MSA-003K Nemo Cannon


Model number: MSA-003K
Code name: Nemo Cannon
Unit type:
 attack use mobile suit
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics
Operator: AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group)
First deployment: unknown
 pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in head
Dimensions: overall height 19.5 meters (without dual shield booster); head height 18.5 meters
Weight: unknown
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: total output unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; protective visor; dual long shield latch, mounted on back
Fixed armaments: 2 x 60mm vulcan gun, mounted in head; 2 x beam saber, power rating unknown, stored in recharge racks on rear waist armor, hand-carried in use
Optional fixed armaments: shield booster, mounts mega particle cannon; dual shield booster, mounts mega particle cannon and diffuse beam barrier
Optional hand armaments: beam rifle, power rating unknown

The MSA-003K Nemo Cannon was an MSA-003 Nemo variant equipped with a long shield booster for bombardment use. Because the dual shield booster was developed to match the AEUG’s common standards, it could be used indiscriminately by any machine. Another useful feature was that the shield contained its own generator, so the mega particle cannon could be used regardless of the generator output of the machine itself. The Nemo Cannon was equipped with a face cover to protect the sensors in its head, and together with its color scheme this gave the machine a very different image. The dual shield booster included an extending arm that could latch onto the arm or backpack of a mobile suit. Using these arms, the Nemo Cannon could carry a single booster on its arm or two on its backpack. The dual shield booster also had an anti-beam coating and housed a diffuse beam barrier emitter for defensive purposes. It’s unclear whether the latter device was an I-field or a defensive “spread beam gun” like those used by various Titans Test Team mobile suits.

First appearance: Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans
Original mechanical designer:
 Kenki Fujioka


Advance of Zeta Info

Bin Konno

Tatsu Mizuki (manga)

Mechanical Designer:
Kenki Fujioka

Character Designer:
Takuya Saito

6 volumes (novel); 4 volumes (manga)

Novel Release:
Japan 06.10.2003 – 02.15.2008

Manga Release:
Japan 12.15.2003 – 04.26.2007


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