Mospeada Ep. 6: Pretend Tough Girl Blues


The group sets up camp by a lake, and Mint makes a smoky mess while attempting to start a fire. Ray comes over and tells her she’s using the wrong type of wood because chestnut doesn’t burn easily. Mint didn’t know that there were types of wood better suited for fires, so Ray tells her to find some pine or cedar branches. Jim hears Yellow singing and finds him taking a shower with a makeshift shower head hanging from a tree. Houquet looks at the lake and tosses a rock into a water. She then recalls arguing with her boyfriend Romy about breaking up their gang, the Blue Angels. Romy didn’t want to be a punk forever, but Houquet said she didn’t want to lose to the Red Snakes in their duel. Houquet is snapped back to the present by Mint calling her for dinner, but she tells Mint she isn’t hungry and wants to be left alone. Ray thinks she’s just being the same as usual, but Stick doesn’t think so. He walks over to talk to her and sees that she has the shine in her eyes of missing someone. Before Stick can say anything, an Eager appears in the sky and forces everyone to seek cover as it flies by. The Eager scans the area and then flies away. Ray thinks they’re safe, but Stick thinks it just went to get reinforcements. As they drive away, Houquet recalls confronting the Red Snakes on her own and getting beaten down. Later, Ray wakes up and finds that Houquet isn’t in her sleeping bag. Houquet visits a tree where she carved Romy’s name, and Ray watches as she drives off. Ray decides to follow her and nearly drives off a cliff that has a town inside the canyon. He follows Houquet through a tunnel that takes him down to the town’s ruined streets. At his bakery, Romy pulls out a fresh batch of bread and tells his young helper Lily that she should go home soon. Houquet pulls up outside and is surprised to see Romy with Lily, so she drives off. Ray watches from nearby and wonders if this is Houquet’s hometown. Elsewhere, two girls are chased by Red Snakes punks until Houquet intervenes and chases them off. One of the girls tells Houquet she has to leave because the Red Snakes have grown five times larger since she left. Houquet asks about Romy, and the girls explain that he disbanded the Blue Angels and now spends all his time with Houquet’s sister, Lily. The next morning, Houquet confronts Romy while he’s making his deliveries. Romy says that he’s been worried about Houquet, but she calls him a liar. Lily steps in and says that Romy really has been worried about her every day. Lily explains that Romy was on his way to rescue Houquet that day, but he was attacked by the Snakes on the way. At the Snakes hideout, a member tries to sell stolen HBT and says he’ll blame the townspeople if the Inbit find out. Snake, the boss of the Red Snakes, is informed that Houquet is back and tells his men to find her.

The Snakes drive through the town in force as they search for Houquet. Lily asks Houquet to leave Romy alone because he’s leading a good life now. A woman runs over and tells Houquet that the Snakes are looking for her in force. She says she’s going to finish things once and for all and drives off. Ray then pulls up and offers to give Romy a ride on his MOSPEADA. Back at the camp, Mint yells at Stick for not telling them about Houquet and Ray leaving. Stick says he doesn’t like meddling in people’s private affairs, and suddenly they come under attack from several Eagers. Stick then takes off in his Eta Legioss and leads the Eager into the canyon town. He quickly turns around and fires missiles, destroying one of the Eagers. Houquet confronts Snake and tells him it isn’t a big deal to boss around people in such a small town. Houquet then challenges Snake to a one-on-one chicken race to see who’s a coward. She suggests using a beam that connects the two buildings they’re on the rooftops of. Snake orders his men to beat up Houquet, but Ray fires his beam gun and asks them to fight fair. Romy asks Houquet to stop, and she tells him her bike skills have improved. She says that she understood what Romy meant after she left, and she asks him to take care of Lily. Stick continues to fly through the town as the two Eagers chase him. Snake and Houquet begin driving towards the beam, but he panics and falls off his bike. Houquet drives across the beam and sees Stick being chased by the Eagers. The Bartley gives chase and shoots down one of the Eagers, allowing Stick to use his missiles on the remaining one. Later, Lily thanks Houquet for what she did because the Red Snakes have broken up. Houquet then asks Ray to pretend to be her boyfriend and kiss her in front of Romy. But instead of a kiss on the cheek, Ray gives her a kiss on the lips. As they drive away, Houquet says she asked for a kiss on the cheek, and Ray says he couldn’t hear her whispering. Ray comments about meeting Houquet’s mother, and they run into her while driving through the tunnel. Houquet says noting and drives off, and Ray tells her that her mother wished her well when he met her. Houquet and Ray drive through the tunnel and rejoin the rest of the group.


This episode focuses a bit on Houquet’s past, but you can’t help but notice how it screams the 1980s. Because as we all know, in the 1980s view, all future post-apocalyptic motorcycle gangs are full of dudes in leather with mohawks and spiked helmets. We find out that Houquet was part of a motorcycle gang in her unnamed town, and their rivals were the generically post-apocalyptic Red Snakes. Houquet thought her man abandoned her, which led to years of misunderstanding. Now she comes back and finds him baking bread and shacking up with her sister. Although the episode focuses mainly on Houquet’s drama, there is a minor Inbit battle that feels more like an afterthought. Altogether, this was a pretty unremarkable episode.

Overall Rating
Mospeada Info

Katsuhisa Yamada

Sukehiro Tomita
Kenji Terada
Ryo Yasumura
Satoshi Namiki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Hideki Kakinuma

Character Designer:
Yoshitaka Amano

Musical Composer(s):
Joe Hisaishi
Hiroshi Ogasawara

25 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Japan 10.02.1983 – 03.25.1984

OVA Release:
Japan 09.21.1985


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