MS-06R-2S Zaku Late Production Type Dozle Zabi Custom


Unit type: prototype space combat mobile suit
Armament: vulcan gun x 2, chest mega particle gun x 2, 2-barrel machine gun x 1, large heat hawk x 1, 3-turret cylinder machine gun x 1
Pilot: Dozle Zabi
Original mechanical designer: Hitoshi Fukuchi
Note: Specifically developed by Fritz Guderian for Dozle Zabi’s personal use, the primary role of this mobile suit was anti-ship combat. However, because it lacked the power to use its chest-mounted mega particle gun, it needed be connected via backpack with a modified R-2S model, termed “Energy Backup Use Escort Unit.” It was not clear if Dozle actually piloted this mobile suit, but after his death in the battle of Solomon, the MS-06R-2S data was recovered by a Gwazine class battleship.



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