita
Kenji Terada
Ryo Yasumura
Satoshi Namiki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Hideki Kakinuma

Character Designer:
Yoshitaka Amano

Musical Composer(s):
Joe Hisaishi
Hiroshi Ogasawara

25 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Japan 10.02.1983 – 03.25.1984

OVA Release:
Japan 09.21.1985


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