MSAM-YM03 Montero

General and Technical Data

Model number: MSAM-YM03
Code name: 
Unit type:
 prototype general purpose mobile suit
Manufacturer: Amerian Forces
Operator: Amerian Forces
First deployment: unknown
Accommodation: pilot only, in panoramic monitor cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 18.5 meters
Weight: empty 41.3 metric tons; max gross weight unknown
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: photon battery, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Performance: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; blade antenna
Fixed armaments: 2 x vulcan gun, mounted in head; 2 x shield, mounted on shoulders; 6 x missile, mounted on side skirt armor, beam javelin, can separate into two pieces, stored in shields, hand-carried in use; wire hook, mounted in forearm
Optional hand armaments: beam rifle

Technical and Historical Notes

The MSAM-YM03 Montero was a prototype mobile suit developed by the Amerian Forces and piloted by Klim Nick. The Montero was designed for solo long-range operations, and the combination of its high power thrusters and wings (which doubled as shields) allowed it to perform sustained atmospheric flight without having to rely on a sub-flight system. The cockpit’s spherical shape resembled the GH-001 Grimoire. The Montero’s armaments included vulcan guns, a wire hook, missiles, a beam rifle and a beam javelin that mounted beam wires and could separate into two pieces. Klim’s prototype unit served as the basis for the later Mass Production Montero.

Miscellaneous Information

Pilot: Klim Nick (aka Klimton Nicchini)
First appearance: Gundam Reconguista in G
Original mechanical designer: Ippei Gyoubu

Gundam Reconguista in G Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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