MS-05 Zaku First Refined Type 185th Airbone Paratrooper Use


Unit type: ground combat mobile suit
Equipment: I-field barrier generator
Armament: atomic bazooka x 1, ZMP-50D/120mm machine gun x 1, heat knife x 1, heat hawk x 1
Pilot: Alan Sinclair
Original mechanical designer: Makoto Kobayashi
Note: This improved MS-05 Zaku model was deployed by the 185th Airborne Paratroopers during the first Earth drop operation. It mounted some MS-06 parts, and for this reason it could be mistaken for a Zaku II variant. The main modifications included a different head, enhanced arm units, additional armor on the shoulders, an anti-drop chain, spikes on the left shoulder, forearm canvas coverings, a silicon armor skirt and an anti-radiation I-field generator. Since the heat knife caused some practical use problem, it was later replaced by a heat hawk. Among its pilots, the most famous was Alan “Bravo” Sinclair, an Operation British veteran. Featured in the October 1999 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine.



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