Mospeada Ep. 24: Darkness’ Finale


The Third Liberation Force launches from the Moon Base and heads for Earth to attack Reflex Point. On Earth, Stick and the others join up with survivors from the Second Liberation Force, who are spread out to attack Reflex Point from multiple fronts. Stick tells Ray, Houquet and Mint that they should stay behind because they’re not soldiers. Ray angrily objects and asks what the point was of fighting together until now. Houquet asks if what Stick really means is that they’ll be a hindrance since they’re not soldiers, and he nods his head. Mint cries that she doesn’t want everyone to break up, and Houquet tells Stick to take care. Yellow tells them to take care and says he had a great journey with them. Jim pulls up in the Jeep and tells them to take care before he drives off. Ray calls out to Stick, who gives him a salute as a farewell. Multiple Legiosses and MOSPEADAs begin attacking the Grabs and Eagers guarding Reflex Point. Ray jumps onto his MOSPEADA and says he hasn’t come this far to not see Reflex Point, and Houquet follows on her Bartley. Jim fires missiles at a Grab and is nearly crushed when it falls down. Mint then jumps into the driver’s seat, and Jim tells her that she can’t get married if she’s dead. She then jokes that she’s given up on loving human men and loves the Inbit now, especially if they have cool guys. The Refless watches the progress of the battle and orders the Inbit to kill the attackers. Battlar prepares to launch in his Gosu and is surprised to find Aisha waiting for him. She says that Earth is threatened by their presence, but Battlar responds that he doesn’t care and takes off. She then tells Solzie that it was a mistake to come to Earth after losing their home planet, but Solzie answers that the humans attacked first. Aisha says that fighting only creates hatred, but Solzie ignores her and takes off. Several Legiosses are destroyed when they slam into Reflex Point’s energy barrier. Several Dark Legioss pilots fire their synchrotron cannons at the barrier, but it has no effect. Ray and Houquet drive through an area filled with sakura flowers and are attacked by a Gamo. Houquet destroys it from behind, but another attacks her and damages her ride armor. Ray tells Houquet that he doesn’t want to see her die, and she tells him they’ll do things together. He then destroys the Gamo and joins hands with her, and they’re surprised to see Aisha appear in front of them as a being of light. Jim and Mint see her too and follow after her. Stick and Yellow attack a squad of Gosus, and Stick sees Aisha covered in light and flying through the sky. Yellow is momentarily distracted by that, causing the Iota Legioss to take a hit from a Gosu.

Yellow’s Iota Legioss plummets in free fall, but Solzie rushes in and catches him. Stick, Yellow and Aisha see Aisha floating in front of Reflex Point, and Stick chases after her. Battlar gets a report that Solzie helped rescue a downed Legioss and angrily destroys three Iota Legiosses. Houquet and Ray continue to follow the projection they see of Aisha, and Ray asks what’s going on. Aisha says that the Inbit want to live peacefully on Earth, and Ray asks what’s with the messed up seasons around Reflex Point. Aisha answers that their energy created such a world and that they’ve evolved because of life energy. Yellow asks what kind of life form the Inbit are, and Aisha answers that all their evolutionary factors are inside Reflex Point. Jim tells Mint she can get off if she’s scared, but she says she isn’t. Everyone enters Reflex Point from three different points as they follow Aisha, but they all meet in the same place. The voice of the Refless announces that if Shadaw flies it will bring darkness, but if Laytow flies it will spread wings of light. She then appears and tells the children of the universe to go to where Laytow beckons because that is evolution. She says Earth is a suitable planet for the Inbit to live on, except for the organisms obstructing them. Ray asks if she means humans, and she says they must destroy those with the heart of Shadaw. Aisha says that isn’t true and explains that there are many humans with the heart of Laytow. She says that Stick and the others didn’t reject her, even though they suspected she might be an Inbit. Aisha says she wants peace, but Stick asks her to stay quiet. She asks why they have to hate each other, and Jim counters that that’s a selfish excuse because the Inbit attacked Earth. In space, the Third Liberation Force approaches Earth undetected thanks to its new HBT control system. Battlar flies around and wonders what the Refless is doing because there’s no need to study humans anymore. Aisha says it isn’t too late for people to understand each other, and she says Jim’s kindness isn’t much different from the Inbit’s. The Refless counters that Aisha has only seen the good side of humans and that they have more Shadaw in them than Laytow. Ray tells the Refless that she’s wrong and that they treated Aisha like a human, so the Refless blasts him with eye beams. She says that destroying the unknown and jealousy of the Inbit are the marks of Shadaw, but Solzie then appears and states that the Inbit may have caused all that. She thinks more interaction with humans is required, as Aisha suggested. Battlar sends a message and tells Solzie to kill the humans, but she counters that she doesn’t have to listen to him. She says that people like Battlar have Shadaw’s heart and will eventually destroy the Inbit, but Battlar counters that fighting brings prosperity. Yellow says that fighting is the source of evil, and Battlar responds that he’ll kill whoever doesn’t fight. Stick then jumps into his Eta Legioss and flies off to fight Battlar. He leads Battlar out of Reflex Point and fires missiles, which Battlar dodges. The Refless senses the approach of the Third Liberation Force.


The penultimate episode of Mospeada brings the journey to its destination, Reflex Point. Up to now, we’ve mostly seen just Stick’s group fighting, so it’s a change to see large numbers of Legiosses and MOSPEADAs in the fight. Stick tries to keep the civilians out of it, but they end up joining the fight anyway. Aisha suddenly displays the power to fly in light and appear in multiple places at once. I wonder if this is something that all human Inbit can do, or something that just appeared out of nowhere. She appeals to both her friends and the Refless with the standard refrain of “why can’t we get along?” and gets some backup from Solzie. However, Battlar is obsessed with fighting and wants to wipeout humanity. The Refless makes multiple references to Shadaw and Laytow, which were first mentioned during Ray’s desert hallucinations. Perhaps Aisha and Solzie were close to getting through, but that has changed with the arrival of the Third Liberation Force.

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Mospeada Info

Katsuhisa Yamada

Sukehiro Tomita
Kenji Terada
Ryo Yasumura
Satoshi Namiki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Hideki Kakinuma

Character Designer:
Yoshitaka Amano

Musical Composer(s):
Joe Hisaishi
Hiroshi Ogasawara

25 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Japan 10.02.1983 – 03.25.1984

OVA Release:
Japan 09.21.1985


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